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What Other Vegetables Go with Zucchini? (14 Veggies)

Looking for some ideas on what to do with all that zucchini you have?

Check out these 14 delicious vegetables that go great with zucchini!

From easy side dishes to amazing main courses, there’s something for everyone here.

what vegetables go with zucchini

So get cooking and enjoy your amazing zucchini dish!

Why Consider Pairing Other Vegetables with Zucchini?


If you’re looking to add a little more excitement to your next dinner party, why not experiment with pairing zucchini with other vegetables?

Zucchini is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes, from salads to main courses.

By pairing it with other vegetables, you can create a truly unique dining experience for your guests.

And with so many different vegetables to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

So next time you’re planning a dinner party, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try pairing zucchini with other vegetables.

Who knows?

You might just come up with a new favorite dish.

What Other Vegetables Go with Zucchini?

There are many options for vegetables that go well with zucchini. These include tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, green beans, and more. You can also pair zucchini with other squash, such as acorn squash, butternut squash, and summer squash.


Check out these 14 veggies you can use with zucchini:

1. Asparagus

Roasted asparagus spears

There are so many delicious things that you can make with zucchini and asparagus.

Both of these vegetables have a lovely texture and they go so well together.

You could make a simple salad with just these two ingredients, or you could add some other ingredients to make it more interesting.

Some other things that go well with zucchini and asparagus are tomatoes, onions, cheese, and bacon.

You could also add some herbs to really bring out the flavor of the vegetables.

Zucchini and asparagus have a mild taste, but they are very versatile and can be used in many different recipes.

One idea is to make a frittata with these vegetables.

Another great idea is to roast them in the oven with some olive oil and garlic.

Zucchini and asparagus are two of my favorite vegetables and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

2. Beans


Another vegetable that goes particularly well with zucchini is beans.

Whether you’re using black beans, kidney beans, or any other variety, beans add a delicious dose of protein and fiber to your meal.

Plus, their texture pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of zucchini.

There are endless ways to enjoy zucchini and beans together.

One simple way is to sauté them together with some garlic and olive oil.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more inventive, you could try making a black bean and zucchini salad, using the beans and zucchini as your base and adding in whatever other ingredients you like.

Tomatoes, onions, avocado, and cilantro all make great additions.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or for a crowd, zucchini and beans are a winning combination.

So next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some of each and give them a try!

3. Beets


Beets are a versatile and delicious vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes.

Their unique flavor pairs well with zucchini, and their texture provides a nice contrast.

Beets can be roasted, pureed, or even added to salads.

When cooking with beets, consider adding other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, or soy sauce to enhance the flavor.

For a quick and easy meal, try roasted beet and zucchini soup.

Simply roast the vegetables in the oven, then puree them in a blender with some broth and spices.

The soup can be served hot or cold, and it makes a great appetizer or side dish.

So next time you’re looking for something new to make with zucchini, don’t forget about beets!

4. Broccoli

Crispy Broccoli

One great thing about broccoli is that it has a similar texture to zucchini.

This means that you can easily add it to many different recipes without having to make too many changes.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can make with these two ingredients.

For example, you could slice them up and sauté them together, or you could shred them and use them in a frittata.

You could even roast them in the oven and top them with your favorite sauce.

Of course, there are other ingredients that you can add to your recipe as well.

For instance, you could try adding some onions or garlic for extra flavor.

You could also add some herbs or spices to give it an extra kick.

And, of course, don’t forget the cheese!

Adding some shredded mozzarella or cheddar will take your dish to the next level.

When it comes to taste, zucchini and broccoli are a perfect match.

Both of these vegetables have a mild flavor that won’t overpower the other ingredients in your dish.

And, when they’re cooked together, they create a delicious smell that will have everyone at the table drooling in anticipation.

5. Butternut Squash

Butternut squash

Butternut squash is a type of winter squash that has a creamy, sweet taste and a slightly nutty flavor.

It’s also very versatile; you can use it in soups, stews, pastas, or even desserts.

When it comes to pairing it with other vegetables, butternut squash goes particularly well with zucchini.

This is because they have similar textures.

They’re both hearty and filling, but they’re also light enough that they won’t weigh down a dish.

Additionally, the sweetness of the butternut squash will balance out the zucchini’s more subtle flavor.

Of course, you can always add other ingredients to these two vegetables to create a more complex dish.

