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11 Stracciatella Cheese Recipes I Can’t Resist

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique way to use stracciatella cheese, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll share 11 amazing stracciatella cheese recipes that are sure to make your taste buds happy.

gnocchi alla sorrentina with stracciatella cheese

From creamy stracciatella cheese pasta to savory stracciatella cheese pizza, these recipes are sure to please.

So grab your stracciatella cheese and let’s get cooking!

Stracciatella with Spinach

Craving a delicious Italian dinner?

Look no further than this amazing Stracciatella with Spinach.

This egg drop soup is packed with fresh spinach and ditalini pasta, and topped off with lots of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese for that extra special flavor.

Ready in just 20 minutes, this is a delicious and easy-to-make dinner that your family will love!

Here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of this recipe:

  • For extra flavor, use homemade chicken stock instead of store-bought
  • If you don’t have ditalini pasta, you can substitute any small pasta such as tubetti or orzo
  • For a richer soup, add a splash of heavy cream
  • If you want a thicker soup, add a few tablespoons of flour to the egg mixture
  • To make a vegetarian version of this recipe, use vegetable stock and omit the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina with Easy Homemade Stracciatella Cheese

The tomato-based sauce is simple to make, yet the result is a delicious and rustic dish.

Topped with creamy mozzarella and freshly grated Parmigiano cheese, this gnocchi is out of this world.

To make sure you get the best out of this recipe, be sure to use fresh ingredients.

Also, don’t forget to add a pinch of red pepper flakes to give it a little kick.

Stracciatella Soup

When the Italian egg drop soup Stracciatella is mentioned, many mouths begin to water.

The name is derived from the Italian word that means “torn apart” and the soup is common to San Marino, Le Marche, Rome, and Emilia-Romagna.

This traditional Italian soup is easy to make, flavorful, and nutritious.

All you need is 8 cups of chicken or vegetable stock, 3 large eggs, grated parmesan cheese, parsley, nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

To make your Stracciatella Soup even more delicious, here are a few tips:

  • Add a few tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil for a richer flavor.
  • Substitute the chicken stock for vegetable stock for a vegetarian-friendly version.
  • For a creamier soup, whisk in 1/4 cup of heavy cream at the end.
  • Add a few slices of cooked prosciutto to the soup for extra flavor.
  • Top with a sprinkle of freshly chopped parsley for a beautiful presentation.

Stracciatella Bruschetta

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique appetizer, look no further than Stracciatella Bruschetta!

With its creamy filling of stracciatella cheese, made of thick, fresh cream, and shreds of stretched mozzarella, this bruschetta is sure to be a hit for any occasion.

To make it, you’ll need a fresh loaf of bread, stracciatella, extra-virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, and roasted tomatoes.

For extra flavor, try adding herbs and spices, such as basil, oregano, and red pepper flakes.

To make the most of your bruschetta, serve it with a glass of white wine and crusty bread.

Stracciatella alla Romana A Classic Italian Egg Drop Soup

If you don’t mind spending some time in the kitchen and you’re looking for a delicious, Italian-inspired soup, then Stracciatella alla Romana is the perfect dish for you!

This classic egg drop soup is full of flavor and comes together quickly, making it a great option for a weeknight meal.

For best results, make sure to season your soup generously with salt and pepper, and use a good quality broth or stock.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding a few extra spices like cayenne pepper, nutmeg, or red pepper flakes to give the soup a bit of a kick.

Finally, top the soup with freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino Romano cheese to finish off the dish.

Stracciatella Soup with Mini Meatballs

I love homemade meatballs, and this Stracciatella Soup with Mini Meatballs is no different!

This Italian egg drop soup packs in flavor with shredded eggs, cheese, and parsley mixture.

You’ll need ground veal, eggs, garlic, Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, and parsley to make the mini meatballs and the egg drop.

For a tasty and comforting meal, this recipe is a perfect choice.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of this recipe:

  • Make sure to use ground veal for the mini meatballs, as it gives them a better flavor and texture.
  • You can add other herbs or spices to the mini meatballs to give them more flavor.
  • Use a whisk to mix the eggs for the egg drop, to ensure that the eggs become well blended.
  • If you prefer a thicker soup, add more Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.
  • Serve the soup with a side of crusty bread for extra deliciousness.

Homemade Authentic Italian Chicken Soup

Authentic, Italian-style chicken soup with stracciatella is the perfect way to nourish your body and lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

This homemade recipe is made with real organic chicken, pastina, and is cooked in a savory broth of water and salt.

