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Travis Scott Burger Recipe

Are you craving that McDonald’s Travis Scott Burger? Well, you’re not alone. This copycat burger recipe is here to bring those famous homemade flavors right to your kitchen.

Quick and easy meal? Check. An American cheeseburger you’ll never forget? Double-check.

Let’s get those celebrity-inspired cuisine vibes going!

Plus, because we know you like choices, we’ve attached some videos so you can pick the one that suits your fancy. Feel free to share your creations by tagging @BadBatchBaking on Instagram—who knows, you might get featured. Now, let’s get ready to make your kitchen *lit*!

What is the Travis Scott Burger?

The Travis Scott Burger has achieved legendary status in the fast-food world as a result of an explosive McDonald’s collaboration with the iconic rapper Travis Scott. This exclusive celebrity meal elevates the classic Quarter Pounder with Cheese to superstar status.

Designed with a blend of textures and flavors, the Travis Style burger includes extra touches like two luscious slices of melted cheese, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, tangy pickles, and finely diced onions—all settled perfectly within a warm sesame seed bun. This rapper-inspired burger is not just about the burger itself but also the complete experience, which includes a refreshing Sprite and a side of crispy fries. The fast-food sensation created by this McDonald’s collaboration highlights the undeniable influence and star power of food and entertainment working harmoniously together.

Curious to see how the Travis Scott Burger came together? Supplement your reading with some engaging videos to enrich your fast-food exploration. Get ready to bring some flair to your fast-food order with this exceptional celebrity meal next time you crave something extraordinary!

Gathering Your Ingredients

Creating a memorable homemade burger like the Travis Scott Burger starts with obtaining the best fresh ingredients. To ensure your burger is as close to the original as possible, it’s essential to put together a detailed shopping list that prioritizes quality.

Let’s talk buns. Make sure you use high-quality sesame seed buns from well-known brands such as Martin’s or Sara Lee. These buns are soft but sturdy enough to hold all those delicious toppings without falling apart.

Next up, cheese. Instead of Kraft, go for store-brand American Singles that melt effortlessly and closely mimic the flavor found in your favorite fast-food joint. They add that meltier, milder taste essential for the perfect burger experience.

A great burger needs great bacon. Look for applewood smoked bacon, which offers a smoky taste that pairs wonderfully with the rest of your ingredients. Crispy bacon will add that extra crunch you’ll love.

Don’t forget the produce! Grab fresh, crisp lettuce and onions. The crunch from the lettuce and the sharpness of the onions will bring fresh flavors to your burger, making each bite a delight.

No Travis Scott Burger is complete without pickles and fries. Fast-food style pickles add a tangy snap, and don’t forget about fast-food style frozen fries like Ore-Ida for the full experience. While you’re at it, grab a generous portion of ground beef, ideally an 80/20 blend, for the juiciest patties, and all the necessary condiments.

To put it simply, successful food preparation begins with a well-thought-out shopping trip. So, stock up on these essentials and make your next meal a homemade hit!

How to Make the Travis Scott Burger Recipe

Prepare to sizzle and sear your way to a mouthwatering copycat creation. Start by heating a cast-iron skillet to the precise temperature and brush it lightly with oil. Take your ground beef and form it into thin patties, ensuring each is well-seasoned with just the right amount of salt and pepper, a crucial step in this cooking guide. Place the patties in the skillet, cooking them to medium-well for that perfect texture.

As the patties cook, layer on the American cheese and allow it to melt beautifully, using a tried-and-true cheese melting technique. Meanwhile, toast your sesame seed buns to a golden brown, ready to house your creation. Remember one extra slice of cheese pressing onto the bottom halves of the buns for that extra indulgence. Crispy bacon is essential; cook until it reaches the optimal bacon crunchiness, then set it aside.

The final burger assembly is key. Start with the toasted buns, then layer with the cheesy patties, the savory bacon, and fresh toppings like lettuce, pickles, and onions. Don’t forget a generous spread of ketchup and mustard on the top bun. Serve your masterpiece alongside fast-food style fries for the complete Travis Scott culinary experience. Your home kitchen just became the stage for a fast-food favorite that’s sure to please. And hey, check out some videos if you need a visual guide—everyone loves a good cooking demo!


What is the Travis Scott Burger?

The Travis Scott Burger is a customized version of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese, endorsed by rapper Travis Scott. It features extra toppings like two slices of melted cheese, sizzling applewood smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles, and chopped onions, all embraced by a warm sesame seed bun.

How can I make the Travis Scott Burger at home?

You can make the Travis Scott Burger at home by following a step-by-step cooking guide. Use quality ingredients such as sesame seed buns, ground beef (80/20 blend), fresh lettuce, onions, American cheese, pickles, bacon, and the right condiments. Cook the beef patties on a cast-iron skillet, toast the buns, and assemble the burger with the toppings for an authentic homemade taste.

What ingredients do I need for the Travis Scott Burger?

The essential ingredients to recreate the Travis Scott Burger include sesame seed buns from reputable brands like Martin’s or Sara Lee, ground beef (80/20 blend), store brand American Singles, applewood smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, onions, fast-food style pickles, ketchup, mustard, and fast-food style frozen fries like Ore-Ida.

Can I use any type of cheese for the burger?

For the best results, use store brand American Singles, as they provide a meltier, milder flavor that’s closer to McDonald’s cheese. Avoid using Kraft or other non-melting cheeses to achieve the desired taste and texture.

What side dish goes well with the Travis Scott Burger?

The perfect side dish to complement the Travis Scott Burger is fast-food style french fries, such as those from Ore-Ida. Pairing the burger with fries and a cold Sprite will complete the Travis Scott Meal experience.

Where can I find more culinary inspiration?

You can find more culinary inspiration on Instagram by following @BadBatchBaking. They offer a variety of inspired culinary delights and even feature user-generated content. Tag your own creations for a chance to be featured.

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