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What Pasta to Serve with Beef Stroganoff (11 Kinds of Pasta)

When you’re cooking beef stroganoff for your family, what kind of pasta do you choose?

What Pasta to Serve with Beef Stroganoff

Do you stick with the traditional egg noodles?

Or do you decide to try something new?

Well, if you’re looking for some options for what pasta to serve with beef stroganoff, look no further.

I’ve got 11 different kinds of pasta that will work beautifully in this recipe.

Let’s get started!

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What Pasta to Serve with Beef Stroganoff?

The best pasta to serve with beef stroganoff is egg noodles. Egg noodles are the perfect choice because they soak up the sauce of the dish and are incredibly filling.

Egg noodles are also great for soaking up any extra sauce, so you don’t have to worry about making sure there’s enough sauce left over in your bowl when you’re done eating.

Beef Stroganoff

There are so many different kinds of pasta, and they all have their own unique texture, taste, and nutritional profile.

When it comes to choosing the right one for your beef stroganoff, you want to make sure you pick one that will complement the flavors in your dish.

Here are 11 types of pasta that go great with beef stroganoff:

1. Egg Noodles

Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are my go-to for this dish because they’re light enough to let the beef shine through without getting lost in the sauce.

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Plus, their soft texture makes them easy to chew—even after being cooked in a rich sauce like this one.

And they’re easy to cook: just boil them until they’re tender and then drain them well before adding them back into the pan with your other ingredients.

Cooking tip: Egg noodles are pretty versatile, so if you don’t have time to make them from scratch, look for pre-made ones at your local grocery store (or even at Costco).

2. Fettuccine


Fettuccine is a great choice for beef stroganoff because it’s got a thick and chewy texture that really holds onto the sauce.

It also has a lot of surface area, which means you can use the same amount of fettuccine as you would regular spaghetti, but get double the flavor.

I like to use whole wheat fettuccine because it gives me all of the flavor and texture I love from traditional pasta, but with more fiber and nutrients than white flour.

3. Linguine


I also love to use linguine in beef stroganoff because it has a unique texture that really helps the sauce stick to the noodles.

The shape of the noodle also gives you a little bit more bite than traditional spaghetti, so it’s perfect for an entree that is hearty enough to stand up to all of that rich, delicious sauce.

Here is a list of 46 easy linguine recipes that you can try cooking tonight.

To get the most out of your linguine, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Make sure to cook your pasta fairly al dente, so that it doesn’t end up mushy and overcooked by the time you’re ready to add it to your sauce. After all, we don’t want our meat and veggies swimming in sauce; we want them clinging onto each other!
  • Also important: Don’t rinse your noodles! This will prevent them from absorbing as much flavor from your beef stroganoff as possible, which defeats the purpose of making this dish at home instead of going out somewhere fancy where they’ll probably do all this work for you anyway.

4. Cavatelli


Have you considered cavatelli?

It’s got a great texture—slightly chewy on the outside and tender on the inside—and its shape is perfect for holding onto the sauce.

I also love using it because it’s really versatile: You can combine it with any kind of sauce, from creamy to tomato-based.

The best way to cook this kind of pasta is in boiling water until it floats to the surface and then drain it before adding your sauce.

This will help prevent it from overcooking while you’re waiting for the rest of your ingredients to finish cooking!

5. Pappardelle


For me, pappardelle is one of my favorite types of pasta because it’s wide and flat, so it can hold lots of sauce and meat.

It’s also hearty enough to stand up to a hearty meat dish like stroganoff without getting soggy.

I love cooking pappardelle with red wine to infuse some extra flavor into the noodles.

The only trick with cooking this type of pasta is that it takes longer than other types of pastas, so be sure to check on it periodically while it’s simmering on the stovetop!

6. Spaghetti


Spaghetti is a good way to soak up all of the flavor in your beef stroganoff, so you don’t have to worry about having too much sauce or not enough sauce.

Plus, it’s easy to cook, so you can make dinner for your family in no time at all!

