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Banana Pudding Recipe

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Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is a classic in the South. It’s creamy, smells sweet, and has a crunchy surprise. It reminds us of good times with family and friends. This easy recipe always makes people happy. Try it and feel the joy.

The Best Ingredients for Banana Pudding

The secret to great banana pudding is using top-notch items. A smooth vanilla pudding mix is vital. It works well with the sweet ripe bananas. And don’t forget about the Nilla wafers. They add a lovely crunchy touch.

A scoop of sweetened condensed milk makes it creamier. It adds a rich taste, too. I suggest making your own whipped cream. It makes the dessert really special. Just like the way Magnolia Bakery does it.

  • Vanilla pudding mix makes it creamy.
  • Ripe bananas bring sweetness and fun texture.
  • Nilla wafers give a nice crunch.
  • Sweetened condensed milk boosts the flavor.
  • Homemade whipped cream is a better topping.

You might like one pudding mix over another. Or choose between fresh or quick wafers. But, these key items will make your banana pudding unbeatable.

How to Make Banana Pudding

Make a tasty Southern banana pudding with care and good stuff. Start by mixing

The secret to a great banana pudding is how you stack it. Begin with vanilla wafers at the bottom. They give crunch and taste. Add a layer of bananas that are just right, not too soft.

Next, pour some pudding over this. Then, do it all over again. More wafers, more bananas, and more pudding. This way, each bite is full of flavor.

Now, add whipped topping on top. You can make your own or use ready-made. Let your pudding sit in the fridge for a bit, up to a night. This helps all the tastes mix well.

To finish, add another layer of whipped topping or cream. Keep your pudding cold until you eat it. This way, it’s the best Southern treat you’ve ever had.

Tips for Perfect Banana Pudding Recipe

Making the best banana pudding is all about the right steps and stuff. The way you put it together makes it look good, too. First, make sure your bananas are just right. They should be sweet and not brown yet. Putting a little citrus on the banana slices or keeping them airtight helps stop them from browning too early.

Layering the ingredients is an important skill. Put down some vanilla wafers first, then pudding, and then bananas. Keep repeating these layers neatly. This makes the taste and look of the pudding better. Adding some whipped topping to part of the milk can make the dessert lighter and creamier.

When you put together small trifles or a big bowl of banana pudding, making it look nice matters. Make sure each layer is just right. After you’re done, cover and chill the pudding for just the right amount, up to eight hours. This makes the flavors blend without the bananas getting too soft. If you layer everything well and follow these steps, your banana pudding will wow everyone. It will be tasty and look great, too.


What is the prep time for this beloved banana pudding recipe?

Making this banana pudding takes 25 minutes.

How many servings does this banana pudding recipe make?

It serves 20 people.

What are the primary ingredients needed for making banana pudding?

You need vanilla pudding mix, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, whipped topping, vanilla wafers, and bananas.

How do I prepare the banana pudding?

Mix pudding with milk, add condensed milk and vanilla. Then, mix in the whipped topping. Finally, layer with bananas and wafers.

How should the finished banana pudding be stored?

Keep it in the fridge and eat within three days. It doesn’t freeze well.

How many calories are in each serving of the banana pudding?

Every serving has 329 calories.

What makes this banana pudding taste so luxurious?

It uses Nilla Wafers and whipped cream. These make it rich and creamy.

Can I use fresh homemade whipped cream instead of store-bought?

Yes, use fresh whipped cream for a better taste.

How should I layer the banana pudding for the best presentation?

Start with wafers, then bananas, and the pudding. Repeat for a beautiful dessert.

How can I prevent the bananas from browning?

Use light yellow bananas. Dip them in fruit juice. Keep them covered and cold.

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