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What Meat Goes with Broccoli Casserole? (13 Best Meats)

Have you ever made a broccoli casserole and wondered what kind of meat goes well with it?

I know I have.

There are so many delicious options out there and it can be hard to decide.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

In this blog post, I’m sharing 13 kinds of meat that go well with broccoli casserole.

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What Meat Goes with Broccoli Casserole

So if you are looking for the perfect protein to pair with your next broccoli casserole dish, then you are in the right place.

And remember, you can also put these meats inside of the casserole recipe itself.

Let’s get started!

What Meat Goes with Broccoli Casserole?

There are a few different types of meat that go well with broccoli casserole. Some of the most popular include chicken, pork, and beef. For a more unique flavor, you could also try lamb or venison. Each of these meats has a different flavor that can complement the broccoli casserole in its own way.

Still looking for ideas?

Here are 13 types of meat that go well with (and in) broccoli casserole:

1. Ground Beef

Ground beef

Ground beef is a great meat to use in your broccoli casserole.

It has a really nice flavor and texture that goes really well with broccoli.

It also provides a lot of protein, which will help you feel full and energized all day long.

You can mix ground beef with other ingredients like rice or pasta, or you can even add it directly into the broccoli casserole.

You could also add some veggies like spinach or mushrooms if you wanted to get more nutrients from your meal!

Ground beef is great for any occasion because it’s so versatile—you can serve it at breakfast, lunch, dinner… even dessert!

It’s perfect for parties and holiday meals because it’s easy to make and everyone loves it!

You can serve it as an appetizer or main course—whatever floats your boat!

2. Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Meat

Buffalo meat is one of my favorite meats to use when I’m cooking.

It has a very unique flavor that pairs well with many different kinds of foods.

It has a chewy texture and is best served with broccoli casserole or put inside of the recipe itself.

I like to add other ingredients like carrots and potatoes to my buffalo meat dishes.

You can also add broccoli, onions, or any other vegetable you want!

The best occasions to serve buffalo meat are at cookouts or family gatherings because it’s so versatile that anyone can enjoy it! You can even make buffalo burgers!

The pros and cons of buffalo meat are that it can be expensive if you buy it from an expensive butcher shop but if you buy it from an affordable butcher shop then it’s affordable and tastes great!

3. Ground Turkey

Ground turkey

Ground turkey is a great meat to use in casseroles and other dishes that have a similar texture.

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It’s also super easy to cook, which makes it perfect for the novice chef or someone who’s trying to cook more often but doesn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.

I like to add ground turkey to my broccoli casserole because it gives it an extra bit of texture, and it adds a ton of flavor as well.

I find that when I use ground turkey instead of beef or chicken breast, the recipe is often better—the broccoli casserole tastes fresher, and there are more veggies overall.

If you’re looking for other ways to use ground turkey, try these:

  • Add it into your standard chili recipe (taste great with beans and corn)
  • Mix it with some shredded cheese, sautee with onions and peppers on top of spaghetti noodles (this one is great for kids)
  • Make tacos! (ground turkey taco meat is a great replacement for ground beef in tacos)

4. Ham

Smoked Ham

Ham adds a lot of flavor and texture to this dish, and it’s an easy way to get lots of protein in one meal.

I also like to serve ham as an appetizer on its own, or even as part of a sandwich.

You can add all kinds of things to ham like mustard, cheese, and even pineapple!

You can also add other ingredients like onions and garlic, which really help bring out the flavor of the meat.

This is great if you’re trying to make something more filling than just plain meat or vegetables alone—you can make a full meal out of them by adding some spices and other ingredients!

Some good occasions to serve this would be during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas because they’re usually long days spent sitting around eating food with family and friends; this would be perfect for such occasions since it’s already cooked so no one has to spend hours in the kitchen preparing everything ahead of time before guests arrive!

5. Chicken Breast

Grilled chicken breast

Chicken breast goes great with broccoli casserole because it adds a nice crunchy texture to the dish without being too hard on your teeth, which is especially good if you’re making this dish for kids (or even adults!) who are trying to eat healthier foods.

It also provides a lot of flavor, which is great if you’re someone who loves savory dishes but has trouble finding something that tastes good enough while still being healthy enough for their diet restrictions.

6. Roasted Chicken (or Any Kind of Roasted Meat)

Roasted Chicken

I love to serve roasted chicken because of its flavor, texture and versatility.

You can add any other ingredients you want.

I like to add salt and pepper to bring out the flavor of the meat.

I also like to add vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes to give it some variety.

Just remember that more vegetables mean less meat!

I usually make this dish when my friends come over for dinner or if we’re having a family gathering.

It’s really easy to make so it’s perfect for when you’re hosting people or just want something quick and delicious!

