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Pecan Cookies Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

There’s something special about baking at home. Especially making pecan cookies. You can smell the toasted pecans and rich butter. These butter pecan cookies make sweet memories.

pecan cookies

Every bite brings joy. I love making them for holidays or any day. Watch the video below for the recipe.

Ingredients for Pecan Cookies

The secret to great pecan cookies is picking the right pecan cookie ingredients. Use lots of pecan halves. Toast them until they are perfect. This brings out their best taste.

Using unsalted butter is key. Melt and cool it first. This makes your buttery pecan dessert taste rich and smooth.

Dark brown sugar makes brown sugar pecan cookies taste great. It has more molasses. This goes well with the toasted pecans.

Adding an egg and an extra egg yolk makes cookies soft and chewy. They won’t spread too much when baking.

Adding toffee bits makes a special toffee pecan cookie recipe. It gives a nice crunch. Cornstarch, baking soda, and salt are also key.

It’s important to measure flour right. This makes the dough just right. You need parchment paper, a cookie scoop, and bowls. For a fancy touch, sprinkle with flaky sea salt.

How to Make Pecan Cookies

What you need for making pecan cookies is a step-by-step plan. First, mix your sugars with cooled, melted butter. This mix is key for the perfect cookie texture. Then, add eggs and vanilla and mix it well.

In another bowl, mix your dry stuff. Slowly mix it with the wet stuff. Be careful not to make the dough too hard. This step is vital in homemade cookie instructions. After mixing, add pecans and maybe toffee. Your dough should be firm but easy to mold into balls.

Use a scoop for cookie dough, about 1 ½ tablespoons each. This makes sure they all cook the same. Then, put them on a baking sheet with parchment, with space between each.

One big trick in chewy cookie recipe steps is not to overcook. Take the cookies out just as the center gets soft. They’ll be perfect as they cool. If your dough is too greasy or dry, maybe the butter was too warm or you added too much/too little flour. Fix this by adjusting the butter’s temperature or flour amount.

Pecan Cookies Recipe: Instructions

Let’s make pecan cookies step by step for the best homemade treat. First, preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Then, toast your pecans. This makes them taste even better. Also, use parchment paper on your baking sheets for easy clean-up.

In a big mixing bowl, mix melted unsalted butter with brown and granulated sugars. Add vanilla, one egg, and an extra yolk. Then, in another bowl, mix the flour, cornstarch, baking soda, and salt. Gently add these dry items to the wet mix. Don’t mix too much.

Now, add the toasted pecans and maybe toffee bits. Your dough will get a special taste and feel. Use a scoop to make even balls of dough. Put these on the sheets, spaced well. Bake for 10-12 minutes. They should look lightly golden outside and soft inside. A bit of sea salt at the end makes them even better.

Let the cookies cool on the sheet a bit. This step makes them chewy just as you want them. You can keep them fresh in a closed box for a week or freeze them. These cookies bring the comfort of homemade goods. They’re also easy to make, letting everyone enjoy perfect pecan cookies. Happy baking!


What makes these butter pecan cookies so special?

These cookies are special thanks to their buttery and nutty taste. They are also chewy. The ingredients like toasted pecans, dark brown sugar, and melted butter make them soft and tasty.

Do I need to toast the pecans for the pecan cookies?

Yes, toasting pecans before you chop them is a good idea. It makes them taste better without burning them.

What type of sugar is best for these chewy pecan cookies?

Dark brown sugar works best. It has more molasses. This makes the cookies chewy and tastes great with the pecans.

How important is the proper measurement of flour in this pecan cookie recipe?

It’s very important to measure the flour right. Too much or too little flour can make the dough bad. Adding flour bit by bit might help if the dough is wrong.

Are there any optional ingredients to add a twist to the toffee pecan cookie recipe?

Yes! Adding toffee bits makes the cookies crunchier. A bit of sea salt makes them taste even better.

How do I make sure my homemade pecan cookies come out chewy and soft?

Don’t bake them for too long. Take them out when they are still a bit soft. They will be chewy as they cool.

What should I do if my cookie dough becomes hard to work with or too greasy?

If your dough is hard, add more melted butter. If it’s greasy, your butter might have been too warm. Let it cool off before mixing.

Can these pecan cookies be stored for later enjoyment?

Yes, you can keep them in a sealed container for a few days. You can also freeze them to enjoy later if you like.

What tools do I need to make these easy pecan cookies?

You’ll need parchment paper, a cookie scoop, and bowls for mixing. These help make the cookies the right size and are easy to use.

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