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Spritz Cookie Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

Baking holiday cookies is very special. I remember my grandma’s kitchen. The smell of buttery spritz cookies filled the air. Decorating them was pure joy.

Spritz Cookie Recipe

These warm memories always make me smile. I think they will do the same for you. These cookies, flavored with vanilla almond, are not just delicious. They are also fun to make with a cookie press. They add charm to any Christmas cookie tray.

Why Spritz Cookies Are Perfect for the Holidays

Spritz cookies get their name from the German word “spritzen.” It means to squirt, which is how they’re made. These cookies are made using special press designs. This makes them look like delicate Christmas decorations. They are the perfect cookies to share over the holidays.

Using a cookie press is fun and ties us to a old German way of baking. You can press the dough into shapes like stars, trees, and wreaths. Then, you can decorate them with colorful toppings. They bring a lot of joy to any holiday celebration.

Spritz cookies keep fresh for a long time, making them great for gifts. You can bake a lot ahead and keep them for later. Plus, everyone can help make and decorate them. It’s a fun activity for families and friends.

So spritz cookies are not just tasty. They remind us of tradition and friends. They make the holidays more special. And they look beautiful, too, thanks to the special press. They’re a must-have for any holiday gathering.

How to Make Spritz Cookie Recipe

Making perfect spritz cookies starts with a fun cookie dough recipe. Mix unsalted butter, sugar, and a pinch of salt until it’s fluffy. This step makes sure your homemade cookies turn out great.

Then, mix in eggs and your favorite extract, like vanilla. You can also use *gel food coloring* to make the dough bright. Gel coloring keeps the right dough texture.

Now, let’s shape the dough. Choose a cookie press design, like wreaths or trees. Push the dough onto a clean baking sheet without grease. This helps the cookies come off easily later.

Don’t use parchment paper, as it makes the dough stick too much. Bake the cookies until just golden on the edges. Don’t bake too long or they won’t be soft.

After baking, decorate your cookies. You can use a simple sugar icing. It adds a special touch to your cookies.

Here are some important baking tips for spritz cookies:

  • Add gel food coloring slowly to get the right color.
  • Keep the dough gel-like for easy pressing.
  • Don’t bake too long, so they stay tender.

By following these tips, you’ll make amazing spritz cookies everyone will love.

Storing and Serving Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are great for getting ready before the holidays. Let them cool on a wire rack first. Then, store in an airtight container for a week of fresh goodness.

Freezing is a good choice for cookies you plan to gift. Put them in the freezer in a container. When you want to serve, let them thaw for yummy freshness again.

Get ready to serve them in lots of fun ways. You can add chocolate chips, nuts, or even icing. These extras make your cookies look and taste amazing, perfect for sharing.


What are spritz cookies?

Spritz cookies are a classic holiday treat. They have a soft, buttery texture. They are shaped using a press. You can also add sprinkles or icing to them.

How are spritz cookies different from sugar cookies?

Spritz cookie dough is different from sugar cookie dough. You don’t need to chill spritz dough. It’s ready to press right away. They keep their shape well, unlike sugar cookie shapes.

What ingredients are essential for making spritz cookies?

Key ingredients for spritz cookies include butter, sugar, eggs, and extracts. Vanilla, almond, lemon, orange, and peppermint are popular. Gel food color is good for the dough.

Why are spritz cookies popular during the holidays?

They are popular for the holidays because of their fun shapes. You can find them shaped like Christmas symbols. They are great for adding color and joy to cookie plates.

What is the best way to store spritz cookies?

Keep spritz cookies in an airtight container for up to a week. For longer storage, freeze them well. Just thaw when you’re ready to eat them.

Can I involve the family in making spritz cookies?

Yes! Making spritz cookies is a fun family activity. Everyone can help, especially with decorating.

What baking tips ensure perfect spritz cookies?

Use ungreased sheets and avoid parchment. Add color to the dough slowly. Keep the dough thick for the best results. And don’t bake too long for a soft cookie.

How can I decorate spritz cookies after baking?

After baking, you can decorate them in many ways. Try chocolate chips, candied fruit, nuts, or icing. This makes them look pretty and tasty.

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