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The 10 Best Sauces for Grilled Sausages

If you’ve ever had grilled sausages, you know that they can be delicious.

But what takes them to the next level is adding a tasty sauce.

The right sauce can bring out the flavor of the meat and make your meal even more enjoyable.

But with so many sauces available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for your grilled sausages.

In this article, I will share my top 10 favorite sauces for grilled sausages.

From classic BBQ sauce to tangy mustard, each of these sauces will take your grilling game up a notch!

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Grilled Smoked Sausage Skewers with Three Zesty Sauces

Why Consider Serving A Sauce with Grilled Sausage?

  • Flavor: Sauces can add a variety of flavors to grilled sausage, from sweet and tangy BBQ sauce to spicy hot sauces. This can help bring out the flavor of the sausage and make it more interesting for diners.
  • Texture: Sauces also provide an additional layer of texture that can contrast with the crunchiness of grilled sausage. For example, a creamy cheese sauce or aioli will provide a smooth texture that complements the smoky char on grilled sausages nicely.
  • Variety: Serving sauces with grilled sausages gives you an opportunity to offer different options for your guests so they can customize their meal according to their tastes and preferences.
  • Presentation: A well-presented plate with colorful sauces is sure to be eye-catching and appealing, making it more likely that people will enjoy their meal even more!
  • Nutrition: Many sauces are made with healthy ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds or yogurt which adds extra nutrition value to your dish while still being delicious!

The 10 Best Sauces for Grilled Sausages

Grilled sausages are a delicious treat, but the perfect sauce can take them to the next level.

Here we look at ten sauces that will pair perfectly with grilled sausages and add an extra layer of flavor:

1. BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce can be used as a marinade or glaze for grilled sausages, adding a robust smoky flavor that pairs well with the savory flavors of sausage. It’s also great when slathered on top with your favorite toppings.

2. Honey Mustard

Honey mustard is tangy and sweet, making it perfect for creating delicious glazes and sauces to be brushed over or served alongside grilled sausages. This is an especially great option if you want something lighter than traditional BBQ sauce but still packed with flavor.

3. Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce can bring bright Asian-inspired flavors to grilled sausages without being overpowering or too heavy like some tomato-based sauces can tend to be. This makes teriyaki an excellent choice for those seeking a lighter yet flavorful accompaniment to their grilled sausage dishes.

4. Sweet and Sour Sauce

This sweet and sour sauce is the perfect combination of tangy and a little bit sweet to balance out the grilled sausages perfectly. A simple combination of pineapple juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, garlic powder and mustard makes this sauce super easy to whip up but tastes like it took forever.

5. Spicy Tomato Sauce

Spicy tomato sauce is the ultimate go-to for grilled sausages! With notes of fire roasted tomatoes balanced with a bit of sweetness from honey or agave nectar, this bright red and vibrant flavored barbecue style favorite will keep your tastebuds happy all summer long.

6. Chimichurri

Chimichurri is a classic Argentinian herb based condiment that works great with grilled sausages!

It’s made from fresh parsley leaves, olive oil, garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, oregano leaves in addition to lime juice or white vinegar which give it just enough tanginess along with balancing sweetness that rounds off this flavor packed mixture into an ideal pairing for grilled sausage sandwiches or just as dipping sauce for hotdogs!

7. Hot Sauce

Adding hot sauce to sausage is a great way to bring out the flavor while adding a bit of heat.

This can be anything from mild Tabasco sauces to hotter options like Frank’s RedHot or Cholula, depending on your preference.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil

The tangy sweetness of apple cider vinegar combined with the rich flavor of olive oil offers an excellent combination when drizzled over grilled sausages.

Since it’s thinner than other sauces, this one adds subtle flavoring without being overly powerful or salty.

9. Aioli

Aioli is (simply put) garlic mayonnaise and works especially well as a dipping sauce for grilled sausages–especially if you use Dijon mustard in place of regular mayo for extra zip!

It’s creamy texture offsets the spicy kick that comes along with most sausage varieties beautifully. Plus, bonus points for presentation!

10. Sweet Chili Sauce

If you’re looking for something sweet-n-spicy that won’t overpower the taste of your grilled sausages then this might just be it!

Sweet chili sauces are available cooked or uncooked (for instance, Thai sweet chili sauce), made from a blend of vinegar, sugar and chilies – offering both sweetness + spiciness in equal measure!

Perfectly balanced & delectable even at room temperature- definitely try some if you haven’t already done so!


In conclusion, grilled sausages can be dressed up with a variety of sauces to add flavor and texture.

The best sauces for grilled sausages are BBQ sauce, honey mustard, teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour sauce, spicy tomato sauce, chimichurri, hot sauce, apple cider vinegar and olive oil, aioli, and sweet chili sauce.

Each of these sauces adds a unique flavor to the sausages, so you can experiment with different combinations to find the perfect flavor for your dish.

With these 10 sauces, you can add a delicious twist to your grilled sausages and make them even more enjoyable.

grilled sausage sauce

The 10 Best Sauces for Grilled Sausages

Summer barbecues are a great way to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends. To make sure your grilled sausages really shine, I'm sharing my top 10 sauces for them.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Dipping Sauce, Sauce
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 355 kcal


  • BBQ Sauce
  • Honey Mustard
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Spicy Tomato Sauce
  • Chimichurri
  • Hot Sauce
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil
  • Aioli
  • Sweet Chili Sauce


  • Select your favorite sauce from this article.
  • Organize and prepare all of the required ingredients.
  • Prep a sauce in 15 minutes or less.
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