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What To Serve With Shrimp Kabobs – 15 Best Side Dishes

Gather your forks and knives and prepare to drool, because it’s time to show shrimp kabobs some love.

An interesting side dish can turn these beloved kabobs into something truly exceptional.

But what should you serve?

Shrimp kabobs are best served with sides like couscous, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, and a green salad. For an extra burst of flavor, try pairing them with garlic bread or Cajun-style rice. You can also serve them with tartar sauce or a simple lemon vinaigrette for some added zest.

Fret not, my foodie friends – I bring you the top 15 best side dishes that will make your shrimp kabobs shine brighter than ever.

From salads to starches, grilled veggies to desserts, this list offers a variety of options for every taste bud imaginable.

Get ready for a taste explosion – let’s get cooking! 🍤

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Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Shrimp Kabobs?

Shrimp Kabobs
  • Serving side dishes with shrimp kabobs can add variety to the meal and provide a balance of flavors. For example, if you are serving spicy grilled shrimp kabobs, you could pair them with a cool cucumber salad or creamy potato salad to help cut through the heat.
  • Side dishes can also add texture contrast to your meal; for instance, pairing crunchy roasted potatoes with succulent grilled shrimp will make for an interesting combination of textures in each bite.
  • Finally, side dishes can help round out the meal nutritionally by providing additional sources of vitamins and minerals that may not be present in the main dish alone. For example, adding a green vegetable such as steamed broccoli or sautéed spinach will increase the overall nutritional value of your meal while still keeping it delicious and satisfying!

What To Serve With Shrimp Kabobs – 15 Best Side Dishes

Shrimp kabobs are a delicious and easy meal.

But what should you serve with them?

Here we look at fifteen side dishes that will perfectly complement your shrimp kabobs, offering a range of different flavors and textures:

1. Grilled Vegetables

When it comes to shrimp kabobs, don’t forget about the sides!

Grilled vegetables are an absolute must.

Not only do they add a lovely char and smoky flavor, but they also make for a colorful meal that’s sure to please everyone in your family.

The key is to pick out sturdy, firm veggies like zucchini and bell peppers so that the pieces stay on the skewers during grilling.

Plus it helps if you marinate them beforehand – some olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and herbs will do the trick.

You can even get creative with combinations of different colors of vegetables or switch things up by adding some pineapple chunks or mushrooms too!

2. Roasted Potatoes

There’s no better side dish to shrimp kabobs than roasted potatoes.

These little spuds are the perfect dance partner for the succulent shrimps, adding.

Their golden-brown exterior creates a lovely contrast and provides a crunch with every bite.

The creamy interior packs a punch of flavor that fits perfectly with other bold dishes on your plate.

What’s more, you can customize them by tossing them in your favorite herbs or spices.

Roast up some of these beauties and get ready to do the tango – with shrimp kabobs, of course!

3. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad, the star sidekick to any shrimp kabob meal.

This hearty and nutritious superfood is a triple threat: it’s tasty, it’s versatile, and it pairs perfectly with just about anything.

Plus, if you’re looking for an easy-to-make recipe that requires minimal ingredients, this one fits the bill.

Start with quinoa- the delicious base of any great dish – then add a few toppings like apples or walnuts for a touch of sweetness or some feta cheese for some salty tanginess.

Then drizzle on your favorite dressing and voila!

You have yourself an irresistible dish that pairs remarkably well with shrimp can be ready in no time at all.

What could be better?

4. Corn on the Cob

When you think of a traditional summer meal, you can’t help but picture corn on the cob.

This classic side dish has been around for centuries, and with good reason!

Its sweet flavor pairs perfectly with savory shrimp kabobs, providing just the right balance in every bite.

Plus, it’s a fun way to get your veggies in!

Corn on the cob is like the firecracker of sides – its vibrant color and taste add so much excitement to such an easy recipe.

Whether charred over an open flame or boiled until tender and juicy, there’s nothing that quite compares to that summertime favorite. 🌽🔥

5. Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes – they really know how to make an entrance when it comes to shrimp kabobs.

Creamy, flavorful, and not overly sweet (just the way we like it), these little gems are like a party in your mouth.

Plus, the health benefits don’t hurt either.

Oven-baked with a simple seasoning of salt and pepper?


Or better yet, liven things up with paprika or garlic powder for an extra kick.

Whether you decide to go plain or spiced up, baked sweet potatoes will take your meal from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

6. Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf – the side dish that reveals its complexity with every bite.

It’s a no-fuss way of elevating your Shrimp Kabob from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

With its bold flavors, hearty texture and unique combination of herbs and spices (say hello to cumin, turmeric, and thyme!), this simple staple is like a party in your mouth.

Not to mention it takes less than 30 minutes from oven or stovetop!

So go ahead and get creative with your Pilaf.

Sprinkle some slivered almonds for crunch?

Why not!

Add a handful of raisins for sweetness? Sure thing!

7. Couscous

Couscous: the side dish you didn’t know you needed.

It’s like the backup dancer of the food world – familiar enough to go unnoticed, yet more than capable of stealing the show when it’s time to shine.

This versatile side is packed with flavor and nutrition and can be spiced up in any way your heart desires.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try adding some pine nuts or feta cheese for a deliciously nutty-tangy treat.

Or perhaps top it off with some fresh herbs and spices for an even bigger punch of flavor that pairs perfectly with shrimp kabobs!