Some good options include carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs.

No matter what you choose to include, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this delicious combination.

6. Cabbage


Another one of the best ways to enjoy zucchini is to pair it with another seasonal vegetable, such as cabbage.

Cabbage has a slightly crunchy texture that pairs well with the softness of zucchini.

Together, these two vegetables can be used to make a variety of dishes, from stir-fries to soups.

You can also add other ingredients to change up the flavor, such as ginger or garlic.

When cooked properly, cabbage and zucchini can make a delicious and healthy meal that the whole family will enjoy.

7. Carrots

Buttered Carrots with Parsley

Another one of the most popular pairing is zucchini and carrots.

The two vegetables have a similar texture, which makes them complementary to each other.

Carrots also have a sweet flavor that pairs well with the mild taste of zucchini.

In addition, carrots add a vibrant color to any dish.

When cooked together, these two vegetables create a flavorful and healthy meal.

There are many ways to prepare zucchini and carrots, including roasting, grilling, or sauteing.

No matter how you choose to cook them, these two veggies make a delicious and nutritious pairing.

8. Celery

Celery Stalks

Celery also has a mild flavor that complements the slightly sweet taste of zucchini.

In addition, the two vegetables have similar smells, which can help to enhance the flavor of dishes that include both ingredients.

Some great recipe ideas that include both celery and zucchini include ratatouille, minestrone soup, and veggie stir-fry.

For an extra bit of flavor, try adding some garlic or Parmesan cheese to these dishes.

Bon appetit!

9. Corn

Sweet corn

Zucchini and corn are a classic combination that can be found in everything from salads to main dishes.

The two vegetables have complementary textures, with the corn providing a crunchy contrast to the zucchini’s softness.

The mild flavor of zucchini also allows the sweetness of the corn to shine through.

In addition, the two ingredients share a similar yellow color, which can brighten up any dish.

Of course, there are endless ways to enjoy zucchini and corn together.

One simple option is to toss them with some olive oil and lemon juice, then roast them in the oven.

Or, for a heartier meal, try adding mushrooms, onions, and red peppers to the mix.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, this tasty duo is sure to please.

10. Green Beans

Green Beans

Have you ever tried zucchini and green beans (See Also: what to make with canned green beans) together?

If not, you’re in for a treat!

These two vegetables have complementary textures, making them a perfect match.

You can make all sorts of dishes with zucchini and green beans, from simple sautés to more elaborate recipes.

Adding other ingredients like garlic or onions can help to boost the flavor.

And of course, you can always experiment with different seasonings to find what you like best.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy these two veggies, give them a try together.

You might just be surprised by how good they taste!

11. Kale


Kale is a leafy green vegetable that is often overlooked, but it actually goes quite well with zucchini.

The two ingredients complement each other nicely in terms of texture, and they can be used to make a variety of dishes.

For instance, you could sautee them together and serve them as a side dish, or you could add them to a soup or stew.

If you’re feeling creative, you could even use them to make kale chips or Zucchini bread.

Other ingredients that go well with kale and zucchini include onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

When it comes to taste, kale can be a bit bitter, but it’s also very nutritious.

As for flavor, kale has a slightly earthy taste that goes well with the mild flavor of zucchini.

And finally, in terms of smell, kale has a slightly pungent scent that is not overpowering.

Overall, kale is a versatile vegetable that can be used in many different ways.

And when paired with zucchini, it makes for a delicious and healthy meal.

12. Mushrooms

White Mushrooms

When it comes to versatile vegetables, it’s hard to beat zucchini.

This humble squash can be transformed into everything from savory dishes to sweet desserts.

And when it comes to pairing vegetables, zucchini is a true chameleon, complementing a wide range of flavors and textures.

One of my personal favorite zucchini partners is the mushroom.

Mushrooms are the perfect complement to zucchini’s mild flavor and firm texture.

Together, they make an excellent filling for vegetarian lasagna or enchiladas.

They also pair well with other ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

For a truly unique dish, try pairing zucchini and mushrooms with some unexpected ingredients like goat cheese or pistachios.

If you’re looking for a simple recipe that showcases the flavor of these two vegetables, try sautéing them together with some olive oil and herbs.

You can also roast them in the oven with a little bit of balsamic vinegar for a delicious side dish.

However you choose to enjoy them, zucchini and mushrooms make a winning pair.

