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What to Serve with Fruit Salsa (11 Tasty Options)

When I think of fruit salsa, the first thing that comes to mind is a fun and easy appetizer to make.

But what can you serve it with?

Here are 11 foods that will perfectly compliment your fruit salsa!

What to Serve with Fruit Salsa

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, I’ve gotcha covered.


What to Serve with Fruit Salsa?

There are many options for what to serve with fruit salsa. You could serve it with chips as a dip, use it as a topping for tacos or nachos, or even eat it plain with a spoon! If you want something light and refreshing, you could pair fruit salsa with a green salad. For a heartier dish, try serving it with grilled chicken or pork.

Fruit Salsa

No matter what you choose to serve with your fruit salsa, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet and flavorful combination of fresh fruits and spices.

Keep scrolling for even more delicious ideas!

1. Pita Chips

Pita Chips

Pita chips are so delicious and easy to make!

I love to serve them with fruit salsa.

They are the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

The salsa is also a great way to add some extra flavor to the chips.

To make the chips, simply cut up some pita bread into small pieces.

Then, brush them with olive oil and bake them in the oven until they are golden brown.

As for the salsa, you can use any type of fruit that you like.

I usually go for a mix of strawberries, mango, and pineapple.

Just chop up the fruit and mix it together.

It’s that easy!

I like to serve the chips and salsa with a big bowl of guacamole.

It’s the perfect party snack!

2. Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla Wafers

This is a great option because vanilla wafers are already sweet, so you don’t need to add any sugar to the fruit salsa.

They’re also crunchy, which means they’ll hold up well when paired with the soft, fruity salsa.

Finally, they’re small enough to eat in one bite and won’t overwhelm your palate when you combine them with the sweetness of fruit.

3. Crackers

Keto Crackers

Crackers are another good option for serving your salsa because they have a similar texture to vanilla wafers—they’re crunchy and slightly sweet.

The main difference is that crackers tend to be larger than vanilla wafers, so it’s important not to overload your plate with too many crackers (or else you might be overwhelmed by their taste).

4. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are a fun, salty snack that can be served with fruit salsa as a side or dessert.

They’re made from corn tortillas, which is a type of masa, or corn dough.

Masa is cooked and then ground up into a dough.

This dough is then formed into small discs called tortillas.

Tortilla chips are made by cutting the tortillas into long strips and frying them in oil until they’re crisp and golden brown.

To serve this with fruit salsa, simply place some chips on a plate and pour some salsa over them.

You can also add some guacamole for an extra kick!

5. Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips

Plantain chips are essentially like potato chips, but they taste more like bananas than anything else (which makes sense because they’re made from plantains!).

They come in all kinds of styles (including barbecue style) so you can find one that suits your taste buds best.

Plantain chips pair well with fruit salsas because their flavor isn’t too strong—they won’t overpower the salsa’s flavor—and they have a nice crunchy texture that goes well with the creamy texture of any fruit salsa.

6. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes

Serve the salsa on top of rice cakes for a crunchy, healthy snack that’s perfect for kids!

You can make your own rice cakes or buy them from the grocery store.

  1. To make them yourself, mix brown rice flour, water, and salt in a bowl until you have a wet dough that’s not too sticky.
  2. Then roll out the dough into thin rounds and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes.

7. Apple Slices

Serve the salsa on top of apple slices for a tasty twist on an old favorite—apple pie!

Make sure to use fresh apples if possible (or even better, make your own).

You can cut them up into slices using an apple slicer or by hand, depending on how large you want them to be.

8. Grapes


Grapes are a great match for the sweet and spicy flavors of fruit salsa.

The sweet-and-sour combination will give your taste buds an energetic, refreshing burst before you dive into your next meal.

They’re also easy to find and serve, so you can even make them ahead of time if you want!

9. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices are another way to go, and they’re super simple: just cut up some cucumbers, then serve them alongside a bowl of your favorite fruit salsa.

Cucumbers are also a good choice because they’re soft enough to be eaten with chopsticks or fork/spoon without getting soggy in the juices from your salsa—making it easier to enjoy each bite without having to worry about making a mess.

10. Carrot Sticks

Carrot Sticks

Carrot sticks are a great way to incorporate more vegetables in your diet.

They’re crunchy and easy to eat, making them perfect for pairing with dip or salsa.

Try dipping carrot sticks into a bowl of fruit salsa and enjoy!

To make carrot sticks, all you need is some carrots (preferably organic), some vegetable oil, salt, and pepper.

You can also add other spices if you’d like, but we recommend keeping it simple so that the flavor of your fruit salsa isn’t overwhelmed by too many competing tastes.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, wash your carrots thoroughly and pat them dry with a towel or paper towel.
  2. Then cut them into thin slices using either a knife or mandolin slicer (we recommend using both).
  3. Next, place your sliced carrots in a bowl and add enough vegetable oil to cover them completely—you’ll want about 1/4 cup total per serving of carrot sticks.
  4. Stir everything together until all of the slices are coated evenly with oil.

After that comes seasoning:

  1. Add salt and pepper (and any other spices) as desired until it tastes as flavorful as possible without being overpowering in terms of spice levels—about 1/8 teaspoon per serving should suffice here .
  2. Next, place the carrots on a baking sheet and bake them in an oven set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes.
  3. Then remove them from the oven, stir everything around so that they’re evenly coated with oil and spices, and put them back in for another 5-10 minutes.
  4. Finally, remove from the oven again and enjoy!

11. Jicama Sticks

Jicama Sticks

Jicama is a crunchy root vegetable that’s high in fiber and low in calories.

It’s also known as the Mexican potato because of its similarities to the potato!

Try dipping jicama sticks into a bowl of fruit salsa and enjoy!

Fruit Salsa

What to Serve with Fruit Salsa (11 Tasty Options)

There's nothing quite like a freshly made fruit salsa.
The sweetness of the fruit, the brightness of the tomatoes, and the zing of the onions all come together to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.
And when it's served with other foods, it just gets better.
The acidity of the salsa cuts through the richness of cheeses and meats, making them taste even more delicious.
Plus, the colorful salsa is a perfect addition to any party spread.
Whether you're serving it with chips, crackers, or even just plain old bread, fruit salsa is sure to be a hit with your guests.
So next time you're looking for a new recipe to try, don't forget about fruit salsa. It's deliciousness in a bowl!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Salsa, Side Dish
Cuisine American, Mexican
Servings 4 people
Calories 354 kcal


  • Pita Chips
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Crackers
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Plantain Chips
  • Rice Cakes
  • Apple Slices
  • Grapes
  • Cucumber Slices
  • Carrot Sticks
  • Jicama Sticks


  • Pick your favorite food from this list to serve with your fruity salsa.
  • Prepare the rest of your delicious meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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