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Keto Cheesecake Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

keto cheesecake

Have you ever felt the tug of nostalgia with each bite of a classic cheesecake, only to wince at the sugar content? I remember the first time I tasted Maya Krampf’s Keto Cheesecake; it was like indulging in a rich, creamy dream without the guilt. This low-carb cheesecake not only satisfies my sweet tooth but also aligns with my keto lifestyle, making it a sugar-free dessert that’s hard to resist.

The fuss-free preparation and authentic flavor have made this recipe a staple in my dessert repertoire. Whether you’re looking for delicious keto dessert recipes or a gluten-free cheesecake option, this has it all. Watch the video below for the recipe.

Why You’ll Love This Keto Cheesecake

This cheesecake is perfect for keto lovers wanting a sweet treat. It has a rich, creamy filling like the classic dessert. The crust made from almond flour adds a tasty crunch.

Making this low-carb cheesecake is easy with just eight ingredients. It’s great for those watching their health or who avoid gluten. People often mistake it for the real thing, making it a top choice for many.

This dessert is ideal if you need to watch your sugar, even if you’re a diabetic. It’s made without added sugars, allowing for guilt-free enjoyment. Maya Krampf made sure it’s simple and delicious, just like other recipes in her book.

Ingredients & Substitutions

The base for our low-carb cheesecake crust is fine, blanched almond flour. It tastes buttery mixed with unsalted butter. We use a monk fruit allulose blend for sweetness, making it taste like sugar without aftertaste. You can also use sweeteners like erythritol or xylitol.

This crust recipe is very flexible. You can use coconut flour for a nut-free version. Ground macadamia nuts and pecans bring a nuttier taste. For the filling, we start with cream cheese. We mix in Besti Powdered Monk Fruit Allulose Blend for a smooth texture.

Eggs, vanilla extract, and lemon juice make the classic cheesecake flavor. They add deep taste to every bite. Adding sour cream makes it even better. You can also do mini cheesecakes for easy servings. This recipe shows how keto baking can be simple and tasty for all.


Can I use a different sweetener for this Keto Cheesecake?

Yes, you can. The recipe suggests a monk fruit allulose blend. But, you can also use erythritol, xylitol, or their blends.

Is this cheesecake gluten-free?

Yes, it is. This Keto Cheesecake uses almond flour for the crust. You can also use coconut flour for a nut-free option.

What makes this Keto Cheesecake suitable for a keto diet?

It’s low in carbs, thanks to almond flour. It also uses a sugar-free sweetener. Each slice only has 5g net carbs.

Can I make this cheesecake without a crust?

Yes, you can. Just skip the crust ingredients and continue with the filling steps.

How can I customize this recipe further?

You can make many tweaks to this Keto Cheesecake. Add sour cream for richness. Try making mini bites or vary the nuts in the crust.

What can I use instead of almond flour for a nut-free crust?

For a nut-free option, use coconut flour. This recipe allows swapping with coconut flour for those allergic to nuts.

Who developed this Keto Cheesecake recipe?

The recipe was made by Maya Krampf. Her recipes are known for their great taste and simplicity.

Is this recipe sugar-free?

Absolutely, it is sugar-free. A monk fruit allulose blend is used as a sweetener. It’s great for those watching their sugar.

How long does it take to prepare and bake this cheesecake?

It’s easy to make. You need 8 ingredients for the whole recipe. Making it takes about 15 minutes. Baking needs around 45–50 minutes.

What makes this cheesecake’s texture so creamy?

Cream cheese and Besti Powdered Monk Fruit Allulose Blend. These make the texture creamy and dreamy, not grainy.

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