13. Onion

Cipollini onions

Zucchini and onion are a classic combination that can be used in all sorts of recipes.

The two vegetables have complementary textures, with the zucchini being soft and the onion being Crunchy.

This contrast makes them work well together in dishes such as stir-fries, casseroles, and soup.

Additionally, both zucchini and onion have fairly neutral flavors that allow other ingredients to shine.

This means that you can add all sorts of other herbs, spices, and vegetables to create a truly unique dish.

For example, adding some garlic and tomatoes to a stir-fry will give it an Italian flavor, while adding ginger and soy sauce will give it an Asian flair.

Ultimately, the possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking with zucchini and onion.

14. Peas


There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh, succulent peas straight from the garden.

And when you pair them with tender, juicy zucchini, you’ve got a match made in heaven!

The two vegetables complement each other perfectly in both texture and flavor.

Plus, they’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Whether you’re looking for a simple side dish or a hearty main course, these two ingredients will do the trick.

For an added touch of flavor, consider adding some freshly chopped herbs or a spoonful of pesto.

Your taste buds will thank you!


What Main Dish Goes Well with Zucchini?

Zucchini is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes.

One of my personal favorite ways to enjoy zucchini is as a main dish.

I like to thinly slice the zucchini length-wise, then sautee it in olive oil with garlic, sea salt, and black pepper.

Once it’s nicely browned, I top it with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

This simple dish is delicious and satisfying, and it pairs well with a variety of foods.

If you’re looking for a light starter, try pairing it with a simple salad.

For a heartier meal, pair it with roasted potatoes or grilled chicken.

What Meat Pairs Well with Zucchini?

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy way to enjoy zucchini, then you can’t go wrong with pairing it with meat.

Zucchini pairs well with both poultry and red meat, and it can be cooked in a variety of ways to bring out its natural flavors.

When roasting or grilling zucchini, I like to pair it with chicken or steak.

The sweetness of the zucchini complements the savory flavor of the meat perfectly.

For a lighter meal, zucchini also pairs well with fish. Simply bake or grill the zucchini, and serve it alongside your favorite type of fish.

Salmon, halibut, and tuna are all excellent choices.

And if you’re looking for a vegetarian option, tofu also pairs well with zucchini.

What Fruit Goes Well with Zucchini?

When it comes to pairing fruit with zucchini, the sky is the limit.

However, some fruits work better than others. For a classic flavor combination, try pairing zucchini with lemon.

The bright acidity of lemon complements the mellow flavor of zucchini perfectly.

Another good option is to pair zucchini with tomatoes.

The sweetness of tomatoes offsets the slightly bitter taste of zucchini, and the two vegetables have a similar texture.

If you’re looking for a more unusual combination, try pairing zucchini with peaches.

The delicate sweetness of peaches compliments the blandness of zucchini, and the two fruits have a similar color scheme.

No matter what fruit you choose to pair with zucchini, you’re sure to end up with a delicious dish.

What to Serve with Grilled Zucchini?

Grilled zucchini is a healthy and delicious addition to any summer meal.

To keep things simple, I like to pair grilled zucchini with other grilled vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

For a heartier meal, I might add grilled chicken or fish.

And for a touch of sweetness, I might drizzle grilled zucchini with balsamic vinegar or top it with shredded Parmesan cheese.

No matter what you pair it with, grilled zucchini is sure to be a hit!


What Other Vegetables Go with Zucchini? (14 Veggies)

As anyone who has grown zucchini knows, it is an incredibly prolific vegetable. A single plant can easily produce more than a dozen zucchini, and it's not uncommon to end up with far more than you know what to do with. If you find yourself in this situation, don't despair – there are plenty of ways to use up extra zucchini. One great option is to pair it with other vegetables in recipes.
Zucchini pairs especially well with tomatoes, basil, and garlic, making it a natural addition to pasta dishes, ratatouille, and other recipes. By teaming up zucchini with other vegetables, you can turn a bountiful harvest into a range of delicious meals. So if you find yourself with more zucchini than you know what to do with, don't be afraid to get creative in the kitchen.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Vegetables
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 44 kcal


  • Asparagus
  • Beans
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Butternut Squash
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Corn
  • Green Beans
  • Kale
  • Mushrooms
  • Onion
  • Peas


  • Pick any number of veggies from this list to pair with your zucchini.
  • Prepare the rest of your meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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