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What To Serve With Key Lime Pie – 10 Best Side Dishes

Ah, Key Lime Pie.

The tangy, creamy, and oh-so-delicious dessert that makes our taste buds dance with joy.

But let’s be real, pie alone is not enough to satisfy our insatiable hunger for culinary perfection.

No, no, no.

We need more. We need sides.

We need the yin to the pie’s yang. We need the butter to its bread.

So, dear readers, I present to you the 10 best side dishes to serve with Key Lime Pie.

Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a culinary journey that will make your taste buds sing and your stomach grumble in anticipation.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Key Lime Pie

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Key Lime Pie?

Are you still serving Key Lime Pie solo? Oh, honey, it’s time to step up your dessert game.

Here are five reasons why you should consider serving side dishes with your Key Lime Pie:

  1. You’re a grown-up now, and grown-ups don’t settle for just pie. Remember when you were a kid, and pie was enough to make you happy? Well, those days are gone, my friend. Now, you need to spice things up a bit and give your taste buds the variety they crave. That’s where side dishes come in.
  2. It’s like having a dessert buffet, but without the hassle. When you serve Key Lime Pie with side dishes, it’s like having your own personal dessert buffet, but without the fuss of having to bake a ton of different desserts. Plus, it looks fancy, and who doesn’t love feeling fancy?
  3. It’s a chance to get creative with your dessert game. Let’s face it, Key Lime Pie is amazing, but it can get a little boring after a while (gasp, I know, sacrilege). But when you serve it with side dishes, you have the chance to get creative and try new flavor combinations. Strawberry and cream? Why not? Mashed potatoes? Sure, why not. The sky’s the limit (or at least, the limit is your pantry).
  4. Your guests will be impressed (and maybe even a little jealous). Let’s be real, serving Key Lime Pie with side dishes will make you look like a dessert pro. Your guests will be in awe of your culinary skills, and maybe even a little jealous that they didn’t think of it first. Just make sure to give them a slice of pie, or you might end up with a dessert mutiny on your hands.
  5. Life is short, and so is dessert time. You only have so much time in this world, so why waste it on just pie? By serving side dishes with your Key Lime Pie, you’re maximizing your dessert time and making the most out of every delicious bite. Plus, who knows, you might discover a new favorite flavor combination that will change your life (or at least, your dessert game).

What To Serve With Key Lime Pie – 10 Best Side Dishes

Key lime pie is a delicious, tangy dessert that deserves to be accompanied with the perfect side dish.

Here are ten options that will go perfectly with key lime pie – from salads to fruits, and even some savory sides!

1 – Strawberries and Cream

Ah, Strawberries and Cream, the classic combo that never gets old. It’s like the mullet of the dessert world – business on top, party on the bottom.

The sweet and juicy strawberries add a refreshing zing to the creamy and luscious cream. Plus, it’s red and white, so it’s like you’re serving up a dessert version of the American flag. Ain’t that just sweet?

2 – Banana Split Fluff Salad

Banana Split Fluff Salad? What in the world is that, you ask?

Well, let me tell you, it’s a bit like a crazy science experiment gone right. Imagine taking a banana split, throwing it in a blender, and then whipping it into a fluffy, dreamy cloud.

Sounds like something Willy Wonka would serve up in his candy factory, right?

Trust me, it’s the perfect sidekick for your Key Lime Pie. Just make sure you don’t get too fluffed up yourself, or you might start floating away.

3 – Peanut Butter Pudding

Peanut Butter Pudding, the lovechild of peanut butter and pudding. It’s like your two favorite childhood snacks got together and had a baby, and now that baby has grown up to be a delicious and nutty adult.

Creamy, dreamy, and packed with the perfect balance of peanut butter and sweetness, this side dish will make you feel like a kid again.

Just be sure to have a glass of milk handy, because this one’s rich enough to make your arteries beg for mercy.

4 – Mashed potatoes

Mashed Potatoes, the comfort food of comfort foods. It’s like a warm, buttery hug in a bowl. But you may be wondering, “Why on earth would I serve mashed potatoes with Key Lime Pie?

Well, my dear reader, because sometimes opposites attract. The sweet and tangy Key Lime Pie will dance a tango with the savory and smooth mashed potatoes, and your taste buds will be the lucky spectators.

Plus, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even pipe the mashed potatoes into a swirly, whimsical design. Who said mashed potatoes can’t be fancy?

5 – Peach Bellini

Peach Bellini, the brunch drink of champions. Nothing says “I’m a fancy adult” like sipping on a Bellini, am I right?

And what better way to accompany your sophisticated drink than with a slice of Key Lime Pie?

The sweet and refreshing peach flavor will complement the tartness of the pie like a match made in heaven. Just make sure to sip slowly, or you might get a little too buzzed and start spilling your secrets.

6 – Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce, the liquid gold of the dessert world. Drizzle it on ice cream, cake, or even pancakes (no judgment here). But have you ever considered pouring it over your Key Lime Pie?

It’s like adding a luxurious coat to an already elegant outfit. The sweetness of the caramel will balance out the tartness of the pie, creating a flavor explosion that will make your taste buds sing. Just don’t get too carried away with the pouring, or you might end up swimming in a caramel river.

7 – Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream, the dependable sidekick to any dessert. It’s like the Robin to Batman, the Chewbacca to Han Solo, the Ron Weasley to Harry Potter (you get the idea).

So, it’s no surprise that it pairs perfectly with Key Lime Pie. The rich and creamy chocolate flavor will contrast with the tangy lime and create a harmonious balance that will leave you wanting more.

Just be sure to have a napkin handy, because things might get a little messy (but hey, that’s part of the fun, right?).

8 – Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream, the fluffy cloud of decadence that makes any dessert better. You could put whipped cream on a shoe, and it would probably taste amazing (okay, maybe not, but you get the point).

And when you pair it with Key Lime Pie, well, let’s just say it’s a match made in dessert heaven.

The light and airy texture of the whipped cream will complement the dense and creamy texture of the pie, creating a mouthwatering experience that will leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud (or at least on a cloud of whipped cream).

9 – Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet, the palate cleanser of the dessert world. It’s like hitting the reset button on your taste buds, but in the most delicious way possible.

And when you’re serving it with Key Lime Pie, it’s like giving your taste buds a one-two punch of citrusy goodness.

The tartness of the lemon will complement the tartness of the lime, creating a flavor combination that will make your mouth water. Just make sure to savor every bite (or slurp, in this case).

10 – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, the classic companion to any dessert. It’s like the white t-shirt of the dessert world – it goes with everything.

And when you pair it with Key Lime Pie, it’s like a match made in vanilla-scented heaven. The smooth and creamy vanilla flavor will contrast with the tart lime flavor, creating a flavor combination that will make your taste buds sing.

Just be sure to scoop generously, because there’s no such thing as too much ice cream (at least, that’s what we tell ourselves).


There you have it, folks. The 10 best side dishes to serve with Key Lime Pie. Whether you’re feeling fancy or just looking for some good old-fashioned comfort food, these side dishes will take your Key Lime Pie experience to the next level. So go forth, eat dessert, and be merry!

Key Lime Pie

What To Serve With Key Lime Pie – 10 Best Side Dishes

Knowing what to eat with key lime pie can be tricky. To make it easy, I'm sharing my top 10 side dishes to serve with this tart and tangy dessert. Whether you're looking for a light and refreshing accompaniment or a rich and indulgent one, this roundup has something for everyone. Get inspired and create the perfect menu for your next key lime pie feast.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 500 kcal


  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Banana Split Fluff Salad
  • Peanut Butter Pudding
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Peach Bellini
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Whipped Cream
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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