To get the most out of this recipe, make sure to use the freshest ingredients and cook the chicken until it’s fully cooked through.

Additionally, you can also add your favorite vegetables or herbs to the broth to give it extra flavor and nutrition.

Finally, make sure to serve it with plenty of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of parsley for a delicious, comforting meal.

Creamy Tomato Risotto with Stracciatella Cheese

Who doesn’t like a creamy and delicious bowl of risotto?

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy dinner, look no further than this Creamy Tomato Risotto with Stracciatella Cheese.

This dish takes only 75 minutes to make and serves 4 people, making it a great dinner for the whole family.

Blistered mini San Marzano tomatoes, silky Arborio rice, and luxurious Stracciatella cheese come together for a flavorful and satisfying meal.

To make the most out of this recipe, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Use high-quality ingredients for the best flavor.
  • Toast the Arborio rice before adding the liquid for a nuttier flavor.
  • Let the risotto rest after cooking for a creamy texture.
  • Top with fresh basil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and a drizzle of olive oil for a restaurant-quality dish.

No-Bake Stracciatella Cheesecake

Just look at how pretty and delicious this no-bake stracciatella cheesecake is!

With just a few simple ingredients, this scrumptious dessert is ready in 20 minutes and serves 14.

All you need is some semisweet chocolate, chocolate digestive biscuits, cream cheese, butter, whipping cream, milk, and gelatin powder.

It’s an easy and fast way to prepare an impressive dessert that’s sure to wow your guests.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of this recipe:

  • For a creamy and airy texture, make sure to mix the cream cheese until it is smooth.
  • Use high-quality semisweet chocolate for the best flavor.
  • For a firmer texture, use more gelatin powder.
  • To make the dish more eye-catching, top off the cheesecake with some chopped chocolate or chocolate sprinkles.
  • To make the cheesecake even more flavorful, consider adding some nutmeg or ground cinnamon to the mixture.
  • If you are short on time, you can use store-bought crust instead of making your own.

Stracciatella Soup (with Smoked Chicken)

Smoked chicken has a way of adding flavor to an otherwise plain dish, and the Stracciatella Soup with Smoked Chicken is no different.

This comforting, low-carb soup is a flavorful and delicious dish that will be sure to please any dinner crowd.

With just a few simple ingredients like chicken broth, green onions, eggs, Parmesan cheese and smoked chicken, this soup is ready in no time.

To make the most out of this recipe, be sure to use homemade chicken broth and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Additionally, garnish with fresh parsley to add a pop of green to the dish.

Stracciatella Cheesecake Cups (Gluten Free)

These delicious and low-in-fat Stracciatella Cheesecake Cups are the perfect treat for when you’re craving something sweet in a hurry.

With a fudgy almond base and a creamy, slightly sweet filling made with cream cheese and ricotta, it’s easy to see why this is a favorite dessert.

Plus, it’s speckled with dark chocolate, adding an extra layer of decadence.

  • To make the most out of this recipe, use good quality cream cheese and ricotta, and make sure the ricotta is well-drained.
  • For an even richer flavor, use high-quality dark chocolate.
  • You can also get creative with the toppings – add chopped nuts, dried fruit, or a sprinkle of sea salt.

11 Ways To Cook With Stracciatella Cheese

This article is about exploring the delicious possibilities of cooking with stracciatella cheese. I'll be giving you 11 unique recipes of how to use stracciatella cheese to its full potential. From pizza to pasta, to desserts and more, this article will provide you with a variety of stracciatella cheese recipes to suit any occasion. With our tips, you'll be able to discover the amazing flavors of stracciatella cheese and make it the star of your next meal.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Cheese, Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine American, Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 456 kcal


  • Stracciatella with Spinach
  • Gnocchi alla Sorrentina with Easy Homemade Stracciatella Cheese
  • Stracciatella Soup
  • Stracciatella Bruschetta
  • Stracciatella alla Romana A Classic Italian Egg Drop Soup
  • Stracciatella Soup with Mini Meatballs
  • Homemade Authentic Italian Chicken Soup
  • Creamy Tomato Risotto with Stracciatella Cheese
  • No-Bake Stracciatella Cheesecake
  • Stracciatella Soup (with Smoked Chicken)
  • Stracciatella Cheesecake Cups (Gluten Free)


  • Pick your favorite recipe from this list to serve for dinner tonight.
  • Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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