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The 37 BEST Sides for Meatloaf

Not sure what to serve with meatloaf?

No worries, I’ve got you covered with this collection of 37 amazing side dishes!

Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food and it pairs nicely with so many sides.

I’m talking about everything from flavorful mashed potatoes and cheesy macaroni gratin to crunchy coleslaw or refreshing salads.

Whichever way you go, your dinner spread will be mouth-wateringly delicious.

When it comes time for your next family meal or potluck gathering, explore these 37 delightful sides for meatloaf.

You’ll find classic favorites like candied carrots and creamy mashed potatoes, as well as modern takes on the traditional dish like eggplant parmesan and veggie cauliflower patties.

There’s something here for everyone – take a look now!

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Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Meatloaf?

  • Variety: Serving side dishes with meatloaf can add variety to the meal, allowing you to serve a range of flavors and textures.
  • Balance: Side dishes can help balance out the richness of the meatloaf by providing lighter options such as salads or vegetables.
  • Nutrients: Adding side dishes to your meal will increase its nutritional value, as many sides are packed with vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in the main dish.
  • Flavor Enhancers: Side dishes like sauces or condiments can enhance the flavor of your meatloaf, adding depth and complexity to an otherwise simple dish.
  • Presentation: Serving side dishes alongside your meatloaf will make it look more appealing on a plate, making it more inviting for guests or family members who may not be keen on eating plain meatloaf alone!

The 37 BEST Sides for Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a classic dish that can easily be paired with a variety of sides.

Here are 37 side dishes that go perfectly with meatloaf and will bring out the flavor of this comforting meal:

1. Dinner Rolls

Roll up for the best meatloaf and roll combo around!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – I’m talking about delicious, buttery dinner rolls that will take your meal from oh-so meh to yummmmm.

The thing is, bread goes great with just about anything but it really pairs especially well with an old school classic like meatloaf.

The sweet and savory flavors combine perfectly together in a time-tested combination – there’s a reason why this pairing has been so popular for decades.

Don’t forget to add some garlic and herbs before you pop those buns in the oven to get that flavor bangin’.

When they come out of the oven all golden brown and crispy, couple them with your favorite condiments or spreads and whatta ya know?

You’ve got yourself one heavenly side dish!

2. Garlic Bread

The combination of meatloaf and garlic bread is a match made in culinary heaven!

And if you think it can’t get any better, just wait until you top that hot and toasty garlic bread with a hearty helping of bubbling, cheesy goodness.

What’s even better is that this classic side dish takes no time at all to prep – simply slice up some fresh Italian or French baguette and brush your choice of buttery spread (basil pesto anyone?) on the slices before baking them to perfection.

If that doesn’t leave you drooling, then let’s add some zing by sprinkling loads of delicious minced garlic over the heat-puffed pastry.

Next thing you know, ooey-gooey pieces of garlicky bliss will be ready for serving. Yum!

3. Cornbread

Let’s raise the roof and get this party started – it’s time to serve up some of that infamous Southern-style cornbread with your meatloaf!

This classic combination is sure to leave you feeling full and content.

The tender, moist texture of the meatloaf pairs perfectly with the sweet yet slightly savory flavor of golden brown cornbread.

Going vegan?

No problem – try topping off your plate with a savory herb-infused flatbread for an extra flavorful treat.

4. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes and meatloaf, now there’s a duo that’ll have your mouth-watering in no time.

It’s like the perfect match made in heaven; the creamy, savory mashed potatoes are just what you need to balance out the hearty flavors of that classic meatloaf.

That signature blend of spices and herbs is sure to make all your taste buds do a happy dance!

Plus, when you top it off with some gorgeous melted butter – everything simply comes together like nothing else.

But don’t forget those lumps – after all we’re trying to keep it real here!

That way each cheeky bite will be unique, flavorful and oh so delightful.

5. Potato Wedges

When it comes to classic comfort foods, you can’t go wrong with a big ol’ serving of meatloaf and potato wedges.

It’s the perfect balace of carbs and protein, so don’t skimp on either one!

Cut those potatoes into thick wedges that can be cooked until nicely browned and crisp around the edges.

Season them liberally for some extra flavor or dress them up for special occasions.

They’ll provide the perfect contrast to your tender, juicy meatloaf – pickles optional 😉

You might just find yourself going back for seconds (and thirds!) so consider doubling up on these tasty treats.

6. Cauliflower Tots

Cauliflower tots are the perfect companion for a hearty slice of meatloaf.

