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The 5 Best Types of Pasta for Mushroom Sauce

Do you love the taste of mushrooms?

If so, then you’ll love this article!

I’m here to share with you my favorite kinds of pasta for mushroom sauce.

Whether it’s a creamy white sauce or a rich red sauce, there are certain types of pasta that pair perfectly with mushrooms.

From penne to farfalle and everything in between, I’ll be exploring the five best kinds of pasta for mushroom sauce.

I’ll also discuss how to cook each type of pasta properly.

So if you’re looking for some delicious new recipes featuring your favorite fungi, keep reading – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Why Pair Mushroom Sauce with Pasta?

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Mushroom sauce is a classic Italian pasta topping that pairs perfectly with many types of noodles.

The earthy, umami flavor of mushrooms complements the mild taste of most pastas, and the creamy texture adds richness to any dish.

Mushroom sauces are also incredibly versatile; they can be made with white or brown mushrooms, as well as other ingredients like garlic, onion, herbs, and cream.

The combination of mushroom sauce and pasta is especially popular in dishes such as fettuccine Alfredo or spaghetti carbonara.

In these dishes, the rich flavor of the mushroom sauce helps to balance out the lighter flavors of cheese and egg found in these recipes.

Additionally, because mushrooms are high in protein and fiber but low in fat and calories compared to other sauces like alfredo or bolognese, they make for a healthier alternative when paired with pasta.

Overall, pairing mushroom sauce with pasta is an excellent way to add depth and complexity to your favorite noodle dishes without sacrificing nutrition or flavor!

The 5 Best Kinds of Pasta for Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom sauce is a delicious and hearty dish that can be enjoyed with many types of pasta.

But, to really bring out the flavor of the mushroom sauce, you need to choose the right type of pasta.

Here are five kinds of pastas that will pair perfectly with your mushroom sauce:

1. Fettuccine


Fettuccine is a type of pasta that originated in Italy.

It is made from egg and flour, and it has a flat, ribbon-like shape.

The name comes from the Italian word for “little ribbons” because of its long, thin strands. Fettuccine can be found in both fresh and dried forms, with the latter being more widely available in stores.

Fettuccine pairs well with mushroom sauce due to its wide surface area which allows it to absorb all the flavors of the sauce.

To make this dish, simply cook your fettuccine according to package instructions then toss it with your favorite mushroom sauce.

You can also add other ingredients such as vegetables or proteins like chicken or shrimp for an even heartier meal.

In addition to pairing with mushroom sauces, fettuccine is also commonly used in dishes like Alfredo or carbonara sauces as well as soups and salads.

Its versatility makes it a great choice for any type of cuisine!

2. Rigatoni


Rigatoni is a type of pasta that is shaped like large tubes with ridges along the sides.

It’s usually slightly curved and has an opening in the center, making it perfect for holding sauces.

The name comes from the Italian word “rigato,” which means “ridged.”

Rigatoni is a great choice when serving mushroom sauce because its shape allows it to hold onto more of the sauce than other types of pasta.

This makes for a richer flavor and texture, as well as a more visually appealing dish.

Additionally, rigatoni can also be used in dishes such as baked ziti, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, or even served cold in salads. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for any meal!

3. Penne


Penne is a type of pasta that is shaped like tubes with ridges on the outside.

It comes in various sizes, from short to long, and can be made from different types of flour such as durum wheat or semolina.

Penne is a popular choice for many dishes because it holds sauces well due to its shape and texture.

  • Using Penne with Mushroom Sauce: Penne is an ideal choice for mushroom sauce because the ridges help hold onto the sauce better than other pastas. To make this dish, start by cooking your penne according to package instructions until al dente; drain and set aside. Meanwhile, sauté mushrooms in butter or oil until they are golden brown and fragrant; add garlic if desired. Add cream or broth to the pan along with herbs such as thyme or rosemary; simmer until reduced slightly before adding Parmesan cheese and stirring until melted into the sauce. Finally, combine cooked penne with mushroom sauce and serve hot!
  • Other Common Uses for Penne: In addition to being served with mushroom sauce, penne can also be used in salads, casseroles, soups, baked dishes (such as macaroni & cheese), stir-fries, pasta bakes (like lasagna), pesto dishes (like spaghetti alla puttanesca), and more!

4. Farfalle


Farfalle, also known as bow-tie pasta, is a type of Italian pasta that is shaped like a bow tie.

It can be made from either durum wheat semolina or whole wheat flour and comes in various sizes.

The most common size used for farfalle is the medium-sized variety which measures about 1 inch long and wide.

  • Farfalle pairs well with mushroom sauce because the shape of the pasta helps to hold onto the sauce better than other types of pasta such as spaghetti or penne. To make this dish, simply cook your farfalle according to package instructions and then toss it with your favorite mushroom sauce. You can add some fresh herbs or grated cheese on top for extra flavor if desired.
  • In addition to being served with mushroom sauce, farfalle can also be used in salads, soups, casseroles, and even desserts! Try adding cooked farfalle to your favorite salad recipe for an interesting twist on a classic dish. Or use it in place of macaroni in macaroni and cheese recipes for an added layer of texture and flavor. Finally, you can even use farfalle to make sweet treats like puddings or cobblers!

5. Orecchiette


Orecchiette is a type of pasta that originated in the Puglia region of Italy.

It is shaped like small discs with a slight indentation in the center, resembling a small ear.

The name orecchiette translates to “little ears” in Italian.

This type of pasta is usually made from durum wheat flour and water, but some recipes call for adding eggs or other ingredients to give it more flavor and texture.

  • When served with mushroom sauce, orecchiette provides an ideal backdrop for the earthy flavors of mushrooms. The shape of the pasta helps to hold onto the sauce better than long noodles would, making each bite more flavorful and enjoyable. To make this dish even heartier, you can add cooked sausage or bacon to your mushroom sauce before serving over orecchiette.
  • Orecchiette also works well in soups and salads as well as dishes featuring vegetables such as broccoli rabe or sautéed spinach. You can also use it as part of a cold pasta salad by combining it with diced tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and vinaigrette dressing for a delicious summer side dish.


In conclusion, mushroom sauce is a delicious and versatile sauce that can be used on a variety of different types of pasta.

The best kinds of pasta for mushroom sauce are fettuccine, rigatoni, penne, farfalle, and orecchiette. Each of these pastas has the perfect texture and shape to hold up to the creamy mushroom sauce and provide a delicious meal.

By using one of these types of pasta, you can create a delicious and comforting meal that is sure to please everyone.

So next time you’re in the mood for mushroom sauce, grab one of these kinds of pasta and get cooking!

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

5 Best Types of Pasta for Mushroom Sauce

Who doesn't love a delicious plate of pasta covered in a creamy mushroom sauce? In this article, I'm sharing my picks for the 5 best types of pasta to pair with mushroom sauce. I'll also provide some tips on how to choose the right pasta and how to properly prepare it for the best results. With these tips, you'll be able to create a tasty dish that you'll love.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Pasta
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 368 kcal


  • Fettuccine
  • Rigatoni
  • Penne
  • Farfalle
  • Orecchiette


  • Pick your favorite kind of pasta from this list to use with mushroom sauce.
  • Prepare the rest of your meal, and enjoy!
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