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What to Serve with Toasted Ravioli – 27 Side Dishes

If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial to serve alongside the toasted ravioli, you can opt for a side like broccoli rabe or polenta. The polenta is a nice complement to the buttery texture of the toasted ravioli and is a great vehicle for the fresh flavors of the broccoli rabe.

What to serve with Toasted Ravioli

Bring out the toasted ravioli and the rest of the party food favorites with this list of 10 delicious side dishes.

Toasted ravioli may not be the sexiest food there is, but it does have one major advantage over other pasta dishes: It’s delicious!

Biting into a bite-sized ball of pasta, you’ll find that it’s light, savory, and packed with all sorts of wonderful flavors.

And it’s no wonder why toasted ravioli is so popular – it’s a meal in itself, and if paired with something else, it makes for a memorable night out.

But just because it’s so good by itself, doesn’t mean you should serve it alone.

I’ve got a list of 27 appetizers, sides, and desserts that will make your toasted ravioli nights a lot more exciting.

What to Serve with Toasted Ravioli – 27 Side Dishes

Toasted Ravioli side dishes

1. Spelt Focaccia

My husband is a big fan of toasted ravioli. The crispy outside and fluffy inside make it a dish that never gets old. I love making focaccia as well, so when my husband asked me to make this, I was thrilled!

You may think it sounds like it takes a lot of work, but it’s actually really simple! The secret is to use only spelt flour! It’s less likely to stick, but still yields an amazing result.

2. Grilled Corn Panzanella Salad

There’s just something about corn on the cob that makes me love it even more. It’s sweet, savory, and delicious. And when grilled, the sweetness of the corn becomes even more irresistible.

You’ll be amazed at how flavorful it becomes! When you’re looking for something to accompany your toasted ravioli, this is the perfect dish to make. You simply slice up fresh corn, toss it with cherry tomatoes, feta, and basil, and grill it until it’s charred on the edges and slightly soft in the center.

3. Roasted Cherry Tomato Caprese Salad

This one is a classic! And I love it because it’s easy to make, yet delicious. Roasted cherry tomatoes make for a beautiful presentation, plus their fresh flavor adds a burst of acidity and brightness to your meal.

4. Apple Walnut Cranberry Salad

When I’m craving pasta, I don’t want plain ol’ spaghetti. I want something that goes beyond the regular taste of it. Something with a little kick and something crunchy! That’s why when it comes to my favorite pasta dishes, I opt for something like ravioli.

It’s a little more sophisticated than your traditional pasta dish, but it’s also delicious and satisfying. So when I was looking for a recipe to accompany ravioli, I knew exactly where to go. This apple walnut cranberry salad is one of the most delicious salads I have ever had.

It combines all of the flavors I crave in a single dish – apples, walnuts, cranberries, and cheese! I love that the salad is super-simple to make too. It takes only about 10 minutes of your time and only has 4 ingredients.

5. Air Fryer Vegetables

If you love starchy foods, then I’m sure you must have at least one air fryer. Why? Because it’s just so convenient! You can easily whip up some crispy and delicious vegetables in a matter of minutes!

I love how versatile air fryers are, and this dish showcases that perfectly. You can serve this as a side or a main dish, depending on what you prefer. Either way, it’s guaranteed to satisfy your hunger without any guilt.

6. Cauliflower Parmesan

Finally, the time has come to talk about cauliflower. This vegetable is becoming a bit of a fad in the food world. Everyone knows about the health benefits and how easy it is to make, but it still isn’t very common to find it in restaurants.


Because it’s not very appetizing. It looks like it was a cross between a turnip and broccoli.

But I have found something that makes cauliflower even more appealing. It’s cauliflower parmesan! This delicious dish combines the soft and sweet flavor of cauliflower with a cheesy and flavorful topping that’s both delicious and healthy.

And because of its light texture, this dish doesn’t require much in the way of preparation either. Just slice up some cauliflower, coat it in breadcrumbs, and bake it in the oven.

7. Broccoli Rabe

When you think of toasted ravioli, what comes to mind? For me, it’s broccoli rabe and cheese. It may not be the most traditional side dish, but broccoli rabe is a true crowd-pleaser.

