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9 Herbs that Go with Pork Casserole

Pork casserole is a great, go-to family dinner meal.

But if you want to make sure you’re making the best possible pork casserole for your family, there’s no better way to improve the flavor than by adding in some fresh herbs and spices.

what herbs go with Pork Casserole

Here are a few of our favorite recommendations:

Rosemary, sage, thyme, and marjoram all pair very well with pork casserole. Rosemary is the most potent of these herbs and can overpower the others if you use too much of it. Marjoram is a subtle herb that has a flavor similar to oregano but slightly sweeter. Thyme and sage are both strong and earthy flavors that pair well with meat.

9 Herbs that Go with Pork Casserole

Pork Casserole

The herbs you use in your pork casserole recipe are what make or break the dish.

You can get away with using slightly less-than-perfect vegetables, or even a subpar cut of meat—but if the herbs are off?

You’ll know it.

The whole dish will be ruined.

It won’t have the same depth of flavor, and that’s what makes a good pork casserole so special: its celebration of all the delicious flavors that can be coaxed out of natural ingredients.

So if you want to make an amazing pork casserole recipe (and who doesn’t?), getting your hands on a quality selection of herbs is essential.

Sure, you could use a pre-made rub or seasoning packet from the store, but that tends to be loaded with sodium and added sugar—and tricking your palate into thinking you’ve hit the jackpot doesn’t really make for an enjoyable eating experience.

1. Thyme


Thyme is an herb that pairs well with so many things, and it will add depth to your pork casserole in particular.

It’s earthy, but not too overpowering, so it won’t compete with the flavor of the pork.

You can usually find thyme at a grocery store—just look for fresh sprigs.

If you don’t see any, look in the frozen food section—you’ll often find frozen thyme there!

2. Sage


Like thyme, sage is an herb that pairs well with so many different things—it’s almost as if it was meant to be paired with pork!

It’s fragrant and warm, but also incredibly subtle—so subtle that you might think your pork casserole was missing something before adding sage to it!

Sage is easy to find as well—it’s usually at grocery stores in the produce aisle.

3. Parsley


Parsley is a leafy herb that complements pork dishes very well.

It has a green, summery taste that will make your mouth water.

It pairs particularly well with potatoes, so if you’re serving your pork casserole with potatoes or are looking to add them, parsley is an excellent choice!

4. Rosemary


If you love the smell of fresh rosemary sizzling on the stovetop (we do!), it’s likely to enhance the aroma of your pork casserole as well.

We recommend using fresh rosemary cut into small inch-long pieces and cooking it with the onions.

If you have time before putting your casserole together, you can also make a rosemary oil to drizzle on top by infusing it into some olive oil and letting it sit for a few hours before serving!

5. Ginger


Ginger is a root that originates in China and India. Its flavor is earthy, warm, and slightly spicy. Ginger goes well with most other ingredients, but it pairs especially well with pork because the earthiness of the ginger balances out the strong flavors of the meat.

Ginger works especially well when paired with garlic, onion, and soy sauce. These three ingredients are a classic Chinese combination that you can use to enhance the flavor of your pork casserole recipe.

6. Marjoram


Another herb that’s particularly well known for its ability to enhance the flavor of pork is marjoram.

You’ve probably seen marjoram in your grocery store as one of those tiny, dried sprigs of green matter in the spice aisle—and while those are great if you’re looking for the boldest, most intense flavor possible, you’ll want to find the fresh stuff if you’re adding marjoram to your pork casserole.

7. Oregano


Oregano is a great addition to any pork meal because of the earthy flavor it brings to the table.

It’s also considered an essential ingredient in many Italian dishes, and is therefore a great way to add that perfect little kick of flavor to your typical pork-and-sides family dinner.

8. Basil


Basil is another popular herb with a mild flavor that goes great in pork casserole.

It has a slightly sweet taste that adds just the right amount of sweetness to counterbalance the savoriness of your dish.

This herb is super easy to grow at home, so we recommend getting a pot of basil and keeping it on your windowsill so you always have this tasty addition on hand when you need it!

9. Dill


Dill is a herb that goes perfectly with potatoes, which are a staple in pork casseroles.

It also adds an earthy flavor to the dish that will really bring out the natural goodness of other ingredients like mushrooms and onions.

Try adding some chopped dill to your next pork casserole—you’ll never go back to regular old pork casserole again!

How to Pick Herbs that Go Well with Pork Casserole

Pork Casserole herbs

It can be tough to pick herbs that go well with pork casserole, but it’s an important part of the cooking process.

Here are some tips to help you make your decision:

1. A Herb that Complements the Flavor Profile

Look for a herb that complements the flavor profile of the food you’re making.

For instance, if your casserole is going to have a lot of sweetness, look for an herb that has some bitter notes, like rosemary or thyme.

This will help balance out the flavor profile and create a more harmonious dish.

2. Purpose

If you’re adding a spice or dried herb like cinnamon or cloves instead of fresh herbs, make sure they’re meant to be in there!

It’s easy to get confused when picking herbs with pork casserole recipes, because both rosemary and cinnamon sound like they’d go well together.

But rosemary should never be used as a spice (unless it’s being used as a garnish).

If in doubt about whether an ingredient belongs in your recipe or not, leave it out!

3. Don’t Forget About Saltiness

When you’re making a pork casserole, you’re going to use a whole lot of pork.

Pork is one of the most flavorful meats out there, and it has a lot of natural salts in it.

It’s easy to end up with a dish that’s too salty if you’re not careful—so when you’re picking your herbs, keep those levels of salt in mind.

Look for something that will hold up against the meat and help balance out its flavor.


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Pork Casserole

9 Herbs that Go with Pork Casserole

So you want to make your own delicious pork casserole? Great!
Pork casseroles are a quick, easy way to fill up your family and friends, and they're also a delicious way to use up some of those extra herbs from your garden.
So if you've got an overabundance of thyme, rosemary, or sage in the backyard, we've got 3 tips for getting those herbs into your pork casserole so you can use them up fast.
1) When using fresh herbs, make sure the leaves are dry before adding them to your dish. If they're still wet from watering or rain, they'll take longer to cook and you might not like the taste. You don't want soggy herbs!
2) Don't add too many different kinds of fresh herbs to one casserole—all those flavors can overwhelm each other and get lost in the meat. Stick with just one kind of fresh herb for each casserole.
3) When making a pork casserole with dried herbs, add them toward the beginning of cooking time so that they have time to release their flavor into the meat mixture.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 100 kcal


  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger
  • Marjoram
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Dill


  • Pick one herb or more from this list to use in your meal.
  • Prepare the rest of your delicious feast.
  • Be ready to munch in no time!
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