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Quiche Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

Sharing homemade quiche is magical, especially with loved ones. It brings memories of laughter and warmth from my first Sunday brunch. The easy quiche recipe turned simple ingredients into an amazing, savory pie. Now, it’s a must at our family get-togethers.

Quiche Recipe

Having it for brunch, lunch, or a quiet dinner makes everyone happy. Watch the video below for the full recipe.

Ingredients for the Perfect Quiche

Creating a top-notch quiche begins by picking top-notch quiche ingredients. To make your flaky pie crust, it’s best to go with homemade. Although buying one is easier, nothing beats the taste of homemade.

The tasty, creamy filling depends on the right mix of dairy and eggs. Mixing whole milk and heavy cream (or half-and-half), with four eggs for every cup of milk, makes the best custard. It’s this mix that makes the filling rich and creamy.

Adding salt and pepper to the custard gives it some flavor. Then, your cheese and vegetables can stand out. You can add up to two cups of cooked veggies or meats. I like using spinach, mushrooms, and bacon. Just make sure they’re dry to keep the quiche from getting soggy.

Selecting the right cheeses changes the quiche’s taste a lot. You could go for sharp white cheddar, tangy goat cheese, or savory Gruyere. It depends on what you like.

  • Flaky pie crust – homemade or store-bought
  • Creamy filling with whole milk and heavy cream
  • Salt and pepper for basic seasoning
  • Up to two cups of pre-cooked vegetables and/or meats
  • A variety of cheeses such as white cheddar, goat cheese, or Gruyere

In conclusion, a fantastic quiche is all about using fresh quiche ingredients. It’s also about mixing them well with a creamy filling, flaky crust, various cheeses, and good vegetables.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Quiche

First, start by baking the crust without filling. Chill your pie crust first. Line the crust with parchment paper and fill it with pie weights. This helps it stay flat.

Next, work on your fillings. Cook and cut your ingredients to the right size. Make sure they are dry to keep your quiche from getting watery.

Then, mix eggs, milk, and cream for the filling. Blend them well. Add your other ingredients carefully. Mix everything together.

Pour your filling in the crust. Don’t overfill to avoid spillage. Bake for 45 minutes or until it’s set. Use a crust shield to keep the edges from getting too brown.

Let the quiche cool before cutting. Cooling helps the custard set more. You can also freeze it for later meals.

By making your quiche this way, you will enjoy the process. And you’ll end up with a perfect quiche every time!

Why This Quiche Recipe Stands Out

My quiche recipe is special. It is easy, rich, and can change to fit your taste. The mix of milk and cream makes it light but still creamy. This makes the perfect quiche every time.

This quiche lets you pick your favorite cheese. It also allows you to add things like leftover veggies or meats. It is great for breakfast or brunch. You can use any cheese, like cheddar or goat cheese.

It tells you how to bake the crust first and prepare the fillings. This makes sure the quiche is just right. You can have it for any meal or event. This quiche is perfect to share at Easter or have as a cozy dinner.


What makes this quiche recipe easy to follow?

This quiche recipe is simple and flexible. The steps are easy. You can use what you have for any meal.

Can I use a store-bought crust for the quiche?

Yes, a store-bought crust works well. Because homemade is better, but it saves time. This way, taste isn’t lost too much.

What are the essential ingredients for a perfect quiche?

You need a pie crust, milk with cream, eggs, salt, and pepper. Add your favorite cheeses and toppings. Vegetables and meats make it your own.

How do you prevent the quiche crust from getting soggy?

To avoid a soggy crust, blind bake it. Chill, then bake with pie weights. This helps it not get too soft.

Can I make a gluten-free quiche?

Yes, you can make it without a crust. Just make sure all ingredients are gluten-free. Then it’s good for everyone to eat.

How do I ensure the quiche has the right texture?

Use the right mix of eggs, milk, and cream. It should be a rich custard. Dry vegetables before adding to keep the moisture low.

Can I freeze the quiche for later?

Yes, you can freeze quiche. Let it cool, then wrap and freeze it. Warm it up in the oven when you want to eat it.

What are some popular add-ins for a quiche?

People like to put in bacon, ham, and cheeses like goat cheese. Also, spinach and mushrooms are good. Just cook the extras first to remove extra water.

How should I serve the quiche?

You can serve quiche in many ways. Warm, at room temp, or cold. It goes great with a salad. Perfect for brunch, as dinner, or anytime.

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