The combination of creamy, crunchy and cheesy is absolutely mouthwatering, plus they come in all shapes and sizes.

Just be sure to oven bake those bad boys – no one wants soggy tater tots!

You can also dress them up with some delicious seasonings like paprika or garlic powder; pick whatever floats your boat and create a flavor fiesta!

And get this… you don’t even have to use cauliflower if that’s not your jam.

You can switch it up by using sweet potatoes, parsnips, zucchini… the possibilities are endless!

So go ahead and mix things up – start with a classic but finish with something unique.

7. Mashed Cauliflower

Move over mashed potatoes, there’s a new side in town!

Mashed cauliflower is the perfect accompaniment to bring out the flavors of your delicious meal.

Sure, potatoes are great and all, but ‘loaf lovers will go bonkers for this smooth and creamy alternative.

Cook your cauliflower until tender so that you can mash it up like no other – add some butter, cream cheese, garlic or whatever else you fancy – get creative with it!

The possibilities are infinite!

If by chance…you’re not quite ready to let those last few spuds go just yet – why not combine them both for a unique twist on an old classic?

It’ll give your meal a flavor punch like no other.

8. Creamed Spinach

When it comes to sides, creamed spinach is the perfect way to inject some flavor into your meatloaf.

It’s so simple yet surprisingly delicious, with a creamy texture and fresh taste that will leave your tastebuds begging for more.

Throw in some garlic, onion powder, and maybe even a little dill for an extra special touch.

And don’t forget the Parmesan cheese!

That secret ingredient packs a powerful punch of umami goodness.

Just throw it all together in one pan and let your oven do its magic – you’ll end up with tender pieces of meatloaf swimming in an indulgent cream sauce.

Talk about next-level deliciousness!

This comforting meal just got even better thanks to creamed spinach sides!

9. Sweet Potato Fries

Folks, get ready for an elevated meatloaf experience ’cause sweet potato fries are about to take your taste buds on a magical journey.

These little morsels of flavor will add just the right amount of sweetness and crunch to make your meal something special.

Cut those spuds into thin strips and give them some time in the oven; they’ll turn into golden nuggets that everyone’s sure to love!

And not only do sweet potato fries taste delicious, but they’re also packed with nutrition like Vitamin A and potassium – making this dish as healthy as it is tasty!

Don’t be shy when it comes to seasoning either; sprinkle a dash of cinnamon here or garam masala there – let your creativity guide you.

So revel in this perfect union of flavors, because when sweet potatoes team up with meatloaf, everyone’s happy. 🤗

10. Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Let’s kick things up a notch and jazz up your dinner with some next-level Hasselback Sweet Potatoes!

When you slice thinly, carefully so that the potato maintains a mostly intact shape, all of its natural sweetness is sure come out.

And when baked for just the right amount of time (crispy outside but tender in the middle), it’s an unforgettable experience.

But nothing can compare to seeing slices of your sweet potatoes fanning out like a few pieces hitting different levels on a keyboard – now this is what I call music to my mouth!

Plus they bake really quickly if you’re strapped for time – everyone will be ready before they know it.

Feel free to switch things up by adding seasonings and spices according to your preference.

The possibilities are endless! Put simply, by incorporating these tasty potatoes into dinner tonight, you’ll have everyone saying “how’d she do that?”

11. Oven-Roasted Asparagus with Garlic Parmesan

Meatloaf: comforting, hearty and reliable – it’s the OG of home-cooked meals.

But let’s be honest here, to make it truly stand out you have to double up with some serious sides.

Enter garlic Parmesan roasted asparagus! It might not seem like much, but trust me – this combo is about to revolutionize your dinner table situation.

Begin by choosing plump and snappy stalks with deep green tips; no limp or soggy spears allowed!

Then lightly drizzle them in olive oil and sprinkle a generous dusting of Garlic Parmesan on top for maximum flavor power before popping into the oven.

It seriously doesn’t get better than this!

Asparagus brings bright color and charred smokiness that can’t be beaten; plus a creamy Parmesan cheese coating makes every bite pop with deliciousness.

Plus getting those veggies in means you can totally go back for seconds without any guilt attached…winner winner

12. Honey Glazed Carrots

These sweet, tender delights will add a blast of flavor to any dish, and they’re especially indulgent when contrasted with the savory goodness of a beefy loaf.

The trick is in finding the perfect balance between caramelized sugar and juicy carrots – if you find that combination just right, you won’t be able to get enough!

