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20 Irresistible Asian Sweet Potato Recipes You’ll Love

These super-tasty Asian sweet potato recipes will make you fall in love with this versatile veggie.

From savory stir-fries to sweet potato sesame balls, these dishes are easy to make and sure to please.

Roasted Teriyaki-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Get ready to explore a world of delicious Asian-inspired recipes featuring sweet potatoes!

1. Oven Roasted Teriyaki-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Super easy, super delicious and a veggie side dish everyone will love!

Try these oven-roasted teriyaki-glazed sweet potatoes.

It’s an effortless recipe that only requires 5 minutes of prep time.

The sweet and savory sauce pairs perfectly with the soft, tender potatoes for a delectable treat that’s sure to be a hit.

If you want to add more heat, feel free to finish it off with some sriracha or chili sauce.

Sprinkle in some sesame seeds and green onions for extra flavor and color – your dinner guests won’t be able to resist!

2. Asian-Style Sweet Potato Fries with Ponzu Aioli

Not too sweet, and not too savory — Asian-style sweet potato fries with ponzu aioli have it all!

These mouthwatering fries are the perfect combination of sweetness from roasted sweet potatoes and tangy flavor from the garlic aioli.

To get that crunchy outside and fluffy inside, we’ll need to coat our sweet potatoes in corn or potato starch.

Then add some spicy chili powder for heat if desired.

Sesame oil gives these fries their signature Asian-style flavor.

And finish them off with sesame seeds for a satisfying textural contrast.

Finally, dip your fries in a delicious mix of mayo and Marukan Yuzu Ponzu Premium Soy Dressing with Yuzu Citrus for the ultimate combo of creamy goodness.

3. Miso Baked Sweet Potatoes

When nothing else can satisfy your cravings, these miso-baked sweet potatoes will come to the rescue.

They’re ready in 45 minutes and all you need is a handful of ingredients.

The flavors are bold, yet balanced — sweet, savory, and spicy with a hint of tanginess from the miso paste.

Toast some sesame seeds while they bake for an added nutty crunch.

Serve it as a side dish or a light meal on its own.

4. Korean Sweet Potato Latkes with Gochujang Mayonnaise

Don’t settle for just any latkes. Make sure your latkes stand out!

These Korean Sweet Potato Latkes with Gochujang Mayonnaise are full of flavor, and the unique combination of sweet potato, gochujang, and other spices gives them an amazing taste.

The Gochujang Mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment for these savory little treats — it’s creamy, slightly spicy, and totally delicious.

It’s a vegetarian dish that will make all your dinner guests happy!

5. Goguma Mattang (Korean Caramelized Sweet Potatoes)

Sure, there are plenty of dishes that involve sweet potatoes.

But this one is special!

Goguma Mattang combines caramelized and fried Korean sweet potatoes in one recipe.

The smell of the honey and brown sugar syrup as it’s cooked will make your mouth water.

And once you get a bite, you’ll be hooked!

Topped with sesame seeds or chopped nuts for an extra crunch, Goguma Mattang needs to become a part of your regular cooking rotation.

6. Sweet potato sesame balls

Sometimes the best desserts are the simplest.

And that’s definitely the case with these sweet potato sesame balls!

Crispy and gooey on the outside, nutty and sweet on the inside – these classic Chinese treats are an absolute must-try.

Plus, they come together in just 1 hour! All you need is some cooked sweet potatoes and glutinous rice flour.

You can even roll them around in extra sesame seeds for a delightful crunch.

Trust me, once you make this recipe you won’t be able to stop eating them!

7. Korean Sweet Soy-Glazed Potatoes (Gamja Bokkeum)

Yes, you can have potatoes for dinner!

These Korean sweet soy-glazed potatoes, also known as Gamja Bokkeum, are a delicious way to switch up the classic potato side dish.

The combination of sesame oil, soy sauce, and fish sauce adds so much flavor you won’t even miss the butter or cheese.

Plus, they cook up in just 25 minutes!

They’re easy to make and sure to impress your family or dinner guests.

So fire up that stove – it’s time for some gamja bokkeum!

8. Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Perfectly Baked

Super simple and delicious — Japanese sweet potatoes are a must-try!

They have an amazing flavor and creamy texture.

