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What to Serve with Yakitori Chicken? (12 Easy Sides)

I am obsessed with yakitori chicken.

There’s something about the simple flavors and delicate textures that just makes my taste buds sing.

I could eat it every day and never get sick of it.

But what do you serve with yakitori chicken?

There are many options for what to serve with yakitori chicken. You can keep it simple with rice and a salad, or get more creative with noodles, vegetables, and dipping sauces. Yakitori chicken is also often served as an appetizer, so you could pair it with other small dishes like dumplings or spring rolls.

What to Serve with Yakitori Chicken

Anyway, I did some digging and came up with 12 of the best sides.

Check them out below!

What to Serve with Yakitori Chicken?

So, here are 12 sides to go with your yakitori chicken:

1. Miso Soup

Yakitori Chicken

I love miso soup. I grew up eating it, and it’s still one of my favorites

. I like to make it with a variety of vegetables, including carrots, celery, and mushrooms.

I also add a little bit of tofu for protein.

I always use white miso paste, which has a milder flavor than red or brown miso paste.

The soup is delicious on its own, but I like to add a unique twist by adding a few slices of yakitori chicken.

The chicken pairs perfectly with the miso flavor, and it makes the soup more filling.

If you’ve never tried yakitori chicken in your miso soup, I highly recommend it!

2. Rice

Brown Rice

I love rice.

It’s so versatile and there are so many different ways to make it.

I like to add a unique twist to my rice by adding some roasted seaweed flakes on top.

They give the rice a great flavor and add some extra nutrition.

Yakitori chicken is one of my favorite things to eat with rice.

The chicken is grilled and has a slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with the rice.

It’s a simple but delicious meal that I always enjoy.

3. Salad

Kale and Cranberry Salad

I love salad because it’s a refreshing and healthy way to start a meal.

I usually make mine with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and goat cheese.

For a unique twist, I sometimes add fruit or roasted vegetables.

I think salad pairs well with yakitori chicken because the chicken is light and has a delicate flavor.

The acidity of the vinegar in the salad dressing offsets the richness of the chicken, and the crunchy vegetables contrast nicely with the tender chicken.

4. Edamame

Spicy Garlic Edamame

I’ve been eating edamame since I was a kid.

It’s a simple dish, really – just boiled soybeans in their pods – but it’s always been one of my favorites.

There’s something about the pop of the bean as you bite into it, and the way the salty flavor lingers on your tongue, that makes it impossible to resist.

And if you’re looking for a unique twist on edamame, I highly recommend trying it with yakitori chicken.

The two dishes were made for each other – the savory chicken pairs perfectly with the slightly sweet beans.

Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

5. Cucumber Salad


I love cucumber salad because it’s refreshing, crunchy, and easy to make.

I usually slice up a cucumber or two, add some diced onion, a bit of vinegar, and a sprinkle of salt.

If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll also add in some diced avocado or julienned carrots.

The salad pairs perfectly with yakitori chicken, which is one of my favorite summertime meals.

The chicken is grilled and seasoned with a savory sauce, and the cucumber salad provides a crisp and refreshing contrast.

Plus, the dish is easy to make and can be easily adaptable to whatever vegetables you have on hand.

So next time you’re looking for a simple but tasty summer meal, give cucumber salad and yakitori chicken a try!

6. Lotus Root Chips

Lotus Root Chips

I love snacking on lotus root chips.

They’re crispy and satisfying, and they pair perfectly with yakitori chicken.

I like to make my own chips at home, using a mandoline to slice the root thinly.

Then, I toss the slices in a light coating of oil and season them with salt.

I often add a unique twist to my chips by including spices like cumin or smoked paprika.

Once they’re seasoned, I bake the chips in a hot oven until they’re crisp.

When they’re done, I serve them with chicken skewers and a dipping sauce.

The combination of the crunchy chips and the flavorful chicken is always a hit!

7. Fried Daikon Balls

Fried Daikon Balls

I love fried daikon balls because they’re a delicious and unique way to enjoy daikon radish.

Daikon is a type of radish that’s very popular in Asian cuisine, and it has a crunchy texture and slightly sweet flavor that I really enjoy.

When it’s fried, the daikon takes on a wonderful crispy texture that pairs perfectly with chicken.

I like to make my fried daikon balls with a unique twist: I add some chopped green onions and ginger to the batter for an extra burst of flavor.

The green onions add a slight onion flavor and the ginger adds a touch of spice.

This combination is really delicious and it pairs well with chicken.

I think the reason why I love fried daikon balls so much is because they’re such a unique and delicious way to enjoy daikon radish.