Make sure not to rush things: let those delectable pieces simmer until they’re soft but still retain some crunch.

Then add just enough honey so your taste buds can dance along with joy when that sweetness hits them.

It’s time for the grand finale – sprinkle on some fresh herbs for an extra burst of flavor, then serve ’em up hot off the fire .👌

13. Mac and Cheese

Ah, mac and cheese – the perfect side to a hearty meatloaf.

This classic dish is simple, reliable, and oh-so-delicious.

The creamy cheesiness mixed with that yummy carby goodness adds just the right amount of comfort needed to this beloved family favorite.

Plus, it’s so versatile!

From baking it in the oven to adding bacon or hot sauce for an extra kick – there’s always something new and exciting you can do with your recipe.

And don’t even get me started on all those endless cheesy topping combinations. 🤤

It’s truly unstoppable deliciousness!

So set your oven temperature and prepare yourself for a culinary adventure like no other.

14. Corn Pudding

Move aside mashed potatoes, ’cause it’s time to add some southern sweetness to your meatloaf feast!

Corn pudding is the perfect way to elevate this classic dish without breaking the bank.

It’s easy enough for a beginner cook, but still has plenty of flavor and texture that’ll rock your taste buds’ socks off.

Talk about a power couple – the creamy warmth of corn pudding combined with the searing goodness of that savory meatloaf?

Certainly something special… And if you don’t believe me then fire up your oven and try it out for yourself!

A few simple ingredients thrown together in just mins will take you down a delicious yellow brick road into flavor-filled Oz.

And whether it’s baking or stovetop cooking, put away those salty feisty worries because this side dish is so simple even Toto can make it. 😉

15. Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels

Put that comfort food classic, meatloaf, onto your dinner table with a side of garlic parmesan roasted Brussels and you’ll think you died and went to heaven!

The rich flavor of the herbs and garlicky, cheesy goodness mixed with slightly crisp brussels is hard to beat.

Who says veggies have to be boring?

But if you’re worried that my suggested dish is too complicated – don’t fret.

This recipe couldn’t be simpler. Just toss those little cabbages in some olive oil and mix it up with whatever seasonings tickle your fancy until they reach a golden brown perfection.

My suggestion: sprinkle on some freshly grated parmesan cheese for an added level of gooey deliciousness.

But feel free to get creative – use whatever flavors make your tastebuds do backflips!

16. Roasted Veggies

Baking pan not required, it’s time to fire up the oven and roast some veggies!

When you combine a classic like meatloaf with roasted vegetables, you get an out of this world combo that’s sure to please any crowd.

From cauliflower and sweet potatoes to bell peppers and zucchini – these vibrant sides maximize flavor while minimizing mess.

Simply arrange your selected veggies on a sheet tray, toss them in olive oil or butter, season ’em up then let the oven do its magic.

Make sure your veggies are evenly cooked but still have a bit of crunch for texture then top off with freshly grated parmesan cheese for a boost of cheesy deliciousness!

In no time flat you’ll have created a scrumptious meal that is so much more than just your average meatloaf dinner.

17. Broccoli Salad

This crunchy and flavorful masterpiece has got it all – from scrumptious veggies to creamy dressing.

Just think about it – you’ve already got your savory meat stuffed inside that delicious loaf, so why not add some freshness and nutrition?

Broccoli florets and fresh greens add an irresistibly cooling contrast when mixed into this hot hearty meal.

Plus, its full of vitamins, minerals and fiber for good measure.

But let’s not forget about that luscious dressing!

Blend together mayo, cheese, bacon bits (optional) plus a little bit of sugar for sweetness in one bowl and you’ve got yourself a tasty addition to this amazing duo. 👌

18. Sauteed Garlic Broccolini

Sauteed Garlic Broccolini is the perfect companion for that savory burger patty ’cause who doesn’t love those sweet little florets?

Plus, just add some garlic and olive oil along with a sprinkle of salt and pepper — Boom— you’ve got yourself an irresistible dish.

Seeing is believing people, one bite of these babies better have your taste buds singing like angels in Heaven!

19. Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese

Meatloaf and spaghetti bolognese – they’re a match made in comfort food heaven.

It’s like two old friends coming together to end your hunger pains once and for all.

A crowd pleaser, it doesn’t take much more than ground beef, tomatoes, onions and spices to make that wonderful Bolognese Sauce we all know and love.

