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The Top 20 Beef Sandwich Recipes for Meat Lovers

Take your lunch game to the next level with these top 20 beef sandwich recipes.

From bold Cuban sandwiches to succulent steak subs, these delicious beef sandwiches are a surefire way to satisfy any carnivore’s cravings.

Packed with fresh flavors and savory textures, each of these incredible beef sandwich recipes offer something truly special.

So impress yourself and your guests by firing up the grill or preparing one of these scrumptious sandwiches for lunch, dinner, or snacktime.

Corned Beef Sandwich

Your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

The 20 Best Beef Sandwich Recipes

Are you a meat lover?

If so, then a classic beef sandwich is probably one of your favorites.

The possibilities for delicious beef sandwiches are endless!

To help get you started, here are twenty of the most mouthwatering beef sandwich recipes out there.

1. Classic Beef Reuben Sandwich

Classic Beef Reuben Sandwich

This Classic Beef Reuben Sandwich will take your tastebuds on a flavorful and filling journey.

Start with some savory corned beef or pastrami, added to two pieces of tangy rye or pumpernickel bread and sandwiched between slices of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing.

Assembled together you’ll have the perfect combination of crunchy and juicy flavors that’s sure to be an array of delicious delight!

2. Grilled Roast Beef Sandwich

This Grilled Roast Beef Sandwich is an absolute delight! The inside consists of flavorful rare roast beef, aromatic garlic, and bell peppers, fresh red onions and tomatoes, all mixed together with a generous helping of seasoned salt and olive oil – delectable.

To complete this amazing dish you have the classic combo of sharp cheddar cheese and mozzarella along with some buttery bread – absolutely divine! Finally, to finish it off I add a bit of brandy for an extra punch of flavor.

I guarantee once you try these sandwiches there will be no going back!

3. Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches with Onion Jam

The combination of sweet and savory flavors in these hot roast beef sandwiches with onion jam is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

The sandwiches are made with garlic rolls, thinly sliced or shredded roast beef, mozzarella cheese, and homemade onion jam.

The onion jam has red pepper flakes for some heat and sugar to caramelize the onions creating an incredibly flavor-packed spread.

Finally, top it off with some grated Pecorino Romano for extra umami goodness. This sandwich makes for a divine lunch or dinner so why not give it a try?

4. French Onion French Dip Sandwiches

This recipe is not just any French Dip Sandwich; with its rich beef broth, gruyere cheese, and crispy french baguette, this sandwich will take you to a whole new level of deliciousness.

The onions are caramelized in butter and sherry before being combined with thyme, salt and pepper for an irresistible onion flavor.

Topped off with melted Gruyere cheese and all that beef au jus…this meal is sure to become everyone’s favorite.

5. Slow Cooker Roast Beef Po’ Boy

This Slow Cooker Roast Beef Po’ Boy is a delicious, easy way to make restaurant-quality sandwiches at home and bring all the flavors of the classic po’ boy right into your kitchen.

The flavor comes from slow-cooking the chuck shoulder roast in beef broth, with some house seasoning added for extra zest and canola oil to keep it nice and juicy. You could even add additional vegetables like onions and peppers if you’d like.

Once cooked, it gets served on fresh bakery bread with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, pepper, salt, and a sprinkle of flour to hold everything together. This is a hearty sandwich that’s sure to please everyone!

6. Cold Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Cheese

This flavor-packed sandwich combines the juicy flavors of leftover eye of round roast and horseradish, with creamy cheese spread, tart tomatoes, and freshly picked arugula to create a zingy yet satisfying meal.

Using thick-cut slices of Amish bread adds an extra crunchiness that contrasts perfectly with all the different textures.

And if you don’t have any leftover beef handy, then you can easily replace it with turkey or even mushrooms for a tasty vegetarian option.

Be sure to drizzle some Worcestershire sauce over the top for an added layer of complexity!

