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What to Serve with Venison Burgers (10 Best Sides)

If you’re a venison lover like me, you know how tough it can be to find side dishes that complement your meaty burgers.

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What to Serve with Venison Burgers

You want something that will go with your burgers but not overpower them, and any dish that’s too heavy or rich can knock the flavor out of your burger.

That’s why I was inspired to write this post—to help you find the perfect side dish for your venison burger!

What to Serve with Venison Burgers?

The best sides to go with venison burgers are fries and onion rings. Venison burgers are thick, so they need something substantial to balance them out. Fries are crispy, salty and delicious and onion rings have a satisfying crunch that complements the savory flavor of the burger.

Venison Burger

Below are another 10 easy (and delicious) options that will pair perfectly with any venison burger in your life.

1. Fries

homemade French Fries

When I’m looking for a meal that’s both tasty and not too difficult, I turn to venison burgers and fries.

I love the way that fries go perfectly with burgers—they’re salty and crispy, and they add a nice crunchy texture to the dish.

They also go really well with the venison, which is kind of like a pork-like meat that has a good balance between fatty and lean.

The reason I like this combination so much is that it’s not something you see all that often.

You can find burgers at any restaurant, but finding fries with them is much more of an adventure!

And it’s always fun when you get to try something new like this.

When I serve this combination at home, I usually serve it with other ingredients as well: some lettuce or tomato slices on top of the burger patty is always good, especially if there are any sauces involved (which there often are).

It adds freshness to the meal without being too overpowering.

And sometimes I’ll add some pickles or onions as well—again, just for flavor balance and freshness!

2. Onion Rings

Onion rings

I like venison burgers served with onion rings because they’re an easy meal to make and they taste great.

The combination of the two is also a lot of fun because it’s not something you see all the time, so it’s fun when you get to try something new.

They’re also good for camping trips or picnics because they don’t need much preparation, so you can just throw them together quickly.

To turn this combination into a complete meal, I would add some other ingredients or dishes that complement each other well while still tasting delicious.

For example, if I were having this for dinner at home with my family, I would serve it with salad greens and/or a fruit salad on the side as well as some sort of bread for dipping into the juices from the burgers.

Herbs like rosemary or thyme would also go well with both of these dishes since they enhance their flavors even further!

3. Creamy Polenta

Creamy Polenta

When you think of a great meal, what comes to mind?

  • Is it something that’s packed with flavor and has a bit of a challenge to make?
  • Or is it something that’s easy to make and tastes delicious?

For me, the answer is both: I want something that’s packed with flavor and has a bit of a challenge to make—and also something that’s easy to make and tastes delicious.

That’s why venison burgers with creamy polenta are one of my favorite combinations.

For me, the main challenge in making this meal is getting all the ingredients together in one place so that everything goes smoothly when I start cooking.

Also, if you don’t have a grill or some other way of cooking outside (like an indoor grill pan), then this meal is going to be difficult for you because of how long it takes to cook meat indoors at high temperatures.

4. Creamy Coleslaw

Creamy Coleslaw

There’s nothing like a good side dish to make a meal shine, and this creamy coleslaw is no exception.

It’s sweet and crunchy, with just the right amount of tang to keep things interesting.

It has a little bit of trouble standing up to the strong flavor of venison burgers, but when you add some fresh herbs and spices you can really turn the whole thing into something special.

I love this combination for casual meals at home or picnics with friends.

5. Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans

I love baked beans.

Whether it’s a recipe that’s been passed down in my family, or something I’ve come up with myself, nothing makes me happier than sitting down to a plate of baked beans.

I love the combination of savory and sweet, and the way you can use them as a side dish or as an entrée.

They’re perfect for any occasion, from barbecues to Sunday suppers, and they’re just as delicious when you make them yourself as they are when you buy them from the store.

And if you’re looking for a little extra kick?

Throw some bacon in there!

6. Cornbread


For me, the perfect meal is a combination of good taste and difficulty.

I like to make things that are difficult, but not so difficult that I’ll never want to try them again.

This side dish is one of those things.

Cornbread is a great side dish because it’s easy enough for anyone to make and it has such a great flavor!

It goes well with just about anything, and it’s an absolute must for any Southern-inspired meal.

I love this combination because it’s not only delicious but also easy enough for even the busiest people to prepare in advance—it takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish!

With these two ingredients on hand, you can easily create a complete meal with just a few other ingredients.

Some herbs or spices would be great additions, but this recipe doesn’t require them—it tastes amazing as-is!

7. Tomato Soup

Creamy Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a great side dish for venison burgers.

It’s rich, thick, and satisfying, but it also has a little bit of a tangy kick that helps cut through the richness of the meat and make it more interesting to eat.

Plus, it’s very easy to make—you just throw all of the ingredients into a blender and puree them until smooth!

I like to serve this combination with some other dishes.

For example, I’ll often serve it with some grilled veggies or salad on the side so that my guests can have something on their plate besides just meat and bread!

As far as herbs go, basil is always a good choice when you’re making tomato soup because it adds such an amazing aroma to the dish without being overpowering.

8. Garlic Bread

Cheesy Garlic Bread

This is a great side dish for venison burgers.

It’s simple, but it’s also got a lot of flavor and texture.

If you’re looking to make this combination a complete meal, I’d suggest adding an extra side dish or dessert to round out the meal.

For example, if you want some extra vegetables with your meal, try serving up some crispy roasted vegetables next to your garlic bread as well.

You could also pair this side dish with something like grilled asparagus or roasted brussel sprouts for another great vegetable option that goes well with venison burgers!

And don’t forget—herbs, spices, and other ingredients can really take your meals from good to great!