If you don’t have time for simmering on the stovetop for hours, why not try tossing together some spaghetti + prepared sauce or even getting ready-made meatballs from the store?

The flavor won’t be compromised one bit!

This classic duo tends to bring out the kid in everyone – so go ahead, dig in with enthusiasm! 🤗

20. Garlic Turmeric Rice

Mmmmm, Garlic Turmeric Rice. I’m salivating already!

Garlic Turmeric Rice is the perfect side dish that’ll turn a classic meal into something spectacular.

This dish is super simple, so all it takes are some fragrant basmati rice, garlic and turmeric to get things started.

With one quick stir-fry (or even just a couple of minutes in the microwave!), you’ll have yourself a delicious plate of aromatic flavor waiting for your meatloaf majesty to show up and take center stage.

A few extra spices only sweeten the deal like saffron for an exotic taste, coriander for a fresh herbiness or cumin powder for an earthy kick – you do you on this one folks!

So trust me when I say that these two stars belong together – grab ’em both now and enjoy this power couple with every bite!

21. Coleslaw

This simple side can take your meal to the next level without breaking a sweat.

The tart, creamy dressing pairs perfectly with juicy meatloaf for an unbeatable flavor combo that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Coleslaw is so easy to make, just fire up your food processor and you’re good to go.

No need for lengthy prep time or complicated ingredients – simply combine the classic trio: cabbage, mayo and vinegar.

From there – feel free to get creative with seasonings; add dill, celery seed or paprika for a little extra punch of flavor.

The possibilities are endless!

And don’t forget; if you want it sweetened up – give it some love with some sugary deliciousness!

Serve your slaw chilled or at room temperature alongside your savory meatloaf and be prepared to have everyone coming back for seconds

22. Cream of Mushroom Soup

When you think meatloaf, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind isn’t cream of mushroom soup.

But, if you’re looking for an easy and delicious way to spice up your mealtime routine, then this creamy, flavorful combo just might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The salty umami of the mushroom soup paired with bold flavors from ground beef or turkey will have your mouth-watering in no time.

Plus, it’s a breeze to whip up!

All you need is some broth (or maybe even water), mushrooms and cream – voila!

A delectable side dish that’ll make your meal complete.

Just beware – one taste of this comforting goodness and you won’t be able to go back; it’s like mixing fire and ice in one sensational bite! 🔥❄️

23. Sauteed Mushrooms

If you’ve been looking for a new way to spruce up your dinner, sautéed mushrooms are just the ticket.

The combination of juicy mushrooms and savory meatloaf creates an umami-rich flavor that’ll make even the toughest critics ask for seconds.

Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes so you can really get creative with this classic dish!

If you want to add some flair while keeping it simple, opt for small button or portobello mushrooms – their subtle flavors will easily blend into any dish without overpowering the main entrée.

Alternatively, if you’re going big on taste then try more earthy varieties such as shiitake or oyster mushrooms; these flavorful gems can hold their own against bolder meats such as beef & pork.

So don’t be afraid to mix things up – with sautéed mushrooms by your side every meal is bound to please!

24. Baked Beans

Meatloaf and baked beans – what could be better?

This classic combo is the ultimate power couple that hits all the flavor notes!

First, you’ll want to opt for your favorite variety of beans.

From classic baked to smoky or spicy, choose wisely for a meal that pleases.

And don’t forget to give ’em a bit of extra love; add butter, garlic powder, bacon bits, brown sugar…or even BBQ sauce if ya got it!

Now here’s where it gets real: let those beans bake in their own juices until they reach peak deliciousness and become tender and sweet.

Trust me on this one—you won’t be sorry!

The final result?

Flavorful goodness worthy of its very own make-it-happen anthem!

25. Potato Salad

There’s something special about a hearty helping of mom’s homemade meatloaf and creamy, comforting potato salad.

It’s the perfect combination of savory and sweet, robust yet gentle – like a warm hug from your grandma herself!

The secret to getting that melt-in-your-mouth goodness is to mix the potatoes with mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, plus some freshly chopped chives for added flavor.

And don’t forget to toss in some bacon bits if you’re feeling extra daring! 🥓

Adding those smoky pieces will take your spuds to another level of deliciousness.

So go ahead and make it your own – top it off with some crunchy onions or juicy cherry tomatoes for a burst of freshness.

Whichever way you decide to rock your potato salad, the end result is sure to please. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

26. Caesar Salad

Meatloaf and Caesar salad – two classics that were destined to go together!

Let’s just say, it’s a match made in heaven.

