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What to Do with Fig Preserves (15 Creative Ideas)

If you’ve got fig preserves, the world’s your oyster.

You can do so much more with your preserves than just slap a dollop on your morning toast.

There are almost too many options!

What to Do with Fig Preserves

That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite ways to use fig preserves, from classic uses like jam and smoothies to more creative ideas that are sure to blow your mind.

So pick up a jar (or two), embrace your inner foodie, and get ready for some deliciousness.

What to Do with Fig Preserves?

Fig preserves are a perfect snack when you’re craving something sweet. Serve them as a dip with pita chips, or spoon them over your favorite yogurt. They’re also a great topping for cheese platters and fruit salads.

Looking for more options?

Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate fig preserves into your cooking adventures:

1. Fig Salad

Fig Salad

A salad is a perfect example of how some preserves can add an unexpected new flavor to your dishes.

Try it over a bed of mixed greens, or just add it to a basic spinach salad.

2. Pizza with Fig Preserves

Pizza with Fig

Pizza is typically thought of as an Italian dish, but this time we’ll be adding Middle Eastern flair by adding fig preserves.

If you’re feeling adventurous, top with fresh mint for a refreshing kick!

3. Figs and Cream

Figs and Cream

This simple dessert features the classic combination of cream and fruit—in this case, figs!

Try it plain or add a drizzle of honey for extra sweetness.

4. Fig Jam

Fig Jam

If you’re just getting started with fig preserves, a classic jam is the perfect place to start.

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This dish will be on the sweeter side, so it’s great for breaking your fast after sundown during Ramadan or Rosh Hashanah.

You can go savory with this too, though—try combining figs with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar!

5. Spread It on A Breakfast Sandwich

Fig sandwich

If you’re using fig preserves for breakfast, why not put them IN your breakfast?

We love this quick and easy way to use up our fig jam: add it to a grilled cheese-style breakfast sandwich.

  1. Just take your favorite toast (we use sourdough), slather on some butter, and then layer on a slice of cheddar cheese—we recommend using sharp cheddar for extra flavor—then some preserves.
  2. Toast it all up till gooey and delicious…
  3. And that’s IT!

The next time you want a quick and easy breakfast sandwich, try adding some fig jam instead of jelly—you’ll be happy you did.

6. Use It as A Glaze for Meat

Fig glaze

Your next dinner party will be lit if you use fig preserves as a glaze for meat!

You can dip chicken wings in it or spread it over pork tenderloin or ribs before roasting.

The sugar in the figs caramelizes when cooked, which lends a delicious crispy char to your favorite meats.

7. Add to Hot Water for A Delicious Herbal Tea

Fig tea

You’ll need:

  • Hot water
  • Fig preserves
  • A teacup
  • A spoon


  1. Bring 1 quart of water to a boil on the stove.
  2. When it’s boiling, remove from heat and let it cool until it is comfortable enough to touch.
  3. Place 2 tablespoons of those delicious preserves in a teacup and pour the warm water over them.
  4. Stir with a spoon until the preserves dissolve completely, then serve!

You can add sugar or honey if you want it sweeter.

This makes 1 serving.

8. Put It in Your Oatmeal or Cereal Instead of Sugar

figs oatmeal

This is another great way to get acquainted with the flavor of figs, and it’s also a great way to get rid of that old jar of preserves you found hiding in your cupboard from last year.

If you’re feeling adventurous and have time on your hands, try adding some other kinds of preserves or fruit toppings to make a variety of new flavors!

9. Use It as A Replacement for Maple Syrup on Your Pancakes or Waffles

figs Syrup

Have you grown tired of maple syrup? Do you want to spice up your breakfast routine?

You can use fig preserves as a replacement for maple syrup on your pancakes or waffles.

It lends a slightly tart flavor that pairs perfectly with the buttery taste of your pancakes and the richness of the syrup.

10. Add Some to Your Muffin Batter

Muffin Batter

You can also add some preserves to your muffin batter.

This will give your muffins an extra kick of sweetness and a hint of tartness that will complement their nutty taste.

11. Make a Fig Preserve Smoothie

fig smoothie

Did you know that your preserves make a delicious smoothie?

Break out your blender, because we’re making a delicious smoothie!

  1. All you need is two or three tablespoons of fig preserves, some milk, a little yogurt (optional), and some ice.
  2. Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

The result?

A sweet, refreshing concoction that will keep you going all day long.

12. Mix It Into Mashed Potatoes or Rice Pilaf

Mashed Potatoes

These preserves also make an incredible addition to mashed potatoes or rice pilaf.

The sweetness of the preserve acts as a subtle flavor enhancer that will make your guests wonder why they’ve never thought to add jam before.

Just don’t tell them how crazy easy it was—they’ll think you slaved over it for hours!

13. Stir It Into Hummus and Serve with Pita Chips


If you’ve already got hummus on hand, stir a generous dollop of preserves into the container for a slightly sweeter take on this classic dip.

This works great with any flavor of hummus!

And, if you’re feeling experimental, try fig-flavored hummus—it’s an epic pairing. Make sure to stir until there are no more clumps of hummus left in the container.

14. Fig Preserves & Brie

Get yourself a fresh baguette and your favorite kind of brie cheese (don’t forget the crackers!), pull out those preserves to make an impressive platter for your next dinner party or family gathering!

You won’t need much else—just a little balsamic vinegar drizzle if you’re feeling super fancy.

15. Use Fig Preserves in Place of Jam in Overnight Oats

overnight oats

Another thing you can do with your preserve is use it in overnight oats.

Overnight oats are a great breakfast option because they’re incredibly quick and easy to put together—they’re basically foolproof.

You just combine rolled oats, milk (any kind will work), and your favorite toppings in a jar or bowl the night before you want to eat them.

Then when you wake up, those rolled oats will have softened overnight in the liquid, creating a creamy oatmeal-like texture.

Fig Preserves

What to Do with Fig Preserves (15 Creative Ideas)

Fig preserves are one of the most versatile ingredients out there in terms of flavor, texture, and versatility.
There are tons of ways to use fig preserves in your favorite recipes—whether you're baking something sweet or cooking up a savory dinner.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 295 kcal


  • Fig Salad
  • Pizza with fig preserves
  • Figs and Cream
  • Fig Jam
  • Spread it on a breakfast sandwich
  • Use it as a glaze for meat
  • Add to hot water for a delicious herbal tea
  • Put it in your oatmeal or cereal instead of sugar or honey (for added sweetness)
  • Use it as a replacement for maple syrup on your pancakes or waffles
  • Add some to your muffin batter
  • Make a fig preserve smoothie
  • Mix it into mashed potatoes or rice pilaf
  • Stir it into hummus and serve with pita chips
  • Fig Preserves & Brie
  • Use fig preserves in place of jam in overnight oats


  • Get some inspiration from this list of ideas and pick your favorite!
  • Prepare everything.
  • Enjoy your meal in no time!
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