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Potato Salad Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe. A bowl of classic potato salad is nostalgic at family gatherings. It reminds me of past summers and the love from my family.

Potato Salad Recipe

This recipe mixes Southern tradition with family favorite tastes. It’s the perfect potato salad for any event. Watch the video below for the recipe.

Ingredients You’ll Need for the Best Potato Salad

Start your perfect potato salad with the best potato salad ingredients. Choose Yukon Gold or Klondike Goldust potatoes. They are perfect because of their consistency and mild taste.

Use a top creamy mayonnaise like Duke’s or Hellmann’s. It makes the dressing rich and smooth. Add some classic yellow mustard for flavor and color. Mustard goes well with apple cider vinegar, adding a unique touch.

Add sweet pickle relish for crunch and sweetness. It balances the other flavors well. Diced celery and sweet onions give the salad a nice texture and taste.

Include hard-boiled eggs for extra richness. Sprinkle celery seeds and paprika for more flavor. Chopped fresh dill at the end ties all the flavors together.

Mix all these items carefully. You’ll make a potato salad that shines at any event.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Potato Salad

Learning how to make potato salad means following tradition. First, gather the right ingredients. I like Yukon Gold potatoes because they hold their shape and pick up flavors well.

Start by boiling the potatoes in water. They should be fully covered. Add some salt to the water when it starts boiling. This makes the potatoes taste better. When the potatoes are soft, take off their skins while they are still hot. A little vinegar on them gives a nice taste.

Let the potatoes cool down while you make the dressing. Mix mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, mustard, vinegar, celery seeds, and paprika in a bowl. Mix until smooth. This dressing is what makes the salad homey and yummy.

Add the potatoes to the dressing when they’re cool. Gently mix them so they don’t break. Then, put in the diced eggs, celery, and onions. Fresh dill on top finishes it perfectly.

Concentrate on every step when making potato salad. From boiling the potatoes to adding the last bits, all steps are key. This way, you’ll make a homemade potato salad that everyone loves. Enjoy making it and eating it!

Why My Potato Salad Recipe Stands Out

My potato salad is special because I use a secret family recipe. It’s known for mixing simple parts to make something rich and long-lasting.

The secret is to use the right potatoes. They must be starchy and cooked just right. Then, mix in two kinds of mustard for a special taste. Apple cider vinegar also makes it tangy and fresh.

My potato salad has a special touch. I make it slightly mashed so the dressing covers every potato bit. It turns every bite into a creamy and savory delight. Families love it at their big events, making it a must-have dish.


What makes this potato salad a family favorite?

This potato salad is a family treasure over many years. It shows the best of a classic taste. It is a must at family events because of its history across generations.

What type of potatoes should I use?

Yukon Gold or Klondike Goldust potatoes are best. They make the salad creamy and tasty.

Which mayonnaise brands are recommended for this recipe?

Use Duke’s or Hellmann’s mayonnaise. They make the salad rich and perfect with other flavors.

How is the potato salad dressing prepared?

The dressing mixes mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, mustard, vinegar, celery seeds, and paprika. It’s all whisked until smooth. Then, it’s put over warm potatoes.

What additional ingredients add crunch to the potato salad?

Diced celery and sweet onion add a nice crunch. They make the salad feel fresh and balanced.

How do you ensure the potatoes are perfectly cooked?

Put the potatoes in cold water and heat slowly to boil. This makes them cook well. Salt in the water adds taste. Peel and sprinkle with vinegar for more flavor.

Why is the texture slightly mashed?

The mashed texture makes this salad special. It mixes the creamy dressing, savory parts, and fresh herbs well. Each bite is delicious.

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