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The Best Vegetables to Serve with Fish

Serve your fish with steamed or grilled vegetables like asparagus, green beans, zucchini, peas, corn on the cob, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms. You can also serve a colorful medley of mixed steamed veggies. You can even put together a “fish fry” and serve your vegetables in a variety of ways like fritters, rice, mashed potatoes, pasta, and salads.

Fish is one of those foods which go very well with almost any vegetable. Fish is very flavorful, and the vegetables add the right amount of taste to the dish.

However, there are certain vegetables that match up better with a particular type of fish.

In this article, I will be discussing these vegetables, along with some other options which you can experiment with if you aren’t sure what to serve with your fish.

What are the best vegetables to serve with fish?

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is usually paired with fish because it has a crisp texture that goes very well with the flaky flesh of the fish.

A simple butter sauce works wonders when you add the delicate flavor of the asparagus to the fish’s flavor.

Here’s a very simple recipe you can follow:

2. Steamed or Grilled Vegetables

When it comes to serving vegetables with fish, the options are aplenty.

The vegetables that you have at home will work perfectly well.

You can always choose to use any kind of fish you like.

However, it is always better to go for the ones that are low in oil and high in nutrients.

The vegetables should be fresh and raw.

You can serve them steamed or grilled and make a lovely meal for everyone.

Here’s an easy tutorial you can follow:

3. Green Beans

There are many vegetables that go great with fish, among them green beans are one of the most popular ones.

They are usually boiled or steamed and have a mild flavor and a lovely crunch.

A good pair will enhance each other and bring out the flavor of the fish very well.

Check the recipe here:

4. Zucchini

Zucchini is a vegetable that goes extremely well with fish because it adds a rich flavor to it and at the same time it makes the dish look attractive as well.

It also goes well with many other fish dishes.

There is a natural affinity between the two and they go very well together.

Zucchini is extremely versatile and can be served in many ways.

Here’s a simple recipe you can try:

5. Peas

The peas are the classic vegetable to serve with any type of fish. They have a delicate flavor and go very well with the flavor of the fish.

They are available frozen and fresh in the market and you can use either one.

6. Corn on The Cob

Cooking fish and seafood is very different from cooking other meats. Usually, they have to be cooked much longer, so they are done when they are opaque all the way through.

However, when you are looking at vegetables to go with your fish or seafood, you want them to be crisp-tender, but not mushy.

One of the best vegetables to use as an accompaniment to fish is corn on the cob. It is easy to cook, has a wonderful corn flavor, and goes well with most fish and seafood dishes.

It is important to only use fresh, young corn and cut the kernels off the cob using a sharp knife. Don’t bother peeling the corn. Just remove the silk and cut the kernels off the cob.

7. Cauliflower

Cauliflower goes very well with fish because it is mild in flavor and it can be cooked in any method you wish.

It is delicious raw in the form of florets or it can be boiled, grated or even mashed into a creamy curry dish.

The taste of cauliflower is extremely versatile and you can experiment with its flavor by adding other ingredients.

Here is a great tutorial you can check out to see how to cook Cauliflower:

8. Carrots

Fish goes great with carrots because of their natural sweetness. This is a perfect side dish for a party because it is easy to make and goes great with any type of fish.

Just peel and chop the carrots and cook them till they are tender and then stir in a little lemon juice and season with black pepper.

You can serve this with a simple salad or you can top it with feta cheese if you like.

Check the recipe here:

9. Mushrooms

A simple way to enjoy mushrooms is to saute them in butter or olive oil until they turn slightly golden brown, season with salt and pepper, and then serve them with your favorite fish dish.

You can also stuff them with cheese, breadcrumbs, or tuna and then pan fry them till golden brown and crispy.

Here’s an easy tutorial you can follow:

10. Salads

Most fish dishes pair very well with salads as they provide the required texture and flavors to make it a great and hearty meal.

One can pair a simple salad with a simple fish dish to make a great meal.

You can use any of the salads for this purpose.

As an example, try these recipes:

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of varieties of fish available in the market today.

From the cheapest, fingerling potatoes, to the most expensive, blue fin tuna.

But choosing the right vegetable to serve with any particular type of fish can dramatically enhance your dining experience.

This is especially true if you are serving raw or lightly cooked fish.

Cooking the fish first will kill off much of its nutritional value.

So make sure that you serve it on a bed of brightly colored vegetables or fruits to restore much of its lost health benefits.

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