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10 BEST Turkey Burger Seasoning Ideas

Turkey burgers have become a popular alternative to their beef counterparts, offering a leaner and lower-calorie option without sacrificing taste.

However, the mild flavor of turkey leaves many people craving a little extra something to make their turkey burgers stand out.

What are some delicious and creative ways to season your turkey burgers?

The best turkey burger seasoning ideas include a variety of herbs, spices, and other flavorful ingredients that can take your turkey burger from simple to sensational.

From classic combinations to unexpected twists, the options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect turkey burger seasoning.

Ready to elevate your turkey burger game? Let’s explore 10 amazing turkey burger seasoning ideas that will leave your taste buds begging for more!

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10 BEST Turkey Burger Seasoning Ideas

Turkey burgers can be a great way to get more lean protein into your diet. But, they can sometimes be a bit bland.

To make sure your turkey burgers are flavorful and delicious, consider adding one of these 10 best seasonings for turkey burgers:

1. Garlic and Onion Powder

Onion Powder

Garlic and onion powder are classic seasonings that can significantly enhance the flavor of your turkey burger.

Both garlic and onion powder offer a concentrated taste of their respective vegetables without the added moisture, making them perfect for seasoning ground meat.

These two ingredients work together to create a savory, umami flavor that adds depth to your turkey burger while also complementing various toppings and sauces.

To make a garlic and onion seasoning blend for turkey burgers, start with equal parts of both powders and adjust to taste.

You can also add a pinch of salt and pepper to round out the flavor profile.

Experiment with the ratios to find the perfect balance for your palate and enjoy the delicious, savory taste these two simple ingredients can provide.

2. Cajun Seasoning

Cajun seasoning is a spicy, flavorful blend of spices that originates from the Louisiana region.

It typically includes paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, thyme, and oregano.

The bold flavors of Cajun seasoning can transform a simple turkey burger into an exciting, mouthwatering meal.

Cajun seasoning is versatile and can be adjusted to suit your desired spice level by adding or reducing the amount of cayenne pepper in the mix.

To use Cajun seasoning on your turkey burger, start by adding a tablespoon of the blend to one pound of ground turkey meat, and adjust to your taste preferences.

Enjoy the zesty, flavorful kick that Cajun seasoning provides, and pair your burger with classic southern sides like coleslaw, cornbread, or red beans and rice.

3. Italian Herbs (Oregano, Basil, and Thyme)

Italian herbs like oregano, basil, and thyme are a fantastic way to add a touch of Mediterranean flair to your turkey burger.

These three herbs are often used in Italian cuisine and work harmoniously to create a fragrant, earthy flavor profile that pairs well with ground turkey.

You can use dried or fresh herbs, but keep in mind that dried herbs have a more concentrated flavor, so you may need to adjust the amounts accordingly.

To create an Italian herb seasoning blend for your turkey burger, combine equal parts of oregano, basil, and thyme, and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Mix the seasoning blend into your ground turkey meat, and cook your burgers as desired.

Serve your Italian herb-seasoned turkey burger with a slice of fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil, and drizzle with a balsamic glaze for a delicious Mediterranean-inspired meal.

4. Smoky Barbecue Rub

A smoky barbecue rub is an excellent seasoning choice for turkey burgers, as it imparts a delicious depth of flavor that complements the mild taste of turkey.

This rub typically includes a combination of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, salt, and brown sugar.

It may also contain a touch of cayenne pepper for a kick of heat.

The sweet and savory blend of spices creates a mouthwatering aroma, while the smoky undertones add a unique twist to the classic turkey burger.

By simply mixing these spices together and rubbing them onto the turkey before grilling or frying, you can transform an ordinary burger into a gourmet delight that will impress your guests and satisfy your taste buds.

5. Greek-Inspired (Garlic, Lemon Zest, and Dill)

Transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean with a Greek-inspired seasoning mix for your turkey burgers.

The combination of garlic, lemon zest, and dill creates a bright, tangy, and aromatic flavor profile that pairs wonderfully with the lean, mild taste of turkey.

To make this seasoning, finely chop fresh garlic and dill, and grate the zest of a lemon.

Combine these ingredients with salt and pepper to taste, and mix them into your ground turkey before forming the patties.

Grill or pan-fry your burgers until they’re cooked through, and serve them with a dollop of tzatziki sauce and a side of Greek salad for a truly authentic experience.