Not only does it taste incredible, it also has a beautiful, dark green hue! It’s a vegetable you can enjoy as a side dish or even as a main course. It’s great with cheese, which makes it a wonderful match for ravioli!

8. Cipollini Onions

Cipollini onions are the perfect topping for toasted ravioli because they provide a bit of sweetness. Plus, they look so pretty! When paired with pasta, their color really stands out and makes for a stunning presentation.

9. Italian Bread

What would a toasted ravioli party be without Italian bread? That’s what I thought. Topped with prosciutto, melted cheese, and basil, this side dish has so many flavors in one bite. I can’t get enough of it!

It goes without saying that Italian bread is an absolute necessity when you’re making a ravioli party.

10. Oven-Roasted Vegetables

The best way to describe oven-roasted vegetables is roasted to perfection. They’re sweet and crunchy, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to your savory pasta dishes. If you’re looking to make an impressive appetizer, start with roasting a variety of veggies.

This makes it easier to pair each one with a different dish. For instance, if you want to make a vegetarian dish, roast broccoli or asparagus. If you want to add another dimension to your dish, try mixing and matching mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, and peppers.

11. Asparagus Wrapped In Prosciutto

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto is a beautiful addition to your appetizer. It’s an elegant dish, and it makes for an eye-catching presentation. You don’t need to use prosciutto though – any kind of sliced meat works well too. I like to make this for a fancy meal where I want to impress everyone.

But it can also be made as a quick and easy appetizer. To make a quick appetizer, simply chop some vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Put the vegetables on a baking sheet and brush the top with olive oil.

Drizzle some balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place the baking sheet in a cold oven and set the temperature to 400°F. Cook the vegetables until they’re tender, which takes about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and arrange them on a platter. You can either serve them right away or wrap them in a slice of prosciutto.

12. Polenta

Polenta is another popular side dish to serve with toasted ravioli. It’s creamy and delicious, which makes it a great accompaniment for pasta dishes. A good polenta is smooth and soft. It has a rich and buttery flavor.

For this dish, use homemade polenta instead of store-bought polenta. Making your own polenta will ensure you get the best texture and flavor. And if you’re looking to make an appetizer, try adding some sliced or grilled mushrooms to the polenta. They’ll add another dimension of flavors and textures!

13. Pomegranate and Arugula Salad

Toasted ravioli is one of those dishes that can be paired with just about anything! I’m not quite sure why that is, but it seems to be the case. And when I say just about anything, I mean just about everything!

Toasting the ravioli, pomegranate, and arugula adds an extra dimension to this classic dish. It brings out the sweetness in the veggies while infusing them with the savory flavor of the pasta.

14. Garlic Bread

The garlic bread that comes with toasted ravioli is a must-have. As a matter of fact, if you don’t eat it, it will start to smell. Yuck. It’s definitely the best part of the meal. And what’s even better? The bread doesn’t need to be refrigerated once baked. It can be eaten as soon as it’s ready!

15. Frico Chips with Zucchini

While my favorite topping for ravioli is garlic bread, I love this combination the most. It combines both zucchini and arugula with savory, crunchy frico and pomegranate seeds. You won’t find any cheesy flavor here – just a burst of fresh and tangy flavor.

16. Watermelon Feta Balsamic Salad

The classic combination of watermelon and feta makes this salad the perfect appetizer. It’s fresh and vibrant, yet light and refreshing. It’s truly a feast for the eyes and palate. And that balsamic dressing is to die for! It’s tangy, savory, and sweet at the same time. It’s a true master of flavor!

17. Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are so versatile – you can use them in many ways! They make a great side dish with meat, but I think they’re even better with pasta or sausages. What makes Brussels sprouts unique is their earthy, nutty flavor.

And when you caramelize them, they get a beautiful, crispy texture that pairs perfectly with pizza. If you want to serve Brussels sprouts with pizza, try this! It’s an easy recipe that comes together in no time at all.

18. Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is always a favorite when it comes to appetizers. It’s refreshing and crunchy, but also incredibly flavorful. And if you add it to your salad, you can really amplify its flavor. Roasting it adds a delicious smokiness and an earthy flavor. So you’re going to want to make sure you don’t overcook it – just until it reaches the desired texture.

19. Antipasto Salad

Ravioli is such a simple yet delicious dish that I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned it before. It’s one of the most versatile dishes in the world! It’s not only for appetizers but also a great side dish!

If you love antipasto, you’re in luck because this salad is the perfect fit! Antipasto is an Italian term that means “before the meal”. And just like ravioli, antipasto is served as an appetizer before the meal begins.

To me, this salad is perfect for toasted ravioli. If you have some left over from the night before, I suggest throwing them in the salad and topping it with more cheese. The combination of cheeses, vegetables, and herbs make this salad a unique delight!

20. Greek Salad

Greek salads are my favorite! They’re so full of fresh vegetables and herbs, but they don’t feel heavy or boring. This one offers all those benefits and more. The combination of vegetables makes it really hard to choose what to put on top.

My personal favorites include tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, and bell peppers. But there are so many variations out there! You can use your imagination and choose whatever you like best.

21. Chicken Caesar Pizza

When I think of pizza, I think of one thing: pizza. No matter where you go, you’ll always find some sort of pizza. No matter if it’s a thin crust or deep dish. But I don’t like pizza with just one type of topping.

That’s boring. Why not add some variety? For example, a pizza with chicken is just so flavorful! The addition of cheese, croutons, bacon, and chicken make for a tasty pizza that’s also extremely easy to make!

22. Cheesy Spinach Croissants

A croissant is a croissant is a croissant – there’s really no need to get too deep into this! The only thing that makes them different is their filling. The standard croissant contains a buttery pastry dough.

However, a croissant can be loaded with anything you want. You can top a croissant with cheese, cinnamon rolls, pastries, or even fruit! My personal favorite is the cheesy croissant. It’s filled with a mixture of eggs, cream cheese, and parmesan. It’s so satisfying and cheesy!

23. Italian Chicken Drumsticks

When I think of chicken drumsticks, I think of comfort food. They’re hearty and delicious! And, chicken drumsticks are my favorite to cook.

They’re easy to prepare, and they’re so flavorful! I love how the skin of the chicken is crispy, yet tender. The drumstick is juicy, yet the meat is soft and juicy. If you’re looking for a simple and easy dish that will fill you up, this is it.

24. Roasted Cabbage Steaks

This is one of the dishes I’ve made most often for dinner parties. It’s a simple side that’s loaded with flavor. My secret to creating such a tasty and healthy meal is roasting the cabbage.

It’s a quick and effective way to transform the vegetable into something irresistible. All you need to do is roast the cabbage by placing it in an oven or on a stovetop grill. After the cabbage is roasted, you can use it to create an Italian-inspired dish.

What Dessert to Serve with Toasted Ravioli

1. Cheesecake

The classic American dessert cheesecake is always one of my favorites. It’s so easy to make, plus it’s so rich and creamy that it really goes well with savory foods. So what if your next dinner is filled with savory flavors?

How do you feel about cheesecake? I’m pretty sure no one would mind a slice or two of this creamy dessert.

2. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It’s made of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, chocolate, and rum. Oh man, this is one delicious dessert! It’s like a cheesecake on steroids!

When I think of tiramisu, I always associate it with chocolate and coffee. So when I came across the concept of pairing toasted ravioli with it, I was intrigued. Toasted ravioli has a delightful flavor that compliments a dessert with a similar profile. If you like both coffee and chocolate, you’ll love this combo.

3. Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are another classic dessert that’s perfect for toasted ravioli. They’re the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

The lemon tart filling is moist, sweet, and tangy. With the crisp biscotti crust, it makes for a heavenly dessert.


So, what can you serve with toasted ravioli?

Toasted ravioli is a great dish to serve to guests. It’s light, but filling, and is a perfect side dish to pair with a salad or pasta. It’s also a great dish to serve for a special occasion. You can serve it as an appetizer or as an entrée.