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What To Serve With Wedge Salad? 15 BEST Side Dishes

Not sure what to serve with wedge salad?

Look no further!

These 15 side dishes make the perfect accompaniment.

Wedge salads are a classic dish loved by many, but it can be difficult to find things to serve alongside them.

That’s why I’ve gathered some of the best side dishes out there that will perfectly complement your wedge salad.

From crunchy lettuce wraps and oven-baked potatoes, to warm soups and cold sandwiches – this list has it all!

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a large family gathering or just having dinner for two, these sides are sure to take your meal up a notch.

Serve up one (or more!) of these tasty recipes tonight and get ready for an unforgettable meal.

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Wedge Salad

Why Consider Serving Sides with Wedge Salad?

  • Variety: Serving sides with a wedge salad adds variety to the meal, allowing guests to choose from different flavors and textures.
  • Balance: Sides can help balance out the richness of a wedge salad by providing lighter options such as grilled vegetables or fresh fruit.
  • Protein: Adding protein-rich sides like grilled chicken or steak will make the dish more filling and satisfying for guests who are looking for a heartier meal.
  • Flavor Enhancers: Sides can also be used to enhance the flavor of the wedge salad, such as adding crumbled bacon or diced tomatoes for extra crunch and flavor.
  • Presentation: Serving sides with a wedge salad makes it look more appealing on the plate, creating an attractive presentation that is sure to impress your guests!

What To Serve With Wedge Salad? 15 BEST Side Dishes

Wedge salad is a classic dish, but what do you serve with it?

Fortunately, there are many delicious side dishes that will pair perfectly with your wedge salad.

Here are fifteen of the best:

1 – Grilled Chili Lime Butter Corn on the Cob

Grilling up a batch of corn on the cob just got kicked up a notch with this easy yet flavorful chili lime butter.

The smoky, salty butter melts over the sweet summertime kernels for an irresistible flavor boost.

It makes an ideal side for classic dishes like wedge salad and grilled chicken, but adds life to any seasonal dinner spread.

2 – Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim)

A soothing salad that’s elementary to make, Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim) combines cooling slices of cucumber with a sweet-tart dressing.

It can be enjoyed as a light side dish with grilled kalbi beef or spicy seafood pancakes and stir-fried vegetables, but it also makes for an ideal snack all on its own.

Serve this simple salad for bright relief from hoisin sauce and other intensely flavorful dishes.

3 – Crispy Pan-Fried Potatoes

Crispy pan-fried potatoes, skillfully seasoned and garnished with fresh herbs, offer up an irresistible contrast in texture and flavor.

These iconic potatoes lend an undeniable rustic charm as a part of any savory meal; they’ll definitely be the star accompaniment to your classic wedge salad.

4 – Carne Asada

This authentic carne asada recipe perfectly fits alongside your favorite Mexican dishes.

Grill up a platter of juicy slices beef, onions, and jalapenos to enjoy with homemade tortillas while watching Sunday football.

Add some guacamole or salsa fresca on the side, and you’ve got yourself a homemade feast that’s worth savoring every bite!

5 – Smoked Pulled Pork

Smoke up some pulled pork in a slow cooker or Instant Pot to serve alongside the classic wedge salad.

Smoked meat works especially well here, since it pairs so well with tangy dressings and sweet pickles.

Plus, it’s easier than ever to pull off without firing up the grill thanks to slow cookers and multi-cookers like the Instant Pot.

Serve your warm shredded pork over a bed of crunchy lettuce with thick slices of tomato, crumbled bacon bits, salty blue cheese dressing and plenty of diced red onions for bonus color and flavor.

6 – Pan Seared Steak

There’s no easier—or tastier—way to up your steak game than pan searing.

It may take a bit of practice, but it adds an amazing char and crust to your meat that will have everyone talking.

Let the steak sit at room temperature for 15 minutes before you begin, then all you need is a few moments in the hot skillet with some oil and butter.

A flavorful steak rub or marinade can help liven things up even more, plus adding aromatics such as garlic or herbs really highlight the flavor of this simple dish.

Serve with a side salad or vegetables to complete the meal!

7 – Garlic Roasted Rack of Lamb with Butter Sauce

A warm garlic roasted rack of lamb served with a simple butter sauce is an elegant entrée to complement the classic wedge salad.

The rich and savory flavor of fresh rosemary, combined with garlic and zesty lemon zest make this dish truly memorable.

A final drizzle of garlic-infused melted butter over the top adds a smooth decadence that pairs perfectly with creamy blue cheese dressing.

8 – Texas Caviar (Cowboy Caviar)

Bring some zing to your dinner plate with Texas Caviar, or Cowboy Caviar as it’s also known.

This deceptively simple dish isn’t really similar to caviar at all; rather, it’s a reliable go-to appetizer that incorporates classic Tex-Mex flavors–black beans, corn kernels, bell pepper chunks and jalapeno slices in a combination of tomatoes and avocados.