The crunchy texture and slightly sweet flavor are really enjoyable, and the addition of green onions and ginger gives them an extra boost of flavor.

They’re also incredibly easy to make, which is always a bonus.

If you’ve never tried fried daikon balls, I highly recommend giving them a try – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how delicious they are!

8. Vietnamese Pickled Carrots and Daikon

Vietnamese Pickled Carrots and Daikon

I like Vietnamese pickled carrots and daikon because they are crunchy and have a slightly sweet flavor.

I make them by soaking carrot slices and daikon pieces in a vinegar and water mixture overnight.

The next day, I drain the vegetables and add sugar, salt, and pepper to taste.

For a unique twist, I sometimes add a few drops of fish sauce for extra flavor.

This pickled carrot and daikon dish pairs well with chicken because the acidity of the vinegar cuts through the richness of the chicken.

The sweetness of the carrots and daikon also helps to balance out the savory flavors of the chicken.

Overall, this is a simple yet delicious dish that can be enjoyed as part of a meal or as a light snack.

9. Fried tofu

Fried tofu

Fried tofu is one of my favorite foods.

It’s simple to make, and there are endless ways to enjoy it.

I like to fry my tofu in a little bit of oil until it’s nice and crispy.

Then, I add some soy sauce and a bit of rice vinegar for flavor.

One unique way that I like to enjoy fried tofu is by pairing it with chicken.

I know that might sound strange, but the two flavors really complement each other well.

The crispy chicken skin pairs perfectly with the creamy tofu, and the soy sauce brings out the natural savory flavors of both ingredients.

Give it a try sometime – you might be surprised at how delicious it is!

10. Noodles


I love noodles for their versatility- they can be dressed up or down, and there’s always a new way to prepare them.

I’m especially fond of ramen noodles, and I often make them at home.

My favorite way to dress them up is with a poached egg and some thinly sliced scallions.

For a more rustic dish, I’ll add chopped pork and roast veggies.

And for a quick weeknight meal, I’ll toss them with some spices and chicken broth.

No matter how I make them, they’re always delicious.

And paired with yakitori chicken, they’re perfect- the savory chicken complements the hearty noodles perfectly.

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or something more elaborate, noodles are always a good choice.

And paired with yakitori chicken, they’re sure to please.

11. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls.

They’re a light, refreshing way to start a meal, and they pair perfectly with yakitori chicken.

I like to make mine with a mixture of vegetables – cabbage, carrots, and bell peppers are my favorites.

I also add a little bit of rice noodles for some extra crunch.

For a unique twist, I sometimes add a dollop of hoisin sauce or Sriracha to my spring roll before I roll it up.

The sweetness of the hoisin sauce pairs perfectly with the savory yakitori chicken, and the Sriracha adds a nice kick of heat.

12. Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings

Dumplings are one of my all-time favorite foods.

They’re simple to make, but they’re also incredibly versatile.

You can fill them with just about anything, and they can be boiled, steamed, or fried.

I usually make dumplings with a pork and shrimp filling, but you could use chicken, beef, or tofu if you prefer.

The dough is also easy to work with, and you can make it as thick or thin as you like.

I like to add a unique twist to my dumplings by shaping them into flowers before cooking them.

It’s a small detail, but it really makes them stand out.

Whether you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal or a dish to impress your guests, dumplings are always a good choice.

Spring Rolls

What to Serve with Yakitori Chicken? (12 Easy Sides)

When it comes to yakitori chicken, I firmly believe that it tastes much better when served with a side dish.
Now, I know that some people might disagree with me on this, but hear me out. There are a few reasons why I think a side dish makes yakitori chicken taste even better. First of all, it helps to balance out the flavors.
The yakitori chicken is savory and slightly sweet, so having a side dish that is either savory or sweet helps to create a more well-rounded flavor profile. Secondly, the side dish provides a contrast in texture.
The yakitori chicken is usually quite tender, so having a crunchy or crispy side dish helps to add some contrast and make the overall meal more enjoyable. Finally, the side dish just makes the meal more complete. It feels like something is missing when there is just yakitori chicken on the plate.
But when you add in a side dish, it feels like a well-rounded meal that will leave you satisfied. So next time you have yakitori chicken, be sure to add in a side dish for an even tastier experience.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 349 kcal


  • Miso Soup
  • Rice
  • Salad
  • Edamame
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Lotus Root Chips
  • Fried Daikon Balls
  • Vietnamese Pickled Carrots and Daikon
  • Fried tofu
  • Noodles
  • Spring Rolls
  • Dumplings


  • Pick your favorite recipe from this post to serve with your chicken.
  • Prepare the rest of your meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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