7. Pork Chops

Grilled pork chops

I love pork chops with broccoli casserole!

It’s such a simple meal, but it tastes so good—and it’s so easy to make.

I love how juicy it is and how well it pairs with the casserole.

The texture of the pork chop is also really nice—it’s tender and not too chewy.

I like that it can be cooked on a stove or in the oven, which makes it easier to make at home than most other meats.

I think you should try adding some garlic powder or crushed red pepper flakes to your casserole when you’re cooking it.

It adds a little extra kick that goes great with the sweetness of the broccoli casserole and the savoriness of the pork chops.

You could also try adding some mushrooms or onions to your casserole if you want more meaty flavor without having to cook a whole second dish!

You could even throw them into your vegetable mix while they’re sautéing if you don’t want them all over your plate.

This is one of my favorite meals because it has everything: delicious taste, great texture, ease of cooking, and minimal effort required on my part.

8. Sausage Links and Patties (Italian, Breakfast, Bratwurst, Etc.)

Turkey Sausage Links

I love serving sausage links and patties with almost any casserole.

The meat is flavorful, and its texture is satisfying. Sometimes I like to add some onion and garlic to the dish, which really adds to the overall flavor.

Sausage links and patties are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

You can serve them with a side of vegetables or potatoes.

You could even make a sandwich out of them.

This is great for a lot of occasions—I’ve served it at birthday parties, summer picnics, and even Thanksgiving celebrations!

I’ve also eaten it when I was sick in bed because it’s comforting and easy to make—it doesn’t require much preparation time at all!

9. Steak


Steak is a great choice for this meal because it has a lot of flavor and texture.

It’s also easy to add other ingredients to it, like onions, mushrooms, or peppers—or even just salt and pepper!

I love using steak because it’s so versatile—I can make it any time I want to impress someone new.

10. Bacon Bits

Bacon Bits

I like to add bacon bits to my broccoli casserole because they bring some crunch and saltiness without overpowering the dish.

They also pair really well with most other ingredients you could put in there, like cheese or breadcrumbs or eggs.

11. Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs

I like to serve chicken thighs with broccoli casserole because they have a nice, rich flavor that goes well with the creamy, cheesy goodness of the casserole.

The texture of chicken thighs is also perfect for this dish—they’re tender enough to cook through without drying out, but firm enough to have a little bite when you bite into them.

You can also add things like mushrooms and onions to this meal, or even some other vegetables that pair well with cheese sauce.

You could also add some breadcrumbs or flour to thicken up the sauce before baking it; this will help make sure everything stays nice and moist while baking!

This is a great meal to take advantage of when you have some extra time on your hands (or get home late).

It’s easy enough to prep before work or school starts in the morning, so all you need to do once you get home is pop it in the oven and relax!

12. Salmon

Grilled Salmon

I love salmon.

It’s so versatile: you can serve it raw, grilled, smoked, or in a casserole.

I like serving it with broccoli casserole because the flavors go together so well.

The salty taste of the salmon pairs well with the savory flavor of the cheese sauce and broccoli.

The texture of the fish is creamy, which makes for a nice contrast against the crunchy vegetables and pasta in the casserole.

You can also add other ingredients to your salmon when cooking: lemon juice or vinegar will add acidity that will make your meal more flavorful.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme!

I’ve also been known to throw some capers into my dish—they’re salty and delicious!

Salmon is great as an appetizer or an entrée at dinner parties or family gatherings because it’s easy to prepare in advance and then just pop into the oven when guests arrive.

It’s also really filling—you’ll feel full after eating just one serving!

13. Shrimp, Crab, or Scallops


All three of these meats have a great flavor and texture that’s both hearty and light at the same time.

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They also pair well with other ingredients like cheese and eggs.

You could also add some spinach to give it more color and flavor.

If you want to serve this for dinner, I’d recommend serving it with breadsticks or garlic bread—any kind of carb will make it feel like a full meal!


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What Meat Goes with Broccoli Casserole

What Meat Goes with Broccoli Casserole? (13 Best Meats)

If you're a fan of broccoli casserole, you know that it's the perfect side dish to go with just about any meat.
But not just any meat will do—you need to find the right one that will complement your casserole and give it some extra flavor. And don't forget to add some cheese!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course, Meat, Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 377 kcal


  • Ground Beef
  • Buffalo Meat
  • Ground Turkey
  • Ham
  • Chicken Breast
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Pork Chops
  • Sausage Links & Patties
  • Steak
  • Bacon Bits
  • Chicken Thighs
  • Salmon
  • Shrimp, Crab, or Scallops


  • Pick any meat from this list to either add to or serve next to your broccoli casserole dish.
  • Prepare the rest of your delicious meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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