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11 Best Substitutes for Celery in Mirepoix

Celery is a common ingredient in many dishes, especially in mirepoix, a traditional French combination of diced vegetables used to flavor stocks, soups, and stews.

But if you’re looking for a change, or you’re out of celery, don’t worry!

There are plenty of other great ingredients that can serve as substitutes for celery in mirepoix.

substitute for celery in mirepoix

Here are 11 of the best substitutes for celery in mirepoix:

1. Fennel


Adding fennel to your mirepoix is a great way to add a unique flavor and texture to your dish.

It has a slightly sweet aroma, with a hint of licorice and a crunchy texture.

It can also add a nice, light green color to the mix.

When prepping the fennel, make sure to remove the stalks and the core and then dice the bulb into small pieces that are roughly the same size as the other vegetables.

Adding it to the mirepoix can be a great way to make your dish stand out from the rest.

2. Leeks


Leeks are a great addition to a mirepoix.

This vegetable has a mild onion flavor and a texture that is slightly softer than an onion.

It also adds a nice light green color to the dish.

When preparing the leeks, it’s important to make sure you rinse them well and clean them out of any dirt that may be in the layers.

To prepare, you can slice them into thin rings or chop them into smaller pieces.

Leeks really add a nice flavor and texture to your mirepoix.

3. Parsnips


Another great celery substitute, parsnips are a great addition to any mirepoix.

Parsnips add a subtle sweetness and earthy flavor, as well as a light crunchy texture.

The color difference between celery and parsnips is notable, with the addition of the pale cream-colored parsnips.

To prepare for the mirepoix, simply peel and cube the parsnips.

They are a great way to add a hint of sweetness and a nice crunch to your dish.

4. Carrots

chopped Carrots

Adding carrots to your mirepoix can really elevate the entire dish. It adds a nice sweetness that helps to balance out the savory flavors of the other ingredients.

The texture and color are also very different than the traditional vegetables in a mirepoix.

Carrots are crisp and crunchy, and add a beautiful orange hue to the mix.

To prepare them for your mirepoix, simply wash and peel the carrots and then dice them into small cubes.

5. Onion

Sweet onion

I never cook anything without adding onions to my mirepoix.

Onions add a subtle sweetness, as well as a nice crunch to the dish.

Plus, they add a beautiful golden color to the vegetables.

Preparing them is easy; simply peel and dice the onions into small pieces.

I find that adding onions to my mirepoix really helps to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients.

6. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Color, flavor and texture can all be enhanced with the addition of bell peppers to your mirepoix.

When added to the traditional mix of onions, carrots and whatever else, bell peppers add a bright and vibrant note to the dish.

They also bring a juicy crunch to the mix, providing a delightful contrast to the other ingredients.

To prepare bell peppers for use in your mirepoix, simply cut them into small cubes and add to the mix.

You could also use a variety of colored bell peppers to add an extra layer of flavor and visual appeal.

7. Turnips


Turnips are an excellent addition to any mirepoix.

This root vegetable adds a slightly sweet and earthy flavor, while also adding a nice crunchy texture.

They are also a great way to add color to the dish, as they come in a variety of shades, from white to purple.

When prepping, you can either dice or grate the turnips, depending on the desired texture.

Adding turnips to your mirepoix will really add an extra layer of flavor and texture, making it a great choice for any dish!

8. Garlic

minced Garlic

Garlic adds flavor like no other ingredient to a mirepoix.

It has a strong, pungent taste that can be mellowed out by sautéing it in butter or oil before adding it to the mix.

It imparts a golden hue and a slight crunch to the dish.

To prep garlic for the mirepoix, I recommend slicing it thinly or mincing it depending on the recipe.

If using fresh garlic, I suggest using a garlic press to extract the maximum flavor.

Adding garlic to your mirepoix will give it a unique and delicious taste.

9. Green Beans

Garlicky Green Beans

Replacing celery with green beans in your mirepoix can add a unique flavor and texture to the dish.

Green beans have a slightly sweeter flavor than celery and will add a bit of crunch to your dish.

The bright color of the green beans will also add a vibrant color to your mirepoix.

To prepare green beans for your mirepoix, simply trim the ends and cut them into small pieces.

This ingredient is sure to add a unique twist to your dish and make it stand out from the others!

10. Mushrooms

White Mushrooms

Mushrooms are earthy, savory and a great addition to mirepoix.

They add a unique flavor and texture to the dish, and their color contrasts nicely with the other vegetables.

Preparing mushrooms is relatively easy; simply slice them or chop them into small pieces and add them to the mirepoix.

Not only will this give the dish a boost of flavor, but you’ll also get a wonderful umami taste that will really bring the dish to life.

11. Summer Squash

Summer squash

Lastly, I suggest adding summer squash to your mirepoix.

This ingredient can add a nice, subtle sweetness and provide a bit of crunch in the dish.

Summer squash has a much milder taste than other squash varieties, and can vary in color from yellow to green.

To prepare it for your mirepoix, simply dice it into small cubes.

Adding summer squash to your dish will give it an extra dimension of flavor and texture that you won’t want to miss!


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11 Best Substitutes for Celery in Mirepoix

This article will teach you about the 11 best substitutes for celery in mirepoix. Mirepoix is a classic French cooking base consisting of onion, celery and carrot. If you don't have celery on hand, this article will provide you with a variety of substitutes to create a flavorful base for your dishes.
You will learn about the different flavor profiles of each substitute and how to best incorporate them into your recipes. With this information, you will be able to create delicious, savory dishes without using celery.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Course Vegetables
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 45 kcal


  • Fennel
  • Leeks
  • Parsnips
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Bell Peppers
  • Turnips
  • Garlic
  • Green Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Summer Squash


  • Pick your favorite substitute from this list to use in your Mirepoix.
  • Prepare the rest of your meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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