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What To Serve With Bulgogi? 15 Best Side Dishes

Not sure what to serve with your delicious bulgogi?

Look no further!

I’ve compiled some of the best side dishes that will pair perfectly with this classic Korean dish.

The best accompaniments for bulgogi are a variety of side dishes like kimchi, pickled vegetables, steamed rice, and roasted seaweed. To make the meal complete, add some spicy sauces such as gochujang or ssamjang. A light soup or soybean paste stew will also nicely balance out the flavors of bulgogi.


Bulgogi is a popular South Korean dish typically made with marinated and grilled beef or pork, so it has an umami-rich flavor.

To make the most out of this delightful meal, you’ll need an array of contrasting sides to round it out.

From zucchini pajeon and bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes) to kimchi jjigae and sweet pumpkin porridge, these 15 side dishes are sure to satisfy any hungry group!

Each offers something unique, making them ideal accompaniments for the star of dinner: juicy bulgogi.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Bulgogi?

  • Variety: Serving side dishes with bulgogi provides a variety of flavors and textures to the meal. Bulgogi is typically served as thin slices of marinated beef, so adding sides can help balance out the dish by providing different flavors and textures.
  • Nutrition: Side dishes are a great way to add more nutrition to your meal. For example, you could serve steamed vegetables or a salad alongside bulgogi for added vitamins and minerals. You could also include some grains like rice or quinoa for additional fiber and protein.
  • Presentation: Serving side dishes with bulgogi can make it look more appealing on the plate, which makes it more inviting to eat! Adding colorful vegetables or garnishes can really bring out the flavor of the dish while making it look beautiful at the same time!

What To Serve With Bulgogi? 15 Best Side Dishes

Bulgogi is a delicious Korean dish that can be served as the main course.

But if you want to make it an even more memorable meal, you’ll need some sides to go along with it.

Here are fifteen side dishes that work perfectly with bulgogi – from salads to rice and vegetables:

1 – Fresh Kimchi

Enter: fresh kimchi.

The perfect sidekick to bulgogi – it adds a crunchy kick of flavor that you won’t get anywhere else.

Whether you like your kimchi mild or spicy, this is the best way to balance out the caramelized sweetness of the beef.

Plus, you don’t even have to make it from scratch!

Just grab a jar from your local grocery store and within minutes, you’ve got a plate full of delicious flavors that’s sure to steal the show.

Kimchi will add just the right amount of zing without overpowering all those other complex flavors vying for attention on your plate.

It’s like having your own cheering section no matter what dish it’s paired with—the MVP in any meal!

2 – Oi Muchim (spicy cucumber salad)

Oi Muchim, or spicy cucumber salad, as they say in the States.

This Korean side dish is the perfect accompaniment to your bulgogi feast.

It’s like a party in your mouth – sweet and garlicky with just the right amount of heat.

Plus it has a crunchy texture that’ll leave everyone reaching for one more bite!

Not only does this classic condiment add an extra layer of deliciousness, but it also helps balance out all those intense flavors from the main dish.

So come on over and bring along some Oi Muchim for a winning flavor combo at your next Bulgogi dinner!

3 – Stir-Fried Daikon Radish Cake (Lo Bak Gou)

Stir-Fried Daikon Radish Cake, a.k.a Lo Bak Gou – it’s like the side dish version of Bulgogi’s ride or die friend.

It brings together both sweet and savory flavors in one delicious package that is sure to make your mouth water.

Picture this: golden, crisp radish cakes with a hint of sweetness from white sugar and smoothness from egg yolks all nestled in an aromatic soy sauce mixture.

Need I say more?

Yep, there’s even some garlic and ginger added for good measure! Talk about flavor overload 🤩

4 – Savory & Delicious Gochujang Noodles

Savory and delicious gochujang noodles – the unsung hero to every bulgogi feast.

You could say they give a whole new meaning to the phrase “side dish.”

Think about it: swapping your regular pasta for these sesame-laced noodles is like taking a road trip instead of flying. It just adds a bit more excitement!

