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What To Serve With Sosaties – 15 Best Side Dishes

Are you wondering what to serve with sosaties?

If so, you are in the right place!

Sosaties are an African-style kebab made with marinated meat, usually lamb or pork.

They are incredibly flavorful and delicious, but they can be a bit tricky when it comes to figuring out what side dishes to serve with them.

But don’t worry! I’m here to help.

In this post, I’ll share 15 of the best side dishes you can serve with sosaties including salads, roasted vegetables, potato side dishes, rice sides, and more.


Why Serve Side Dishes with Sosaties?

  1. Side dishes can add a variety of flavors and textures to your sosaties, making them more interesting and enjoyable. For example, adding a side dish like roasted vegetables or mashed potatoes will provide a contrast in texture to the skewered meat, while also introducing new flavors that complement the spices used in the marinade.
  2. Side dishes are an easy way to make sure you have enough food for everyone at your meal. If you’re serving sosaties as part of a larger meal, having some side dishes on hand can help ensure there’s enough food for all your guests without having to double up on the main course.
  3. Serving side dishes with sosaties is also an excellent way to introduce different cultures into your mealtime experience. For instance, if you’re serving South African-style sosaties, why not serve some traditional sides from other parts of Africa? This could be anything from couscous salad or plantain chips from West Africa to injera bread from East Africa—the possibilities are endless!
  4. Side dishes can also help round out the nutritional content of your meal by providing additional vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in the main course alone (such as fiber). This is especially important if you’re trying to create a balanced diet for yourself or others who may be eating with you!
  5. Finally, side dishes can add visual appeal and color to any plate—especially when it comes time for presentation! A colorful array of sides will make any plate look more inviting and appetizing than just one single item alone would do; this makes it easier for people to get excited about what they’re about to eat before they’ve even taken a bite!

What To Serve With Sosaties – 15 Best Side Dishes

Sosaties are a classic South African dish that combines meat, vegetables, and spices.

To make your sosatie meal complete, here are fifteen sides dishes that will perfectly complement it:

1. Pulled Pork Braai Broodjies

These delicious sandwiches can be made on the braai and are filled with pulled pork, onions, peppers, and a variety of spices. Perfect for any gathering or meal.

2. Grilled Corn on the Cob

Fresh corn grilled in its own husk adds smoky flavor and texture to any meal. Try serving it simply seasoned with salt and pepper, or topped with butter or garlic-infused oil.

3. Watermelon Salad with Cucumber and Feta

A refreshing combination of sweet watermelon, crisp cucumbers, and salty feta cheese – this salad is guaranteed to brighten up any plate! Drizzle it with olive oil if desired for an extra dose of healthy fats at your next meal.

4. Pap & Sheba with Grilled Sausage

Pap, a cornmeal porridge made from maize meal and water, is an essential side in many South African households.

Served warmly, it’s paired with Sheba (a type of fat often made from beef or lamb but also available in vegetarian varieties) and grilled sausage for a complete meal.

5. Chakalaka (South African Vegetable Relish)

A popular condiment in South Africa, chakalaka consists of vegetables cooked together with tomato paste and vinegar to create a spicy relish served as accompaniment to any dish. It can be stored for up to one month when refrigerated.

6. Boerewors

This type of plump farmer’s sausage is spiced before coming off the grill and adds flavor to anything it’s paired with. Boerewors can also be backed inside bread rolls or turned into mini-pies perfect for snacks on the go!

7. Tomato and Onion Salad

This classic salad is made with tomatoes, onions, and a variety of other vegetables. It pairs perfectly with sauce-based dishes such as sosaties or stews.

8. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment to tomato-based sauces such as sosaties. Its crunchy texture adds an extra depth of flavor to any meal.

9. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roasting sweet potatoes turn them into a savory side dish that’s full of flavor. They are great served on their own or topped with different seasonings for an added kick!

10. Coleslaw

When you’re looking for a side dish that goes with almost anything, coleslaw is the answer.

This dish of shredded cabbage and carrots tossed in a mayonnaise dressing is easy to prepare and mellows out the spiciness of your main course.

11. Creamed Spinach

As long as there are vegetable sides, creamed spinach belongs atop the list. Vegetables are transformed into something lush when mixed with cream — so why not try it?

You can also add garlic or onions to change this classic up a bit!

12. Grilled Asparagus

Give your green vegetable dish an eye-catching spin by preparing grilled asparagus spears!

The combination of earthy flavor from grilling, the nutty aroma from sesame oil, and sweetness from honey gives this side an irresistible umami sensation.

13. Fried Plantains

Fried plantains are a delicious way to add some sweetness and extra flavor to any meal.

They’re also a great source of healthy carbohydrates. Slice up the sweet or savory fruit, season it with salt and spices, and fry until lightly golden brown for an irresistible side dish.

14. Yellow Rice

Aromatic yellow rice is cooked in a blend of oil, onions, and other flavorful ingredients. It can be served as part of a traditional meal or as stand-alone side dish when spiced up with your favorite sauces or herbs.

You can customize it according to your personal tastes creating flavors that go wonderfully with sosaties or any other entrée you choose.

15. Simple Lemony Arugula Salad with Avocado

This crunchy green salad is perfectly finished off with slices of creamy avocado and tart lemon juice – ideal if you’re looking for something light but still delicious at dinnertime!

Serve along with grilled meats like sosaties for an easy-to-prepare warm-weather supper.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sosaties are a delicious and popular dish, but what should be served alongside it?

The best sides to serve with sosaties include braai broodjie, grilled corn on the cob, watermelon salad, pap and sheba, chakalaka, boerewors, tomato and onion salad, garlic bread, roasted sweet potatoes, coleslaw, creamed spinach, and grilled asparagus.

These sides are all delicious, easy to prepare, and will make sure your sosaties dinner is a hit. With these 15 sides, you’ll never run out of ideas for what to serve with sosaties.


What To Serve With Sosaties – 15 Best Side Dishes

When you know what to serve with sosaties, you can really take your dinner game to the next level. That's why I'm sharing my top 15 side dishes that pair perfectly with sosaties. From classic South African dishes like chakalaka to more international options like roasted potatoes and rice, I have a great selection of sides to choose from.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine African, American
Servings 4 people
Calories 498 kcal


  • Pulled Pork Braai Broodjies
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • Watermelon Salad with Cucumber and Feta
  • Pap & Sheba with Grilled Sausage
  • Chakalaka (South African Vegetable Relish)
  • Boerewors
  • Tomato and Onion Salad
  • Garlic Bread
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Coleslaw
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Grilled Asparagus
  • Fried Plantains
  • Yellow Rice
  • Simple Lemony Arugula Salad with Avocado


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a side dish in 30 minutes or less!
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