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Pudding Cookies Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

Nothing beats biting into a fresh, homemade cookie. Our family loves soft cookies. They are chewy and packed with flavor. When we started using pudding mix in our cookies, everything changed. The cookies became known for their softness and flavor.

Pudding Cookies Recipe

This recipe is great anytime. Adding vanilla pudding mix makes cookies that stay soft. They are full of rich flavor. This makes them the perfect treat.

These cookies are fun to make. You can add different flavors and mix-ins. This makes baking even more enjoyable. Plus, everyone loves how soft and tasty they are.

Watch the video below for the recipe.

Why Pudding Cookies Are the Best Cookies Ever

Pudding cookies are the best cookies recipe you can find. They use pudding mix to stay soft. This makes them a favorite for days.

Pudding cookies can be anything you want. Try lemon pudding with white chocolate. Or, banana pudding with chocolate chips. They are a ultimate cookie guide for anyone who loves baking.

They stand out by using brown sugar. This gives them a rich taste. It’s why they are my top pick for a special treat.

Chilling the dough is also key. It makes the cookies thick and soft. This trick is loved by many cookie fans.

These cookies are always a win. They are a must-have in every kitchen. They work for both new and experienced bakers. With them, you can try all kinds of flavors.

In the end, pudding cookies win for many reasons. They have great flavor and can be changed a lot. They make baking fun and new every time.

How to Make the Perfect Pudding Cookies

To make great pudding cookies, start with good quality ingredients. I always pick unsalted butter, light brown and granulated sugar, instant vanilla pudding, and chocolate chips. Baking them just right makes them chewy with crispy edges.

Make sure everything is at room temp, especially the eggs. Mix the butter, sugar, and vanilla really well to get a good dough. Use the right amount of flour to keep the cookies from getting gummy. Parchment paper helps them bake evenly and avoids sticking.

Shape the dough into balls, then flatten into discs on the baking sheet. Add a bit extra chocolate on top before baking to make them look and taste better. This keeps them pretty and full of chocolate flavor.

Follow these steps for cookies that are chewy, soft, and full of flavor. Store them well to enjoy for up to a week. Or freeze some for later. This makes a delicious treat for anyone who loves cookies.


Why are pudding cookies so soft and chewy?

Pudding cookies are soft and chewy because of instant pudding mix. The mix adds taste and keeps the cookies moist for days.

Can I use any flavor of pudding mix in the recipe?

Yes, you can use any flavor you like! Chocolate, lemon, or banana are just a few options. They create fun and tasty cookies.

Why is using brown sugar important in the pudding cookies recipe?

Brown sugar makes the cookies taste rich. Its moisture keeps them soft for longer.

Do I need to prepare the pudding mix before adding it to the dough?

No, you don’t. Just the dry pudding mix will bring great texture and flavor to the cookies.

How long should I chill the dough before baking?

A one-hour chill helps the cookies bake up well. They become nice and puffy with this step.

Can I add different mix-ins to the pudding cookies?

Absolutely! You can mix in anything you like, such as nuts, M&Ms, or white chocolate. Be creative and enjoy your tasty creation.

How should I store the pudding cookies to keep them fresh?

Keep them in an airtight container at room temperature. They last soft and chewy up to one week. Freezing them also keeps them for later treats.

What’s the secret to getting an aesthetically pleasing cookie?

After baking, add some extra chocolate chips on top of each cookie. This simple step makes them look more delicious and inviting.

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