6. Southwest Flavors (Cumin, Chili Powder, and Smoked Paprika)

Smoked Paprika

Add a taste of the Southwest to your turkey burgers with a bold and flavorful spice blend that includes cumin, chili powder, and smoked paprika.

Cumin provides a warm, earthy flavor, while chili powder adds a hint of heat.

Smoked paprika contributes a smoky, slightly sweet note that enhances the flavors of the other spices.

Mix these spices together with salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic powder, and incorporate them into your ground turkey.

For an extra burst of flavor, consider adding finely chopped jalapeño or green chiles to the mix.

Grill or pan-fry your turkey burgers, and serve them with avocado, salsa, and a side of grilled corn for a satisfying and mouthwatering Southwest-inspired meal.

7. Teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds

Teriyaki sauce is a popular Japanese condiment made from soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and sometimes ginger and garlic.

It adds a salty, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor to any dish it accompanies.

When combined with sesame seeds, it creates an irresistible coating for turkey burgers.

To make this seasoning, simply mix 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce with 2 tablespoons sesame seeds.

Brush this mixture onto your turkey burgers before grilling or baking, or marinate the patties for a few hours to allow the flavors to meld.

The result is a moist, flavorful turkey burger with a delightful, slightly crunchy texture from the sesame seeds.

8. Curry powder and cilantro

Curry Powder

Curry powder is an exotic blend of spices, typically featuring turmeric, cumin, coriander, and chili powder.

When paired with fresh cilantro, it adds an exciting, complex flavor to turkey burgers.

For this seasoning, mix 1 tablespoon curry powder with a small handful of chopped cilantro.

Add this blend to your ground turkey mixture before forming patties.

The curry powder imparts a warm, savory flavor, while the cilantro adds a refreshing, herbal taste.

Together, they create a turkey burger bursting with unique and enticing flavors.

9. Chipotle pepper and lime

Chipotle Pepper Powder

Chipotle peppers are smoked jalapeño peppers, known for their smoky, spicy flavor.

When combined with the tangy zest of lime, they create a bold and zesty seasoning for turkey burgers.

To make this seasoning, mix 1-2 tablespoons of finely chopped chipotle peppers (or chipotle pepper powder) with the zest and juice of one lime.

Add this mixture to your ground turkey before forming patties.

The chipotle peppers impart a smoky, spicy kick, while the lime adds a tangy, citrusy brightness.

Together, these flavors create a turkey burger perfect for those who crave a little heat.

10. Mustard and Worcestershire sauce

Mustard and Worcestershire sauce are classic condiments that bring robust, tangy flavors to various dishes.

When added to turkey burgers, they create a flavorful, savory patty that’s anything but bland.

To make this seasoning, combine 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard with 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce.

Mix this blend into your ground turkey before forming patties.

The mustard adds a tangy, sharp flavor, while the Worcestershire sauce brings a savory, umami depth.

These seasonings work together to create a turkey burger that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.


What can I add to ground turkey for flavor?

To add flavor to ground turkey, you can add fresh aromatics like cilantro, yellow onions, and scallions, as well as minced garlic.

How to season turkey to taste like a hamburger?

To make turkey taste like hamburger, you can add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to the ground meat.

When should you season ground turkey?

It is recommended to season ground turkey before cooking it. You can season it with salt, pepper, and any other herbs and spices you prefer.

What seasoning is used with burger?

The seasoning used with burger usually includes salt, pepper, and any other herbs and spices you prefer.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to season your turkey burgers to make them taste delicious. From classic spices like salt, pepper, and garlic powder to more unique flavors like paprika, cumin, and Italian seasoning, there is a seasoning combination for everyone. You can also experiment with fresh herbs and aromatics like cilantro and onions to add even more flavor to your turkey burgers

10 BEST Turkey Burger Seasoning Ideas

10 BEST Turkey Burger Seasoning Ideas

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Seasonings
Servings 4 people


  • Garlic and Onion Powder
  • Cajun Seasoning
  • Italian Herbs (Oregano, Basil, and Thyme)
  • Smoky Barbecue Rub
  • Greek-Inspired (Garlic, Lemon Zest, and Dill)
  • Southwest Flavors (Cumin, Chili Powder, and Smoked Paprika)
  • Teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds
  • Curry powder and cilantro
  • Chipotle pepper and lime
  • Mustard and Worcestershire sauce


  • Pick your favorite seasoning from the list above.
  • Follow cooking directions for your selected seasoning the proper ratio of ingredients.
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