Gochujang noodles are the perfect way to enhance the flavor of any Korean meal.

Their distinct, umami kick provides that little something extra that makes this dish stand out from all others.

Plus, they’re so easy to make – you can whip up a batch in no time at all!

So when it comes time to serve up an unforgettable plate of Bulgogi, don’t forget its sidekick – sav

5 – Twice Baked Potatoes

These twice baked potatoes may be small, but they sure pack a flavor punch.

They can really bring Bulgogi to the next level.

Filled with sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese and topped with crumbled bacon and chopped chives, these little spuds are like an explosively delicious flavor firework show.

Not only that, but you can turn them into a complete meal by adding your favorite toppings such as diced tomatoes or sliced mushrooms.

Better yet, why not get creative and add some kimchi for extra odan (Korean for “taste”)? Now that would make an unforgettable meal!

6 – Gochujang Fried Rice

Gochujang fried rice – a classic Korean side dish bursting with flavor.

Just like strength in numbers, the warm and sweet notes of gochujang create an unbeatable harmony that’s just perfect for Bulgogi.

Plus, it’s a creative way to turn leftovers into something special.

Packed with sautéed veg, cubed spam and crispy bits of bacon (or whatever toppings you prefer!), Gochujang fried rice is all about elevated comfort food.

And as if its taste wasn’t enough, this vibrant-hued dish is always sure to brighten up your plate — both literally and figuratively!

7 – Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Garlic butter mushrooms serve as the perfect accompaniment to your Bulgogi feast.

They are savory, succulent and downright delicious.

What more can you ask for?

Sauté these juicy mushrooms in a pool of melted garlic butter and let them simmer until all the flavors have married together nicely.

With every bite of this heavenly side dish, you will be transported straight to flavor-town.

The slight crunch of the mushrooms with their creamy garlicky sauce is truly mouthwatering goodness!

Take your Bulgogi experience up a notch with some delectable garlic butter mushrooms on the side; trust me, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

8 – Spicy Stir-fried Rice Cakes with Sichuan Peppercorns

Spicy stir-fried rice cakes with Sichuan peppercorns?

Oh baby, do I have your attention now.

These chewy and flavourful discs of pleasure are like a party in your mouth.

Spiced up with zingy chilli peppers, the familiar heat is balanced by the aromatic sichuan peppercorns, giving this side dish an unique depth of flavour.

Not to mention all that garlic you added, c’mon it’s just too good!

This side will complement naughty Bulgogi perfectly – and with its crunchy texture and bold flavours, you can expect empty plates at the end of every meal.

Who said boring sides were mandatory?!

9 – Fried Egg

Fried eggs – an often overlooked but important side when it comes to Bulgogi.

Let me tell you, this little breakfast staple is an absolute game-changer.

Just imagine how perfect each bite of Bulgogi will taste made complete with a mound of fluffy egg atop it!

Talk about comfort food—it’s like the sun shining on your plate.

Plus, fried eggs can also be incredibly versatile, no matter what kind of flavor profile you’re going for – savory, sweet or spicy – this simple ingredient has got your back!

Breakfast never tasted so good and was enjoyed under dinnertime skies.

10 – Korean Pickled Onions

Korean pickled onions – they’re like the perfect pop of color and flavor to any meal.

You really can’t go wrong with these crunchy, sweet and sour little gems.

Think of them as a great way to add some zing to your bulgogi without overpowering its distinct flavors.

Their tanginess teases the taste buds and their slight sweetness helps balance out all the other components of your dish for an overall more enjoyable experience.

Plus, you get a nice crunch that’ll make every bite count!

11 – Zucchini Pajeon (savory pancakes)

Zucchini Pajeon, also known as savory pancakes – the perfect sidekick to complete your Bulgogi experience.

Sure, it looks like a simple stir-fried pancake but there’s a reason why it’s been around for centuries.

The mingling of zucchini with garlic, egg and flour produces one flavorful amalgamation that will have you forget about those plain old french fries.

