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10 Potato Side Dishes for Burgers

If you’re looking for a delicious side dish to go with your burgers, look no further than potatoes.

They are incredibly versatile and can be cooked in so many different ways – from mashed potatoes to French fries, potato pancakes to roasted wedges.

With these 10 recipes for potato side dishes, you will find something that pairs perfectly with your burger.

Whether it’s creamy garlic mashed potatoes or crispy sweet potato fries, there is an option here for everyone!

Better-Than-Takeout Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

10 Potato Side Dishes for Burgers

Burgers are a classic meal, but sometimes you want something more than just a bun and patty.

Potatoes can be the perfect side dish for your burgers, offering extra flavor and texture.

Here are ten delicious potato recipes that will take your burger to the next level:

1. Cajun Oven Baked Potato Wedges

Cajun oven baked potato wedges are a delicious side dish made with potatoes, olive oil, and a blend of herbs and spices.

The potatoes are cut into wedges, tossed in the seasoning mix, and then roasted to perfection.

  • Variations: There are many variations of this dish. You can use sweet potatoes instead of regular white or Russet potatoes. You can also add other vegetables like bell peppers or zucchini for more flavor and texture. For extra spice, you can add some cayenne pepper or chili powder to the seasoning mix.
  • Tips: It’s best to use starchy russet potatoes for this recipe as they will hold their shape better when cooked. Be sure to coat the potato wedges evenly with the seasoning mixture so that each wedge is nicely seasoned before baking in the oven. Finally, be sure not to overcrowd the pan while baking as this will cause uneven cooking results.

2. Melting Butter Potatoes

Melting butter potatoes are a delicious side dish made with small potatoes cooked in butter and herbs.

They get their name from the fact that they melt in your mouth when cooked correctly, creating a creamy and flavorful accompaniment to any meal.

  • Variations: There are many variations of melting butter potatoes that can be created depending on the flavors you desire. For example, you can add garlic or onion for extra flavor, or use different types of herbs such as rosemary or thyme for an earthy taste. You can also experiment with different types of cheese and cream to create a richer flavor.
  • Tips: When making melting butter potatoes, it is important to make sure that the potatoes are evenly cut so that they cook evenly and don’t stick together during cooking. You should also use enough butter to ensure that the potatoes don’t dry out during cooking, but not too much so that they become greasy. Finally, it is important to season them well with salt and pepper before serving so that you get the most flavor out of them!

3. Potato Salad

Potato salad is a dish made from potatoes, mayonnaise or other dressing, and various other ingredients such as celery, onions, pickles, eggs, and herbs.

It is typically served cold or at room temperature.

  • Variations: There are many variations of potato salads. Some popular versions include German Potato Salad (with bacon), French-style potato salad (with vinaigrette), Italian-style potato salad (with olives and capers), American-style potato salad (with mustard and relish). Other variations can include the addition of diced ham, crumbled cheese, hard boiled eggs, pickles or sweet peppers.
  • Tips for Making Potato Salad: When making your own potato salad it’s important to start with well cooked potatoes that have cooled down before adding any dressings. Use a good quality mayonnaise when making your own dressing as this will give you the best flavor. To prevent soggy potatoes add the dressing just before serving so that it doesn’t get absorbed by the potatoes too much. If you’re looking for added crunch try adding chopped celery or chives to your mix for extra texture.

4. Loaded Baked Potato Skins

Loaded Baked Potato Skins are a savory side dish made from potato skins that have been filled with cheese, bacon, and other toppings.

They are usually served as an appetizer or snack but can also be enjoyed as a side dish or entree.

  • Variations: There are many variations of loaded baked potato skins. Some recipes call for the addition of sour cream, chives, and jalapenos. Other recipes add mushrooms, onions, garlic powder, and chili powder. You could also top your potatoes with salsa or guacamole instead of the traditional topping combination.
  • Tips: To make sure your loaded baked potato skins turn out perfectly crispy every time, you should bake them twice – once to cook the potatoes through and again to crisp up the edges of the skin. When adding toppings to your potatoes it is important not to overload them; otherwise they will become soggy when cooked in the oven. Finally, let your loaded baked potato skins cool before serving so that they don’t burn your mouth!

5. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes are a popular side dish that combines the classic flavor of garlic with creamy mashed potatoes.

It is an easy and delicious way to add flavor to any meal.

  • Variations: There are many variations of garlic mashed potatoes. You can use russet or Yukon Gold potatoes, add herbs such as rosemary or thyme, or even substitute half of the potatoes for cauliflower for a lighter version. For extra flavor, you can also add shredded cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, chives, butter, olive oil, and more.
  • Tips: When making garlic mashed potatoes it’s important to not overwork them. Overworking will make them gummy and unappealing. To achieve the perfect texture mash your potatoes until they reach desired consistency and then fold in other ingredients like butter and cheese before serving. Additionally adding too much liquid while mashing can also make your mashed potatoes watery so be sure to use just enough milk or broth to get the desired texture without making them soggy.

6. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are a delicious snack or side dish made from thinly sliced sweet potatoes that have been deep-fried or oven-baked.

They are commonly served with burgers, sandwiches, and other dishes.

  • Variations: There are many different ways to make sweet potato fries. You can choose to fry them in oil, bake them in the oven, or even air-fry them for a healthier option. You can also season your fries with spices such as garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, cumin, or curry powder.
  • Tips: When making sweet potato fries at home it is important to slice the potatoes evenly so they all cook at the same rate. If you choose to fry your sweet potatoes be sure not to overcrowd the pan as this will cause them to become soggy instead of crispy. Lastly, when baking your fries be sure to use parchment paper on the baking sheet so they don’t stick and get burnt!

7. Twice Baked Potatoes

Twice baked potatoes are potatoes that have been cooked, scooped out, and then mashed with butter, milk, cheese, and seasonings before being put back into the potato skins and baked again.

They are a delicious side dish for any meal.

  • Variations: There are many variations on twice-baked potatoes. Some recipes call for adding bacon or ham to the mixture of mashed potato before baking it in the skin. Others add vegetables such as broccoli or spinach. You can also top them with sour cream or chives for a delicious finish.
  • Tips: When making twice-baked potatoes you should use starchy potatoes like russet or Yukon Golds so that they will hold their shape when baked. You should also make sure to fully cook your potatoes before mashing them so that they will be creamy and smooth when finished baking in the oven. Finally, be sure to bake your twice-baked potatoes long enough so that the cheese is melted and bubbly!

8. Cheese Herb Potato Gratin

Cheese Herb Potato Gratin is a delicious side dish that can be served with burgers.

It is made from thinly sliced potatoes layered in a baking dish with cheese, herbs, and cream or milk.

The potatoes are then baked until golden brown and bubbly.

  • Variations: There are many variations to this recipe that you can use to customize it for your own tastes. You can use different types of cheese such as cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, or Gruyere. You can also add other ingredients such as bacon bits, cooked vegetables like onions and bell peppers, diced ham or sausage, garlic cloves, thyme leaves, rosemary sprigs, nutmeg powder or paprika.
  • Tips: To ensure the best results when making Cheese Herb Potato Gratin it is important to use thin slices of potato so they cook evenly in the oven. Also make sure the cream mixture is well seasoned before pouring over the potatoes so they will have plenty of flavor after baking. Finally be sure not to overcook the gratin; remove it from the oven when it is golden brown and bubbly on top but still tender inside.

9. Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are a type of potato dish that is popular in Sweden.

The potatoes are sliced into thin slices, but not all the way through, so they hold their shape when cooked.

They are usually seasoned with butter, herbs, and spices before baking or roasting.

  • Variations: There are many variations on this classic Swedish dish. Some recipes call for adding cheese or bacon to the top of the potatoes before baking them. Other recipes use different types of seasonings such as garlic powder or paprika to give the potatoes an extra kick of flavor.
  • Tips: When slicing your potatoes for Hasselback potatoes make sure you don’t cut them too thin or too thick as this will affect how long they take to cook and how crispy they get in the oven. It’s also important to use a sharp knife when slicing so you don’t accidentally cut through the potato completely – it should still be connected at one end! Finally, make sure you spread out your seasoning evenly across each slice so each bite has some flavor!

10. Crispy Herb Roasted Potatoes

Crispy Herb Roasted Potatoes are a delicious side dish that can be served with burgers.

This easy-to-make recipe is made with potatoes, herbs, oil, and seasonings.

The potatoes are cut into cubes or wedges and then roasted in the oven until they’re golden brown and crispy on the outside.

  • Variations: There are many variations of this dish you can try. You can use different types of potatoes such as sweet potatoes or Yukon golds for a sweeter flavor. You can also switch up the herbs you use such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, parsley, etc., to give your dish more flavor. Other ingredients like onion powder or garlic powder can also be added to enhance the flavor even further.
  • Tips: When making this dish it’s important to make sure your potatoes are evenly sized so they cook evenly in the oven. Also, make sure to coat them well with oil so they get nice and crispy when roasting in the oven. Finally, make sure to season them generously before putting them in the oven for maximum flavor!
Better-Than-Takeout Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

10 Potato Side Dishes for Burgers

Who doesn't love a good burger? But why stick to the same old side dishes? In this article, I'm sharing my top 10 potato side dishes to accompany your burgers. From classic French fries to more inventive dishes like stuffed potatoes, I'll provide a delicious selection to tantalize your taste buds. So, next time you're grilling up burgers, don't forget to whip up one of these delicious potato sides.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 456 kcal


  • Cajun Oven Baked Potato Wedges
  • Melting Butter Potatoes
  • Potato Salad
  • Loaded Baked Potato Skins
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Cheese Herb Potato Gratin
  • Hasselback Potatoes
  • Crispy Herb Roasted Potatoes


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious potato side dish in 30 minutes or less!
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