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What Salad to Serve with Lobster Bisque? 8 Best Salads

Knowing what salad to serve with lobster bisque can turn an already impressive dish into a truly show-stopping meal.

But with so many different salads to choose from, it can be tough to decide which one to make.

That’s why I’ve rounded up 8 of the best salads to serve with lobster bisque.

From a simple green salad to a more complex grain salad, there is sure to be something on this list that you’ll love.

So go ahead and give one (or all!) of these salads a try the next time you make lobster bisque!

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What Salad to Serve with Lobster Bisque

What Salad to Serve with Lobster Bisque? 8 Best Salads

You don’t have to settle for a boring salad when you’re serving lobster bisque.

In fact, there are a number of great salads that pair beautifully with this rich and creamy soup.

From light and refreshing to hearty and filling, there’s a salad out there that will perfectly complement your lobster bisque.

Here are 8 of the best salads to serve with lobster bisque:

1. Salad Caprese

Caprese usually consists of mozzarella and tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

It’s a super easy salad to make, but it’s also really delicious and satisfying.

The sweetness of the tomatoes pairs so well with the creaminess of the mozzarella, and the acidity of the vinegar cuts through everything perfectly.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a little bit more flavor, try swapping out the balsamic vinegar for red wine vinegar.

3 Changes You Can Make:

1. Add some chopped up cooked bacon for a salty kick.

2. Swap out the mozzarella for fresh buffalo mozzarella for an even creamier dish.

3. Toss in some grilled chicken or shrimp to make it a heartier meal.

2. Nicoise Salad

Unique, tasty, and filling, this Nicoise Salad is a great option for a light lunch or dinner.

The combination of flavors and textures in this salad is really what makes it special.

The bisque adds a creamy richness, while the olives and capers provide a salty contrast.

The potatoes and eggs add heartiness, making this salad satisfying enough to stand on its own.

Pro Tip: If you want to make this salad ahead of time, hard-boil the eggs and cook the potatoes ahead of time. Store everything in separate containers in the fridge, then assemble when you’re ready to eat.

3 Changes You Can Make:

  • Omit the tuna for a vegetarian option.
  • Swap out the green beans for another veggie, like asparagus or zucchini.
  • Add some crusty bread on the side for dipping into the bisque.

3. Cobb Salad

Known for being rich, creamy and full of flavor, bisque is the perfect pairing for this Cobb salad.

The salad itself is packed with protein and healthy fats, making it a filling and satisfying meal.

Pro Tip: Use rotisserie chicken to save time on cooking the chicken breasts.

3 changes you can make to this salad:

  • Omit the bacon to make it a healthier option.
  • Add roasted sweet potatoes or quinoa for an extra boost of nutrients.
  • Use a different type of cheese, such as goat cheese or feta, to change up the flavor profile.

4. Caeser Salad

If you want to impress your guests with a unique and delicious salad, this is the one for you.

The sweetness of the roasted corn balances out the acidity of the tomatoes, while the crispy bacon and creamy dressing tie everything together.

This salad also goes great with bisque because of its similar flavors.

Pro Tip: For an extra crunch, add croutons to the salad.

3 Changes You Can Make To This Salad:

  • Add grilled chicken for a heartier meal.
  • Swap out the romaine lettuce for spinach or arugula.
  • Use a different kind of cheese, like feta or goat cheese.

5. Waldorf Salad

I’m sure you’ve heard of Waldorf salad, but have you ever tried it?

This salad is a perfect mix of sweetness, crunch and creaminess.

The apples and grapes provide a lovely sweetness, the celery and walnuts give it a satisfying crunch and the mayonnaise ties everything together perfectly.

It’s delicious on its own, but I think it’s even better when paired with bisque.

The soup adds another layer of creaminess and the two dishes complement each other perfectly.

Pro Tip: When chopping the apples for this salad, make sure to use a sharp knife. A dull knife will make it difficult to get clean cuts and you’ll end up with mushy apples.

3 Changes You Can Make:

  • Use different fruits in place of the apples and grapes, like pears or berries.
  • Add some chopped up chicken or turkey for some extra protein.
  • Swap out the mayonnaise for Greek yogurt or avocado for a healthier option.

6. Thai Chicken Larb Salad

If you like Asian flavors, you will love this Thai-inspired salad.

It’s got all of the traditional Larb ingredients: ground chicken, fish sauce, lime juice, rice powder and chili pepper.

But what sets this salad apart is the addition of fresh herbs like mint, cilantro and Thai basil.

The coolness of the herbs balances out the heat from the chili pepper perfectly.

Pro Tip: If you can’t find Thai basil, you can substitute regular basil or mint.

3 Changes You Can Make to This Salad:

  • Swap out the ground chicken for ground pork or turkey.
  • Add shredded carrots or red cabbage for a pop of color.
  • Use white rice instead of brown rice for a more neutral flavor.

7. Tabbouleh Salad

Tabbouleh is a simple Mediterranean salad that is usually made with bulgur wheat, tomatoes, parsley, mint, lemon juice, and olive oil.

It’s a refreshing and healthy salad that goes great with bisque.

Pro Tip: If you want to make this salad ahead of time, wait to add the tomatoes until right before you serve it.

This will prevent the salad from getting soggy.

3 Changes You Can Make to This Salad:

  • Swap out the bulgur wheat for quinoa or couscous.
  • Add in some chopped up cucumber or zucchini.
  • Use fresh basil instead of mint.

8. Russian Olivier Salad

How about something a little different for your next potluck?

This Russian Olivier salad is a refreshing change from the usual suspects.

It’s mayo-based, but it’s lightened up with some sour cream and yogurt.

Plus, it has plenty of crunch from the celery and radishes.

The best part? It can be made ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about last-minute prep.

Pro Tip: For an extra bit of flavor, add a tablespoon of dill pickle juice to the dressing.

3 Ways to Change Up This Salad:

  • Swap out the diced chicken for canned tuna or salmon.
  • Use chopped hard-boiled eggs in place of the diced chicken.
  • Add in some chopped fresh herbs, like dill or parsley.
what kind of salad goes with lobster bisque

What Salad to Serve with Lobster Bisque? 8 Best Salads

There are so many delicious salads out there, but which one should you serve with your lobster bisque?
This post details eight of the best salads to serve alongside this creamy soup, including options like a simple green salad, a Caesar salad, or a shrimp and avocado salad.
No matter what you choose, you're sure to have a delicious and satisfying meal.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 389 kcal


  • Salad Caprese
  • Nicoise Salad
  • Cobb Salad
  • Caeser Salad
  • Waldorf Salad
  • Thai Chicken Larb Salad
  • Tabbouleh Salad
  • Russian Olivier Salad


  • Choose any of these salads to serve with your Lobster Bisque.
  • Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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