The best way to prepare them is by baking.

That’s right, no boiling or frying involved — just pop them in the oven for a few minutes and you’re done!

I guarantee this recipe will be a hit with your family and friends.

It takes only 55 minutes from start to finish and it yields one perfect baked sweet potato.

9. Candied Korean Sweet Potato – Goguma Mattang (고구마 맛탕)

Your family or guests will love this delicious, healthier take on Candied Korean Sweet Potato (Goguma Mattang).

This 4-ingredient side dish comes together quickly and is sure to please your taste buds.

Plus, it’s a scrumptious way to enjoy the sweet potato with its wonderful crunchy and lightly sweetened flavors.

Did I mention that this recipe is gluten-free AND vegan?

Yes, that’s right!

And you don’t need to fry the potatoes for them to be irresistible – just bake them in the oven!

Top with some black sesame seeds and flaky salt for an extra layer of flavor.

10. Sweet Potato Fried Rice

Nobody will go home hungry with a plate of this Sweet Potato Fried Rice.

It’s quick, easy, and insanely delicious!

Sweet potatoes provide the perfect amount of sweetness which pairs nicely with some heat from sriracha.

Scallions, garlic, and ginger add even more flavor to this unique fried rice.

And lastly, I’m sure we all agree that an egg is the key to any amazing fried rice recipe — it adds fat and proteins while also binding everything together.

11. Japanese Sweet Potato Yaki Mochi

If nothing else, this Japanese Sweet Potato Yaki Mochi is sure to be a conversation starter!

Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this dessert has an irresistible crunchy-chewy texture.

Plus it’s coated with a sweet and salty syrup that takes it over the top — This one will definitely satisfy all your cravings.

The only tricky part of making this recipe is getting that perfect crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside texture — but don’t worry I got you covered!

I’ll give you my secret for achieving this delicious balance: potato starch.

Trust me, your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

12. Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Step out of your comfort zone and try this flavorful Thai sweet potato soup!

This creamy and spicy soup is packed with healthy veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic.

Coconut milk adds a nice richness to the broth while red curry paste will give you just the right amount of heat.

Plus, it’s ready in less than 40 minutes so you can have dinner on the table in no time.

13. Japanese Sweet Potato Okonomiyaki

Never settle for boring pancakes again!

Introducing Japanese Sweet Potato Okonomiyaki — the perfect mix of savory and sweet.

These fluffy yet crispy pancakes are packed with Chinese cabbage, spring onions, and sweet potatoes.

The batter is made from a blend of flour, baking powder, vegetable stock, eggs, and soy sauce.

When it’s all cooked up in a pan with oil on both sides until crisp and golden brown…yum!

Serve it hot with tonkatsu sauce Kewpie mayonnaise or nori flakes to take your okonomiyaki experience to the next level.

14. Easy Vegan Thai Red Curry with Sweet Potato

Who can resist a delicious Thai red curry?

This vegan recipe is the answer to your cravings.

It’s incredibly easy and has that sweet-and-spicy flavor that we all love.

Best of all, it only takes 25 minutes to prepare!

The secret ingredient? Sweet potato! It adds an extra depth of sweetness that really elevates the dish.

For added texture and crunch, don’t forget the coconut oil, red pepper, and spring onion.

Serve with hot jasmine rice for the perfect meal!

15. Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges with Asian Peanut Sauce

Filling, tasty, and easy to make – this roasted sweet potato wedges with Asian peanut sauce is a winner!

This recipe will take you on an adventure, filled with tantalizing flavors.

Lime juice and fish sauce give the dish a bright acidic kick while Sriracha chili sauce adds just enough heat.

To balance it all out, coconut or cashew milk provides creaminess while natural peanut butter gives richness.

And don’t forget about quinoa for some heartiness!

It really doesn’t get better than this — unless, of course, you add fresh herbs such as mint to bring out even more flavor!

16. Korean Sweet Potato Air Fryer Fries

This recipe is for those who love sweet potatoes and crave a savory snack!

It’s time to make some delicious Korean Sweet Potato Air Fryer Fries.

These fries are so easy to whip up, they’re sure to become your go-to snack.

Plus, you don’t even need an oven – just an air fryer!

You only need two ingredients for the fries: a couple of medium-sized Korean sweet potatoes and some olive oil or avocado oil.

