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What to Do with Leftover Taco Dip (15 Ideas)

The holidays are coming, and you know what that means: lots of parties, lots of eating, and LOTS of leftovers.

And we’re not talking about those boring little cubes of turkey here.

We’re talking about the real stuff—the good stuff!

What to Do with Leftover Taco Dip

The leftover dip that’s so good you can’t stand to throw it out.

What do you do with leftover taco dip?

Leftover taco dip is a great base for many things. If you are making something for the freezer, consider putting it into individual containers to freeze. Frozen taco dip is great to thaw and serve as a quick snack. You can also use it as a base for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas and more.

Need more ideas?

Then keep reading!

What to Do with Leftover Taco Dip?

There are many different ways you can use up leftover taco dip. You can use it as a spread for tortilla chips or even as a salad dressing. You can also use it as a sandwich filling. It’s great in a burrito or as a topping for a pizza. You can also use it as a dip for chicken fingers or nachos.

Here are 15 creative ideas for what you can do with your leftover taco dip:

1. Make a Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

This is an easy one!

Just spread some leftover taco dip onto a flour tortilla, then wrap it up like a burrito.

If you’re feeling really bold or extra hungry in the morning, add some scrambled eggs and cheese to make a breakfast sandwich out of it.

2. Use the Dip as A Sauce for Enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas

This is one of our favorite ways to use up leftover taco dip.

It’s super easy and makes for a delicious meal!

Just take some corn tortillas (we like to use large), heat them in a skillet until they start to brown slightly on both sides, then cover them with shredded cheese and let it melt over medium heat until it’s all melty and gooey.

Then top with your leftover taco dip (or any kind of salsa) and dig in!

3. Use the Dip as A Sauce for Quesadillas


This is another of our favorite ways to use up leftover taco dip!

Just spread some on a tortilla and sprinkle on any cheese and veggies you have lying around in your fridge.

Bake it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until the cheese melts (about 5 minutes).

You’ll have a delicious quesadilla that’s perfect for lunch or dinner!

4. Use the Dip as A Sauce for Burritos


We love making burritos with our leftover taco dip—it’s such a delicious way to use up every last drop!

Just spread on a little leftover dip (about 1/4 cup) onto each tortilla before rolling them up, then bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until heated through (about 20 minutes).

5. Spread Some on Bread and Make Sandwiches with It


Turn leftover taco dip into an easy sandwich by spreading it on bread and adding any veggies or meats you might have lying around in the fridge!

You can go as simple or as crazy as you want with this one!

6. Make a Taco Bowl

Taco Bowl

Instead of cooking rice or beans the traditional way in a pot or microwave, why not just use some taco dip as your base instead?

Mix it with whatever veggies you have on hand (we recommend tomatoes), then top with some shredded cheese and whatever else you feel like adding (jalapenos?).

7. Add It to An Omelet


You can also add taco dip to an omelet for an unexpected flavor boost!

Just mix it in with your eggs before cooking them in butter or olive oil on both sides until they’re golden brown and fluffy (or as fluffy as omelets get).

8. Mix It Into Some Brown Rice

Brown rice

Brown rice is so boring on its own… but not when it’s mixed with taco dip!

Just stir together 1 part leftover taco dip to 3 parts brown rice (or whatever ratio works for your tastes) and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste—then enjoy!

9. Make Some Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco

In case you don’t want to wait until breakfast to eat your leftover dip (we understand), here’s another idea for what to do with it: make some queso blanco!

It’s basically just melted cheese mixed with whatever else is in your fridge—like olives or peppers—and served over tortilla chips with avocado slices on top (or whatever else sounds good).

10. Use It as A Topping on Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes

You can also use taco dip as the topping for baked potatoes to make them more interesting than just plain old butter and sour cream (or salt).

Just spread your potato with some dip—the flavor combination is amazing!

11. Add Your Leftover Taco Dip to Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs

If you’re not feeling like eating tacos at breakfast time—or if you just want something a little different—you can also use your leftover dip to spice up scrambled eggs!

Just add some diced onion or bell pepper to the mix and cook it up like usual; then mix in your taco dip after cooking is finished.

12. Put It on A Salad

Grilled Vegetables Salad

Stir together some taco dip with some greens and veggies for an easy salad topping.

You can even add some cooked chicken for more protein if you’re looking for something more substantial than just veggies!

13. Use It as Filling for Tacos


Taco dip makes an amazing taco filling!

Just top a corn tortilla with some shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cilantro leaves (or chopped parsley), and your favorite salsa—and then add some taco dip. It’s so simple, but so good!

And the best part?

You can freeze the leftover taco filling and eat it later when you need a quick meal!

14. Add the Dip to Your Favorite Soup

Creamy Soups

This one is also super simple—just add a spoonful or two of leftover taco dip to your favorite soup recipe (we recommend using half as much cheese as you normally would) and cook according to instructions!

15. Use It as A Topping on Pizza

Cheesy Pizza

This is a great way to stretch your dollar when making pizza at home!

Just top your pizza with whatever ingredients you have left over from the soup and bake until done (or just heat up some leftover pizza sauce if you don’t have any leftovers!).


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tacos, mexican, meal-1613795.jpg

What to Do with Leftover Taco Dip (15 Ideas)

When you're looking for a quick meal, leftover taco dip is the perfect solution. It's easy to make, it's delicious, and it can be used in so many different ways.
There are endless ways to use your leftover taco dip! You can put it on nachos or tacos, add it to a quesadilla or sandwich, top off a baked potato… the list goes on! Once you've tried it as a chip dip, you'll want to find more ways to use it up.
Taco dip is also great for feeding groups. It's easy to double or triple the recipe and freeze leftovers in individual containers so that you have them on hand at all times.
So don't throw away what might be the best part of your Mexican meal—instead use your leftover taco dip as inspiration for new meals and experiment with your favorite flavors.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Dip
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4 people
Calories 300 kcal


  • Make a Breakfast Burrito
  • Use the Dip as A Sauce for Enchiladas
  • Use the Dip as A Sauce for Quesadillas
  • Use the Dip as A Sauce for Burritos
  • Spread Some on Bread and Make Sandwiches with It
  • Make a Taco Bowl
  • Add It to An Omelet
  • Mix It Into Some Brown Rice
  • Make Some Queso Blanco
  • Use It as A Topping on Baked Potatoes
  • Add Your Leftover Taco Dip to Scrambled Eggs
  • Put It on A Salad
  • Use It as Filling for Tacos
  • Add the Dip to Your Favorite Soup
  • Use it as a topping on pizza


  • Pick your favorite idea for using up your dip!
  • Prepare the rest of your Mexican meal.
  • Be ready to munch in no time!
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