And if you’re looking for an extra-special touch?

You can even add bacon strips!

Bacon always makes everything better!

7. Penne


If you’re looking for a pasta that will complement the flavors in your beef stroganoff, look no further than penne.

In my experience, this particular type of pasta has a great texture and a rich flavor that makes it perfect for beef stroganoff.

I like to use penne because it’s got just enough substance to stand up to the sauce without being too heavy on its own.

  • To make sure your penne gets perfectly cooked every time, try this tip: add some salt to your water before you add the pasta! This will help season the penne and prevent it from sticking together or cooking unevenly.

8. Fusilli


Fusilli is a type of spiral-shaped pasta that comes in many different varieties.

It’s perfect for beef stroganoff because it has a medium-sized hole structure which allows it to soak up all those delicious juices from your meat and sauce so well.

Plus, it has a very small surface area which prevents the sauce from getting lost while you eat it—so you can get every last drop in each bite!

Another thing that makes fusilli great for this dish is its texture.

It has a nice bouncy bite with a soft chewiness that holds up against all those rich flavors without getting overwhelmed by them—and that means that each bite still tastes like itself instead of being lost into something else entirely!

9. Farfalle


Have you ever tried farfalle (see also these farfalle recipes) in your beef stroganoff?

It’s one of my favorite kinds of pasta to use in this dish.

The shape of the “bow-tie” noodles adds a lot of texture, and the ridges help to catch all those rich, creamy sauces that you’re going to be tossing into it.

When it comes to cooking with farfalle, I always recommend adding it at the very end of the cooking process.

You want to add as little liquid as possible so that the noodles don’t get too soft and mushy—the texture will be much better if they stay firm and chewy.

10. Rotini


If you want something tender and chewy that will hold up well against the rich sauce of beef stroganoff, then rotini is the way to go.

In general, rotini has a firm texture that holds its shape well when cooked.

Don’t miss out on these easy rotini pasta recipes.

It also has that nice little nub at each end that’s perfect for picking up bites of beef stroganoff!

The best part about rotini is that it’s delicious on its own or with other sauces like Alfredo or marinara—so if you have leftovers from your meal, there are plenty of ways you can use them again!

11. Campanelle


Campanelle is another one of my favorite kinds of pasta.

And there are tons of easy campanelle pasta recipes out there.

It has a unique texture that’s chewy and firm, but also soft and smooth.

Plus, it’s got little ridges on the outside of each noodle that are perfect for trapping sauce and holding it in place.

This means you get a mouthful of flavor every time.

I love using campanelle in my beef stroganoff because it holds up really well to the intense flavors in this dish—the rich sauce, the creamy sour cream, even some red wine if you want.

It’s also got enough structure to hold its own against all those strong flavors without getting mushy or falling apart too easily.

Beef Stroganoff

What Pasta to Serve with Beef Stroganoff (11 Kinds of Pasta)

Choosing the right kind of pasta for your beef stroganoff is a matter of personal preference. But there are some things to consider when making this decision, like the texture of the pasta, or whether it will complement the other ingredients in your recipe.
If you're looking for a soft and chewy texture, then spaghetti is an excellent choice. It will hold up well with all of the sauce from the beef stroganoff that you're serving it with, while still maintaining its shape and consistency.
If you're looking for something more firm and al dente (meaning tough), then try linguine or fettuccine. These kinds of pastas will hold up better than spaghetti when mixed with a thick sauce like stroganoff, but they'll still be tender enough to bite into easily without worrying about breaking off a piece of toothpick-like pasta!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course, Pasta
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 362 kcal


  • Egg Noodles
  • Fettuccine
  • Linguine
  • Cavatelli
  • Pappardelle
  • Spaghetti
  • Penne
  • Fusilli
  • Farfalle
  • Rotini
  • Campanelle


  • Pick your favorite type of pasta from this list to use in your Beef Stroganoff recipe.
  • Prepare the rest of your delicious meal.
  • Be ready to munch in no time!
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