This hearty meal calls for an equally tasty side dish, and there’s nothing better than crunchy romaine lettuce drizzled with creamy Caesar dressing.

The perfect combo of bold flavors will have your taste buds rejoicing.

Not to mention the added protein from the eggs, Parmesan cheese, and croutons make a balanced meal.

Player this classic combination up once or twice a week and you’re sure to have some very happy diners at your table!

27. Garlic Roasted Green Beans

These crunchy veggies are the perfect sidekick for this classic meal – their subtle yet powerful flavor adds just the right amount of zing.

And let’s not forget about convenience: their short cook time and minimal prep effort make them an ideal addition any night of the week.

Plus, you’re sure to please all tastes since they can be cooked in a variety of ways – mixed with oil or butter, seasoned with your favorite spices or herbs, topped with cheese…the choices are endless!

So go ahead and give ’em a try.

There’s nothing better than tender-crisp green beans straight outta the oven that’ll leave everyone asking for more!

28. Ratatouille

This veggie-filled side dish doesn’t just add flavor to your plate, it also gives the eye a vibrant pop of color.

It starts off with eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers that have been chopped into cubes, then simmered in a rich tomato sauce.

But don’t let those simple ingredients fool you – the real magic happens when all these flavors mix together!

Take your taste buds on an adventure by throwing a few herbs and spices into the mix for some extra zing.

When done right, this medley of veggies makes for one mouth-watering dish that pairs effortlessly with any recipe.

So don’t be afraid to get creative with how you serve up your next meal – pairing two classic favorites is sure to make even the pickiest eater smile!

29. Twice Baked Potatoes

Meatloaf and potatoes, a classic combination that’s sure to take center stage at any mealtime.

Now, here’s the deal – let’s mix it up and give these two old-school favorites an extra special twist.

Twice Baked Potatoes are a soft and creamy indulgence that’ll make even the pickiest of eaters join in on the fun.

Start by preheating your oven and then buttering up some spuds nice ‘n tight.

You can use sweet or regular depending on which way you roll!

Mix together some cheese, bacon bits, garlic powder and green onion to bring out their crunchy flavor like never before 🤤

Then stuff those skins with your savory concoction until there’s no room left for doubt!

It might be messy but trust me it will pay off in spades👌

Trust me when I say it won’t take long for them delicious twice-baked potatoes to disappear

30. Bangers and Mash

Come gather ’round, it’s time for something truly special!

Meatloaf and bangers and mash are a delicious duo that’ll have everyone coming back for seconds.

Bangers and mash is the perfect sidekick to any meat-inspired feast – sticky pork sausages wrapped in fluffy mashed potatoes, what could be better?

Kick up your bangers with fresh herbs and spices like garlic, rosemary, and thyme – dress them up however you like!

And don’t forget that creamy gravy – it’s the ultimate finishing touch that fills the entire dish with flavor.

It may look simple but this classic meal will light up even the most stubborn of stomachs.

So grab those tongs, wrap one around each sausage and dig on in!

31. Cinnamon Baked Apples

These sweet and tender delights are the perfect way to bring a touch of sweetness to your savory meal.

Plus, they add a delightful texture contrast that will make this meal one you won’t soon forget!

But don’t just limit yourself to cinnamon.

Get creative and explore different flavors like cloves, nutmeg or even cardamom and watch as each bite is filled with more bursts of flavor than the last.

No matter how much time you’ve got on your hands, there’s an option for everyone – from quick boiling and microwaving to slow-baked in the oven and everything else in between.

So grab an apple or two, sprinkle some sugar ‘n spice on top and let the good times roll!

32. Apple Pie

Yes, you read that right – apple pie!

It’s the classic American dessert that your taste buds have been dreaming of.

These slices of deliciousness add a subtle sweetness to the meatloaf that will have everyone coming back for more.

Plus, it looks stunning with its golden-brown crust and iconic criss-crosses.

But don’t be fooled by its simple appearance; pairing these two dishes can create an explosion of flavor that’ll keep your guests asking for seconds.

Just make sure to balance out the sweet with just enough savory seasoning – this powerhouse combo needs both salty and sweet for maximum impact!

33. Chocolate Tart

This rich and creamy treat offsets the savory flavor of your meatloaf perfectly, transporting you straight to dessert heaven.

The key here is balance – use semi-sweet or dark chocolate for a subtle sweetness that won’t overpower the taste of your savory meal.