7. Lemongrass Beef Banh Mi sandwich

This banh mi sandwich is a delicious fusion of East and West, with perfectly crunchy pickled vegetables, juicy lemongrass seasoned beef, and an incredible garlic-hoisin sauce that brings it all together.

The unique combination of flavors will be sure to tantalize your taste buds every time you indulge in this wonderful creation.

The pickled vegetables add an amazing texture contrast along with the sweet, garlicky beef which makes every bite irresistible. This is definitely a grand experience fit for none other than royalty!

8. Best Hot Toasted Roast Beef Caprese Sandwich

This hot toasted roast beef caprese sandwich is the perfect lunchtime treat! The warm, juicy roast beef slices pair wonderfully with tangy balsamic vinaigrette dressing, fresh mozzarella cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

When assembled on a crusty French bread loaf or ciabatta bun, this hot toasted sandwich will satisfy every craving. Ideal for a quick grab-and-go meal or an as a picnic-friendly dish. Enjoy it cold or enjoy it hot – either way, you won’t be disappointed!

9. Philly Cheesesteak

Hungry for an indulgent and comforting meal? Look no further than a classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Packed with the flavors of buttery, sliced ribeye steak, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and oozing melted cheese between two hoagie rolls – it’s sure to hit all the right notes!

Enjoy building your own cheesesteaks and you really can’t go wrong by adding just a hint of Worcestershire sauce over everything before diving in. This is one delectable sandwich that’ll leave you wanting more!

10. Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches

Enjoy an amazing Italian Beef Sandwich recipe that is beyond easy to make in your slow cooker!

Succulent, tender shredded beef flavorful with the herbs and spices of oregano, basil, and garlic then cooked down with a tasty broth along with pepperoncini peppers creates something incredibly delicious.

All those flavors are nestled perfectly between a lightly toasted hoagie roll smothered in butter, topped off with provolone cheese and mild or spicy giardiniera – it’s sure to be a crowd favorite for lunch or dinner!

11. Beef Short Rib Sandwiches with Pimento Cheese

This sandwich packs a punch with its juicy beef short ribs, creamy pimento cheese, and flavorful jalapeños.

The sauce that goes over the top of it all is made with rich mayonnaise and black pepper.

A sprinkle of chives over the entire sandwich adds a kick of freshness to complete this amazing dish. I recommend using a chewy seeded bun for serving these magnificent sandwiches!

To accompany it, make sure to also have some cold iced tea or beer on hand to cool down from all the flavor going on in your mouth!

12. Irish Spicy Reuben Sandwich

This Irish Spicy Reuben Sandwich is oozing with flavors and textures – from the sharpness of Swiss cheese, the sweetness of caramelized onions, the crunchiness of dill pickles and sauerkraut, to the creaminess of a special spicy sauce.

Serve this flavorful sandwich on marbled rye bread for an irresistible experience!

The kick of cayenne pepper really brings it all together and makes this sandwich unforgettable. I highly recommend you add this delicious recipe to your collection – it’s a must-try!

13. Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwiches

This classic Chicago-style sandwich dish is a hearty and flavorful creation that always seems to bring people together.

The tasty combination of minced garlic, oregano, parsley, and yellow onions mixed in with the savory rendered beef creates an unforgettable flavor profile.

You can add some extra heat by throwing in chile flakes or prep it to be spicy right away with some hot giardiniera relish.

As for the rolls?

Choose something Italian- or French-style for their chewy texture and sturdy structure to support all those delicious ingredients!

Add a bit of Worcestershire sauce to make sure that classic wide will come through too; this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

14. Roast Beef Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese

This gourmet take on a classic grilled cheese sandwich is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds!

The combination of slow-roasted beef, smoked Gouda cheese, and tangy red onion slices adds layers of flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Plus, the addition of fresh sage creates an irresistible aroma too! Serve this warm on freshly toasted bread for a delicious lunch or dinner option – it’s sure to delight everyone at the table.

15. Corned Beef Melts

These Corned Beef Melts are an unbeatable combination of flavors – tangy rye bread and salty corned beef, crunchy onion, and spicy mustard, with a touch of sweetness from the brown sugar. The melty provolone cheese ties it all together for a crave-worthy meal!