Try adding some fresh parsley or basil leaves on top of your garlic bread before baking it off—you’ll be surprised how much flavor those little touches can add!

9. Potato Salad

Potato Salad

So, I’m a big fan of potato salad.

I know it’s not exactly the most exciting side dish in the world, but it’s easy to make and it goes with just about anything.

When I want to serve something that’s a little more exciting than just a plain old burger or steak, I like to make venison burgers with potato salad as a side dish.

This combination is great because it’s filling, but not too heavy—and since both are already cooked, you don’t have to worry about them sticking together in your mouth after you take a bite!

If you’re feeling creative, you can also make your own dressings for the potato salad: try adding some dill or chives to yours (or even bacon bits!)—you’ll be surprised at how much flavor this simple change adds!

Just keep in mind that these extra ingredients will increase the difficulty level of making these dishes as well as their cost (since they’re not cheap).

10. Cauliflower Mash

Mashed Cauliflower

I really cauliflower mash.

It’s very easy to make, and it tastes great.

I think it would be a good side dish for any occasion, especially if you’re serving venison burgers.

I also think that this combination makes a complete meal when you add some other ingredients or dishes to the mix.

For example, you could use this combination as an appetizer with some hors d’oeuvres before dinner or as part of a lunchtime meal with some soup and salad.

This is a pretty versatile side dish because you can use different herbs, spices, and other seasonings to change up the flavor profile depending on what else you’re serving with it!

What to Add to Your Venison Burger

Avocado Slices

Here are 4 things you can add to your venison burger that will take it from ho-hum to awesome:

  1. Avocado – This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning: avocado is a must-have when you’re making a burger. It adds flavor, texture and creaminess—all things that make eating your venison burger extra delicious!
  2. Tomato – Another one that should be on every burger list! Tomatoes are bright, fresh, and juicy—and they’re perfect for cutting through the richness of the meat and cheese.
  3. Caramelized onions – These will add a sweet note to your burger that’ll keep you coming back for more! Just make sure you cook them long enough to get them nice and soft before adding them to your sandwich.
  4. Bacon – Because bacon makes everything better! Just make sure not to add too much fat or else it’ll overwhelm your burger’s flavor profile (and make it soggy). And remember: don’t forget the cheese!


What Sauce Goes with Venison Burgers?

Hollandaise Sauce

There are a lot of different sauces that go well with venison burgers, and to be honest, it can be hard to figure out which one is best.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular options:

  • Chimichurri: This sauce is made from fresh herbs and garlic, with vinegar added for tartness and extra flavor. It’s great with beef or venison and can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. You can also make it as part of a marinade for your meat before cooking it.
  • Barbecue Sauce: Barbecue sauce is another classic pairing for burgers, but most people don’t realize that there are many different types of barbecue sauce out there! Depending on where you live, you may find a regional variety or one that’s been around for generations. Some are sweeter than others, some are spicier than others—the possibilities really are endless! If you’re looking for something traditional but still want something unique, try making your own homemade version using ingredients from your local farmers market or grocery store produce section.
  • Béarnaise Sauce: This traditional French sauce combines egg yolks with butter and lemon juice for a rich and creamy flavor that pairs perfectly with grilled meats like steak or venison burger patties. Make sure you don’t add too much acidity though—it might curdle if you do!
  • Mustard: Mustard is another classic burger topping that goes well with venison, especially if you have honey mustard on hand! The sweet flavor will help balance out the savory notes from your meat and other toppings like onions or pickles.
  • Pesto: This sauce is made from olive oil, basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and Parmesan cheese (sometimes). It’s easy to make at home and will give your meat an intense burst of flavor! Just add it after cooking if you want the full effect!

What Cheese Goes with Venison Burgers?

Manchego cheese

When you’re looking to make venison burgers, you might be wondering what cheese goes with venison burgers.

The best way to figure out what cheese goes with venison is to think about what flavors you want the cheese to add to your burger.

If you’re going for something mild and creamy, then you’ll probably want a soft cheese like brie or mozzarella.

If you’re going for something bolder, then try something like Gruyere or cheddar.

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, try gorgonzola—it has a strong flavor that will stand up to the meatiness of the burger without overpowering it.

What Wine Goes with Venison Burgers?


When you’re trying to figure out what wine goes with venison burgers, you have to consider a few things.

First, is this a special occasion or are you just having a casual meal at home?

If it’s the latter, then you can probably get away with a cheaper bottle of wine. If it’s the former, then it’s best to spend a little extra on your choice.

The second thing you should consider is what else will be served at the meal.

  • Will there be other meats?
  • Will there be side dishes?

If so, then it’s important to choose a wine that will complement those other foods without overpowering them or being too strong in flavor.

You also need to think about how strong your taste buds are when choosing your wine pairing for venison burgers.

Some people love really bold flavors while others prefer something more subtle and milder tasting.

Venison Burger with toppings

What to Serve with Venison Burgers (10 Best Sides)

If you're going to serve a venison burger, you should serve a side dish with it.
Here are 3 reasons why:
1. A good side dish can make your venison burgers even more delicious and satisfying.
2. A good side dish can help you make the most of the ingredients in your venison burgers. You won't have to feel like there's anything missing from the meal, because everything will go together perfectly!
3. A good side dish can give you a better idea of what to do with your venison burgers in the future, and how to make them even more special than they already are.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 379 kcal


  • Fries
  • Onion Rings
  • Creamy Polenta
  • Creamy Coleslaw
  • Baked Beans
  • Cornbread
  • Tomato Soup
  • Garlic Bread
  • Potato Salad
  • Cauliflower Mash


  • Pick your favorite side dish from this list to serve with your gamey burgers.
  • Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Be ready to munch in no time!
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