Just be sure not to skimp on topping — top ‘er off with some freshly whipped cream (or ice cream!) for an extra indulgent kick.

Ready for more?

Sprinkle crushed nuts or coconut flakes over the top and go full glamour mode!

Or make things spicy with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making this delicious duo an unforgettable experience.

34. Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake adds a citrusy sweetness and lightness that counterbalances your savory meal perfectly.

Plus, everyone loves cake – it’s an instant crowd pleaser!

No need for fancy decorations or intricate designs here.

Just a simpleest of cakes topped with some freshly squeezed lemon juice makes for an unforgettable combination.

The bright flavor of tart lemons cuts through the richness of the meatloaf making it even more enjoyable to eat.

And if you really want to take things up a notch, try adding some zesty sprinkles on top – just enough to add a little pop of color but not too much as to overwhelm your taste buds!

Anyway you slice it (pun intended) Lemon Cake is always an A+ side dish when paired with Meatloaf and will leave your guests satisfied every time. 🍋

35. Roasted Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Salad

Meatloaf and sweet potatoes, what a dynamic duo!

Take your classic recipe to the next level by pairing it with this delicious healthy side dish.

The roasted sweet potato black bean quinoa salad features fresh vegetables and proteins that will give you the energy you need to get through your day.

This meal provides both a hearty, filling main dish and a nutritious, light side option for those looking for something healthier than regular mashed potatoes.

Plus, its bright colors make it look absolutely stunning on any table Setting!

And because of its simplicity, this salad can easily be adapted to suit every taste: add some extra seasoning or skip the lime juice if you don’t like it tart.

Whatever way it’s served up this quinoa concoction is sure to leave everyone wanting seconds!

36. Grilled Zucchini Sticks

It’s time to give this veggie its moment in the spotlight because these slim green beauts are about to be the star of your dinner show.

Let’s get grilling shall we?

Chop those zukes into long thin slices and season them with garlic, parmesan cheese, and a pinch of crushed red pepper for some extra kick.

Then spread them on a greased up baking sheet, pop ’em in the oven, and let that heat do its thing.

In no time at all you’ve got yourself an irresistibly delicious side dish that takes almost zero effort to prepare but packs maximum flavor!

Talk about killing two birds with one stone 😉

37. Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

This power combo is like an unbeatable tag team in the kitchen – together they’ll send flavor overdrive!

The salty, smoky perfection of the crisp bacon paired with sweet and tender asparagus make them simply heaven-sent.

And if you wanna take it one step further, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top for those cheesy goodness vibes.  Yummm!

So pull out your cooking pans and get ready to fire up your ovens – you’re about to serve up a plateful of mouthwatering delightful deliciousness that’s sure to hit all the right spots.

Trust me, folks: bacon-wrapped asparagus will be surefire side star of any meal with meatloaf center stage!


Knowing what to serve with meatloaf can be tricky, but the right side dish can make all the difference.

In conclusion, there are plenty of delicious sides to choose from when pairing a meal with meatloaf.

The best sides to serve with meatloaf include dinner rolls, garlic bread, cornbread, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, cauliflower tots, mashed cauliflower, creamed spinach, sweet potato fries, hasselback sweet potatoes, asparagus, honey glazed carrots, and mac and cheese.

All of these sides are flavorful and easy to prepare, making them the perfect accompaniment to your meatloaf.

So, the next time you’re planning a meal, consider these sides to make your meal complete.


The 37 BEST Sides for Meatloaf

Not sure what to serve with meatloaf? Don't worry – I'm here to help! I'm sharing my top 37 favorite sides to serve with the classic dish, from roasted vegetables to creamy mashed potatoes. With these recipes, you'll have a complete meal that the whole family will love.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 500 kcal


  • Dinner Rolls
  • Garlic Bread
  • Cornbread
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Potato Wedges
  • Cauliflower Tots
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
  • Oven-Roasted Asparagus with Garlic Parmesan
  • Honey Glazed Carrots
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Corn Pudding
  • Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels
  • Roasted Veggies
  • Broccoli Salad
  • Sauteed Garlic Broccolini
  • Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Garlic Turmeric Rice
  • Coleslaw
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Sauteed Mushrooms
  • Baked Beans
  • Potato Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Garlic Roasted Green Beans
  • Ratatouille
  • Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Bangers and Mash
  • Cinnamon Baked Apples
  • Apple Pie
  • Chocolate Tart
  • Lemon Cake
  • Roasted Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Salad
  • Grilled Zucchini Sticks
  • Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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