Stir together all the ingredients in a bowl, top with lime juice or balsamic vinaigrette for tang, and you have an unbeatable side dish for taco nights and much more!

9 – Caprese Roasted Asparagus

For a side dish to your classic wedge salad, whip up some caprese roasted asparagus.

This simple recipe calls for just four ingredients, which you can find year-round in most grocery stores.

Grilled chunks of fresh mozzarella and glossy cherry tomatoes are paired with crisp green asparagus spears before being drizzled in bright balsamic vinegar and finished off with finishing salt.

It’s an easy dish that provides a great contrast to the creamy salad dressing.

10 – Herb and Garlic Roasted Red Potatoes

Toss bite-sized red potatoes with a garlicky herb marinade, and roast until they develop a crisp golden exterior – that’s how you make these delicious roasted red potatoes.

These are great alongside just about any hearty entree, such as linguine with clams or spaghetti carbonara, and can be served hot or at room temperature.

For an exciting appetizer experience, place the potatoes on top of crunchy toast and pile them high with fresh herbs!

11 – Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Give the humble wedge salad an elegant twist by serving it with some sizzling grilled shrimp skewers!

Simply thread peeled and deveined shrimp on either wood or metal skewers, brush each one with a simple garlic rosemary-laced marinade, and cook until just lightly charred.

Serve atop crisp iceberg wedges slathered in zesty ranch dressing – a meal that’ll make your taste buds tingle.

12 – Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

Bring out the bold flavors of your favorite vegetables with this simple side dish.

Balsamic glaze adds a sweet-tangy punch to roasted vegetables like eggplant, peppers, red onions and mushrooms.

A splash of olive oil ensures they turn deeply golden in the oven, while a sprinkle of fresh herbs such as parsley or dill perks up any green veggie used—from broccoli to snow peas.

13 – Grilled Artichoke Hearts with Lemon & Garlic

Bring a classic steakhouse appetizer to the dinner table! Grilled artichoke hearts make a tasty side to serve with the creamy, crunchy wedge salad.

Toss quartered artichoke hearts with garlic, lemon zest and juice, olive oil, salt and pepper before grilling until heated through.

Once done cooking you can finish it off with some freshly chopped parsley or basil for an extra boost of flavor and garnish.

14 – Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese

Dress up a plate of bacon-wrapped dates with creamy goat cheese for an appetizer nobody will forget.

This is the ultimate, easy hors d’oeuvres that’s lovely enough for any occasion — from backyard barbecues and Labor Day picnics to cocktail gatherings or dinner parties.

Sweet medjool dates are stuffed with tangy goat cheese then wrapped in crispy strips of bacon before lightly drizzled with your favorite balsamic reduction.

They’ll disappear in minutes!

15 – Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Honey Sauce

Grilled peaches make a perfect complement to crisp wedge salads.

Coated with a simple blend of honey, cinnamon, and butter, the sweet-tart flavors create an irresistible accompaniment to a light dinner or brunch.

The juicy cooking method can be adapted for other fruit as well; try it with plums or nectarines too!


In conclusion, wedge salad is a delicious and easy-to-make dish that can be paired with any number of side dishes.

From grilled chili lime butter corn on the cob to grilled artichoke hearts with lemon and garlic, there are plenty of great sides to choose from.

The best side dishes to serve with wedge salad are grilled chili lime butter corn on the cob, Korean cucumber salad, crispy pan-fried potatoes, carne asada, smoked pulled pork, pan-seared steak, garlic roasted rack of lamb with butter sauce, Texas caviar, Caprese roasted asparagus, herb and garlic roasted red potatoes, grilled shrimp skewers, and balsamic roasted vegetables.

These sides are all full of flavor and texture and will make sure your wedge salad dinner is one to remember.

Wedge Salad

What To Serve With Wedge Salad (15 BEST Sides)

When you know what to serve with wedge salad, you can elevate your meal to the next level. In this article, I'm sharing my top 15 side dishes that pair perfectly with a wedge salad. From roasted vegetables to quinoa and grains, there's something for everyone. With these sides, your wedge salad will be the star of any meal.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 499 kcal


  • Grilled Chili Lime Butter Corn on the Cob
  • Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim)
  • Crispy Pan-Fried Potatoes
  • Carne Asada
  • Smoked Pulled Pork
  • Pan Seared Steak
  • Garlic Roasted Rack of Lamb with Butter Sauce
  • Texas Caviar (Cowboy Caviar)
  • Caprese Roasted Asparagus
  • Herb and Garlic Roasted Red Potatoes
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewers
  • Balsamic Roasted Vegetables
  • Grilled Artichoke Hearts with Lemon & Garlic
  • Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese
  • Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Honey Sauce


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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