For extra flavor, top them with a sprinkle of Everything Bagel seasoning.

Now that’s what I call savory perfection!

17. Kyoto Style Sweet Potatoes with Miso, Ginger and Scallions

Don’t take the same old side dish to the table.

Instead, bring a blast of flavor with Kyoto-style sweet potatoes!

This simple recipe is easy but not boring.

It’s made with yams roasted in olive oil and topped with miso, ginger, shallots, and scallions.

The blend of flavors makes it perfect for all types of meals — from meat dishes to vegan feasts.

Plus you get a delicious crunchy exterior that’s full of flavor!

18. Eggplant Sweet Potato Curry

All that flavor in one dish?

Yes, please!

Introducing Eggplant Sweet Potato Curry.

It’s perfectly spiced yet not too spicy and is a great alternative to the typical Indian curry.

This vegan-friendly recipe packs a ton of flavor with eggplant, sweet potatoes, harissa sauce, and more!

It takes only 40 minutes to make and will leave your kitchen smelling amazing.

Plus it’s perfect for meal prepping — so you can enjoy it throughout the week.

The hardest part of this recipe is probably getting all of the ingredients together — so don’t forget to grab that cumin and turmeric!

Once you have everything ready to go, whip up this delicious dish with ease.

19. Curry Roasted Cauliflower Sweet Potato Salad

I’m a total fan of vegetables, and this Curry Roasted Cauliflower Sweet Potato Salad takes my favorite veggies to a whole new level.

The combination of cauliflower, sweet potatoes, frozen peas, and fresh cilantro is pure vegetable heaven!

But that’s not all — it adds in dried cranberries for sweetness, ginger for spice, and garlic for flavor.

Now here comes the star ingredient: curry powder. It gives the salad a warm flavor that’ll make your tastebuds tingle!

And don’t forget about the creamy tahini dressing with lemon juice — it’s so yummy you’ll want to lick your plate clean.

If you love veggies then you definitely have to try this Curry Roasted Cauliflower Sweet Potato Salad!

20. Spicy Curry Roasted Sweet Potatoes

When time is tight, this flavorful side dish is the perfect solution.

Spicy curry roasted sweet potatoes are ready in just 40 minutes and they’re packed with flavor!

The combination of cayenne pepper, paprika, and curry powder gives these potatoes a nice kick that pairs well with any protein.

To top it off, these sweet potatoes are loaded with nutritious goodness!

Get ready to enjoy some spicy roasted deliciousness.


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Roasted Teriyaki-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

20 Simple Asian Sweet Potato Recipe Collection

Never underestimate the power of sweet potatoes! In this article, you'll find 20 creative and delicious Asian sweet potato recipes that will add a unique flavor to any meal. From sweet to savory, these recipes are sure to make your mouth water. So come explore a whole new world of sweet potato flavors!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Asian
Servings 4 people
Calories 551 kcal


  • Oven Roasted Teriyaki-Glazed Sweet Potatoes
  • Asian-Style Sweet Potato Fries with Ponzu Aioli
  • Miso Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Korean Sweet Potato Latkes with Gochujang Mayonnaise
  • Goguma Mattang (Korean Caramelized Sweet Potatoes)
  • Sweet potato sesame balls
  • Korean Sweet Soy-Glazed Potatoes (Gamja Bokkeum)
  • Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Perfectly Baked
  • Candied Korean Sweet Potato – Goguma Mattang (고구마 맛탕)
  • Sweet Potato Fried Rice
  • Japanese Sweet Potato Yaki Mochi
  • Thai Sweet Potato Soup
  • Japanese Sweet Potato Okonomiyaki
  • Easy Vegan Thai Red Curry with Sweet Potato
  • Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges with Asian Peanut Sauce
  • Korean Sweet Potato Air Fryer Fries
  • Kyoto Style Sweet Potatoes with Miso, Ginger and Scallions
  • Eggplant Sweet Potato Curry
  • Curry Roasted Cauliflower Sweet Potato Salad
  • Spicy Curry Roasted Sweet Potatoes


  • Pick your favorite recipe from this collection to serve for dinner tonight.
  • Prepare all of the required ingredients.
  • Cook your meal in 30 minutes or less!
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