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Mimosa Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

I remember my first *brunch*. The warm sun, good company, and a glass of freshly made Mimosa in hand. There’s a magic in the mix of champagne and orange juice. It makes any day, holiday or not, feel special.

Mimosa Recipe

A Mimosa is easy to make. You need just two things: dry sparkling wine and fresh orange juice. Mix them in equal parts. But you can change the mix based on what you like. Make sure both are cold to keep the bubbles and not watery from ice. Drink it from a cold glass that holds the bubbles well. You can also try it with different juices like blood orange or pomegranate. Every Mimosa is a hit, no matter the twist.

What is a Mimosa?

The classic mimosa is more than a drink. It’s a signal for happy daytime events. This mix of sparkling wine and cool citrus juice is loved at brunch. Usually, it’s in tall, slim glasses to keep it fizzy. This drink’s story starts in Europe. Now, Americans enjoy it with brunch and at parties.

A usual mimosa is half dry sparkling wine and half sharp orange juice. It’s a cool drink that goes well with many brunch foods. You can change the mimosa to fit any season or event, making everyone happy. People love mimosas for happy times and big events.

“From its humble beginnings to its current status, the mimosa has firmly established its place in brunch history. This sparkling mimosa is sure to elevate any celebration and bring a touch of elegance to the table.”

The mimosa history is charming. It’s simple yet full of grace. This famous brunch drink keeps its spot at parties. Its mix of flavors is just right for morning and afternoon get-togethers.

Ingredients Needed for a Classic Mimosa Recipe

Start your Mimosa with quality sparkling wine like Champagne, prosecco, or cava. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but should taste good.

Picking the right orange juice is key too. Freshly squeezed makes the best Mimosa. It goes perfectly with the bubbly wine.

A classic Mimosa mixes sparkling wine with fresh orange juice. It’s a yummy blend. Or, try adding a bit of orange liqueur for a fancy twist.

Steps to Make the Perfect Mimosa

Making the perfect Mimosa is easy with a few steps. First, make sure your sparkling wine and orange juice are very cold. A warm Mimosa won’t taste as good.

Pour the wine into a tilted glass to keep the bubbles. Then gently add the cold orange juice. This way, your Mimosa stays fizzy and the glass doesn’t get sticky.

Adding a bit of Grand Marnier can make your Mimosa even better. Mix your drinks right before you drink them. For a big group, mix up a pitcher just before to keep it fresh. This keeps your Mimosa tasting great and bubbly. Enjoy!


What is a Mimosa?

A Mimosa is a famous drink for brunch. It is full of joy and is perfect for celebrations like Mother’s Day. This cocktail mixes dry sparkling wine with orange juice.

What ingredients are needed for a classic Mimosa recipe?

For a classic Mimosa, you’ll need dry sparkling wine and orange juice. It’s best to use fresh orange juice. You can add Grand Marnier for a special touch.

How do I make the perfect Mimosa?

First, chill the wine and juice. Pour wine into a glass first, then add juice. Add a splash of Grand Marnier if you like. Mix it right before drinking.

What are some variations of the classic Mimosa?

To change up your Mimosa, use different juices. Try blood orange or pomegranate. A splash of Grand Marnier can make the orange taste stronger. Tailor it to your event.

Can I prepare Mimosas ahead of time for a gathering?

Make Mimosas just before serving for the best taste. For a crowd, you can chill the wine and juice ahead. Mix them quickly to keep the fizz.

Why should I avoid adding ice to a Mimosa?

Ice can water down and weaken a Mimosa. Keep your ingredients cold without ice. Use chilled glasses to make your Mimosa last.

What type of wine is best for a classic Mimosa?

Pick dry sparkling wine for a Mimosa. Champagne, prosecco, or cava work well. It should be fizzy and not too sweet. Good wine is key, but it doesn’t have to be very expensive.

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