Think of Zucchini Pajeon as that unique friend who knows just how to bring out the best in any meal.

They’re versatile too! Add some spring onions or shrimp if you want them even tastier.

But when it comes to Bulgogi, they’re standing their own ground without any “help”.

They make the difference between an

12 – Bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes)

Oh, Bindaetteok.

You are the perfect companion to a platter of Bulgogi.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these mung bean pancakes bring texture and flavor to your meal.

Plus, their mildly sweet taste helps balance out all that richness from the marinated meat.

Not only that, but Bindaetteok is also such a versatile side dish!

Add an array of delicious condiments like kimchi and ssamjang or sprinkle some nuts or scallions for extra crunch.

With all those flavor combinations it’s practically impossible not to impress dinner guests with this hearty fare.

13 – Kimchi Jjigae (stew)

Kimchi Jjigae, where do I even begin?

Not only is this stew a heavenly combination of salty and spicy, but it’s also an essential sidekick to any Bulgogi dinner.

It brings the flavors of garlic, onions, and peppers together in perfect harmony.

This powerful yet versatile dish can be enjoyed hot or cold – depending on your mood – and always adds much needed depth to your meal.

Whether you’re looking for something light as a palate cleanser or something heartier (and spicier!) to go with your main course; kimchi jjigae will surely enhance whatever you serve it alongside.

So don’t pass up this chance for culinary greatness!

14 – Hobakjuk (Korean Pumpkin Porridge)

This Korean pumpkin porridge is made from mashed cooked pumpkin mixed with rice and other grains.

Plus, its creamy texture and subtle sweetness make it the perfect partner for Bulgogi’s savory flavor profile.

Don’t be fooled by its comforting appearance – hobakjuk packs an unexpected punch thanks to its blend of spices like garlic, ginger and sesame oil that send taste buds on a wild ride.

It’s like sweet and spicy harmony in each spoonful!

And when topped with nuts or dried fruit, it’s sure to become everyone’s favorite part of the meal.

15 – Japchae (Korean glass noodles)

Japchae, the ace up your Bulgogi sleeve.

Ok, so you already have an amazing dish cooked up, but what would it be without this magical noodle dish?

This glass noodle stir fry is the ultimate sidekick to your main course and adds a flavorful punch to any meal.

With its sweet, savory flavor profile and chewy texture, it’s no wonder why people can’t get enough of this dish.

And with vegetables like onions and spinach thrown into the mix as well, you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for flavor.

Talk about a winning combo!


In conclusion, Bulgogi is a delicious and flavorful Korean dish that is best served with a variety of tasty side dishes.

Bulgogi pairs well with a variety of sides, like steamed rice or noodles, kimchi, roasted vegetables, pickled cucumbers and onions, and bean sprouts. For a lighter side dish serve zucchini pancakes or marinated mushrooms. A salad of greens dressed in sesame oil vinaigrette is also an excellent accompaniment to bulgogi.


What To Serve With Bulgogi? 15 Best Side Dishes

Knowing what to serve with a delicious bulgogi dish can be tricky. That's why I've rounded up 15 of the best side dishes that pair perfectly with this classic Korean dish. From kimchi and pickles to rice and noodles, these sides will add flavor and texture to your meal and take it to the next level.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Asian
Servings 4 people
Calories 500 kcal


  • Fresh Kimchi
  • Oi Muchim (spicy cucumber salad)
  • Stir-Fried Daikon Radish Cake (Lo Bak Gou)
  • Savory & Delicious Gochujang Noodles
  • Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Gochujang Fried Rice
  • Garlic Butter Mushrooms
  • Spicy Stir-fried Rice Cakes with Sichuan Peppercorns
  • Fried Egg
  • Korean Pickled Onions
  • Zucchini Pajeon (savory pancakes)
  • Bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes)
  • Kimchi Jjigae (stew)
  • Hobakjuk (Korean Pumpkin Porridge)
  • Japchae (Korean glass noodles)


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all of the required ingredients.
  • Prep a bulgogi side in 25 minutes or less.
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