Buttery slices of rye bread give your sandwich that extra layer of deliciousness, while butter further enhances the flavor. It’s quick to make with just a few ingredients and produces something truly extraordinary.

Give these melts a try – you won’t be disappointed!

16. Deli Style Roast Beef Sandwich

This deli-style roast beef sandwich is sure to be a hit with its tempting combination of flavors and textures.

The juicy slices of roast beef are paired perfectly with sweet red onions that have been sautéed in olive oil until they take on a deep caramelized color, and crumbles of creamy gorgonzola or blue cheese add an amazing zing.

Served on crusty seeded bread that’s been lightly toasted, these sandwiches also get an extra bite from the horseradish mayonnaise and the crunchy Earthbound Farm kale Italia blend.


17. Ground Beef Sandwich

Perfect for an unforgettable lunch or dinner, this ground beef sandwich has a unique and tasty twist – combining the juicy ground beef with roasted serrano peppers, spicy Montreal Spice, and garlic-infused tomato paste.

Then things really get interesting with the addition of smoky bacon pieces and sharp cheddar cheese – all served up on crunchy buns.

With bold flavors to tantalize your taste buds, it’s sure to excite even the pickiest of eaters!

18. Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with Brie and Tomato

A satisfying hot roast beef sandwich with brie cheese and tomato is the perfect meal for any day of the week.

The rich, tender beef combined with creamy brie and juicy tomato slices between two hearty onion rolls will really hit the spot!

The hint of garlic powder adds that extra special taste while the mayonnaise offers a nice smooth texture.

I highly recommend giving this delicious sandwich a try – you won’t regret it!

19. Vietnamese Pho Sandwich with Roast Beef, Hoisin, Sriracha + Herbs

If you’re looking for a new and exciting sandwich recipe, this Vietnamese Pho Sandwich with Roast Beef, Hoisin, Sriracha + Herbs is just the ticket!

The combination of tender roast beef slices and crunchy veggies nestled in warm French baguette and luscious hoisin sauce creates an unforgettable taste.

Fresh herbs like cilantro and basil add aromatic notes to every bite, while sriracha gives it some spice.

Every ingredient works together to create a palate-pleasing flavor experience that will have your mouth watering at first glance.

20. Korean Beef Sloppy Joes

Korean Beef Sloppy Joes are the perfect comfort food if you want to mix things up from your normal dinner routine.

The spiced ground beef combines wonderfully with the tangy hoisin and ketchup flavors, while garlic and sesame oil add depth to the wonderful aromas.

Serve this Asian-inspired dish on top of brioche rolls for a meal that’s hearty, savory, and utterly delicious!

Corned Beef Sandwich

The 20 Best Beef Sandwich Recipe Collection

If you're a meat lover, then I've got the perfect article for you. I'm rounding up my top 20 beef sandwich recipes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From classic sandwiches to more inventive dishes like a steak and egg sandwich, this collection has something for everyone. So fire up the grill and get ready to enjoy some delicious sandwiches!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Sandwich
Cuisine American, Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 578 kcal


  • Classic Beef Reuben Sandwich
  • Grilled Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches with Onion Jam
  • French Onion French Dip Sandwiches
  • Slow Cooker Roast Beef Po' Boy
  • Cold Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Cheese
  • Lemongrass Beef Banh Mi sandwich
  • Best Hot Toasted Roast Beef Caprese Sandwich
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches
  • Beef Short Rib Sandwiches with Pimento Cheese
  • Irish Spicy Reuben Sandwich
  • Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwiches
  • Roast Beef Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese
  • Corned Beef Melts
  • Deli Style Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Ground Beef Sandwich
  • Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with Brie and Tomato
  • Vietnamese Pho Sandwich with Roast Beef, Hoisin, Sriracha + Herbs
  • Korean Beef Sloppy Joes


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a beef sandwich recipe in 30 minutes or less!
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