8. Green Salad

Green salad – the uncontested champion of sides when it comes to sides.

It’s light, healthy, and oh-so crunchy.

And if you feel like getting a little wild in the kitchen, let your imagination run free!

Add a few slices of juicy pears or apples for sweetness, some blue cheese crumbles for tanginess, and perhaps even some cucumber ribbons for an extra dose of summery vibes.

No matter what combination you choose to use, this humble side dish will help tie everything together with its fresh texture and bright flavor – just don’t forget the dressing!

9. Coleslaw

Coleslaw – the unsung hero of side dishes.

From its crunchy cabbage to sweet, creamy dressing, this dish is a real crowd pleaser.

Not only is it delicious and easy to make but hey, let’s not forget that it looks pretty darn beautiful in your plate too.

Did someone say the perfect excuse to Instagram your meal?

I love playing around with coleslaw by adding different ingredients like apples or a zesty mustard dressing.

Talk about flavor overload!

All in all, I think we can agree that this simple yet classic creation makes our meals complete 🤤

10. Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted cauliflower – the side dish that will have your guests coming back for seconds (or thirds, no judgement here).

Not only is it simple to make and healthy to eat, but it’s also undeniably delicious.

The trick to perfectly roasted cauliflower?

After coating in oil, season liberally with salt and pepper then roast until golden brown and crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside.

The result?

A sweet, nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with any dish.

So don’t be scared by this vegetable – just embrace its crunchy goodness!

Roasted cauliflower: making dinner healthier (and tastier) one bite at a time.

11. Baked Asparagus

Ah, asparagus.

The noble vegetable that always finds a way to upgrade our meals.

It’s like the swanky sidekick that’s always ready to bring the party.

Baked asparagus is not only delicious, but it’s also incredibly easy to make – just season your spears with olive oil and salt and bake away!

And don’t be afraid to get creative: you can add grated Parmesan cheese for an extra savory note or drizzle some balsamic reduction on top for a hint of sweetness.

Plus, this dish is full of vitamins and minerals so you can eat it without guilt.

So why not give classic sides like fries or carrots a break every once in awhile and enjoy these crispy green goodness instead?

12. Sauteed Spinach

Come one, come all and behold the wonders of sautéed spinach!

This delicious side serves up a burst of vibrant green goodness that’s sure to bring any meal to life.

It’s like adding a handful of tiny flavor bombs to your plate.

The best part?

Sauteed spinach is super easy to make – just give it a quick sauté in some olive oil and garlic and sprinkle with some salt – et voilà!

You’ll have a nutritious side dish that pairs perfectly with fish, chicken, or beef.

Plus, you get its many health benefits too!

13. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread – it’s the always reliable sidekick to your meal.

Buttery, garlicky, and oh-so-satisfying, this dish will have you coming back for more each time.

It’s perfect for just about every occasion — from weeknight dinners to holiday feasts.

Plus, it’s a cinch to throw together with some butter and garlic powder (or fresh).

Top with mozzarella cheese if you want something extra special, or keep things simple by adding herbs like parsley or chives.

14. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes – nothing can beat their buttery, garlicky goodness.

On a cold winter day, these creamy little clouds of comfort are just the thing to warm you up from the inside out.

Their flavor is like no other side dish – it’s unique yet universally loved.

The garlic adds just enough bite without overwhelming the potatoes’ subtle sweetness.

And with its fluffy texture, garlic mashed potatoes are like a blank canvas in which you can make all kinds of delicious creations.

Add some crispy bacon bits or rosemary for extra oomph!

15. Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is not just a tasty side dish, it’s also a feast for the eyes.

A luscious medley of colorfully arranged fresh fruit – what more could you ask for?

With an abundance of options to choose from, there’s no wrong way to craft this delightful dish.

Ripe, red strawberries with juicy oranges and crunchy green apples?

All your favorite fruits in one bowl – perfection! For added flavor (and wow-factor), try sprinkling some nuts or drizzling honey over the top.

This sweet and refreshing treat isn’t just delicious, it’s also loaded with healthy goodness.

So why not take advantage of nature’s candy and let that fruity delight show off its culinary splendor!


In conclusion, shrimp kabobs are a delicious and easy meal that can be served with a variety of side dishes to create a complete dinner.

The best side dishes to serve with shrimp kabobs are grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, quinoa salad, corn on the cob, baked sweet potatoes, rice pilaf, couscous, green salad, coleslaw, roasted cauliflower, baked asparagus, sautéed spinach, garlic bread, garlic mashed potatoes, and fruit salad.

These side dishes offer a variety of flavors and textures that complement the shrimp kabobs perfectly.

Shrimp Kabobs

What To Serve With Shrimp Kabobs – 15 Best Side Dishes

Who can say no to a juicy shrimp kabob? Not me! But the real challenge is figuring out what to serve with it. That's why I'm sharing 15 of the best side dishes to pair with shrimp kabobs. From creamy mashed potatoes to flavorful rice dishes, these sides will make your meal complete.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 500 kcal


  • Grilled Vegetables
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Couscous
  • Green Salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Roasted Cauliflower
  • Baked Asparagus
  • Sauteed Spinach
  • Garlic Bread
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Fruit Salad


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all of the required ingredients.
  • Prep a side dish in 30 minutes or less.
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