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Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

Combining two favorites in one treats makes us feel good. A fudgy brownie with real cheesecake on top is amazing. The first time I had a Cheesecake Brownie, I was at a friend’s. It mixed chocolate and cream so well. I wanted to make it at home with love. This from-scratch recipe is the best. Watch the video below to learn how.

This part is all about the rich Cheesecake Brownies. They mix a fudgy brownie with cheescake. You use chocolate, cocoa, and fast coffee for flavor. Eggs in both parts make sure they’re perfect. You can add chocolate chips for more chocolate taste. The cheesecake layer has cream cheese and sour cream. This makes the cheesecake creamy and right.

The brownies stay moist because of this. Keep them in the fridge. They last up to five days or freeze them. You can top them with whipped cream or more. Enjoy!

How to Make Cheesecake Brownies

Crafting quick and easy brownies starts with the right mix of rich chocolate and cream cheese. Start by melting good chocolate and butter in a bowl. Use brands like Whittaker’s or Valrhona. Add cocoa powder to make the chocolate taste better.

Using cream cheese at room temperature is key for a smooth topping. It ensures your cheesecake mix is thick and well blended. Don’t forget to line the baking pan with parchment paper first. This makes it easy to take out and cut the brownies later.

  1. Melt the chocolate and butter together.
  2. Mix in the cocoa powder for a better chocolate taste.
  3. Mix the batter in one bowl to simplify.

First, bake the brownie layer halfway. Then add the cheesecake batter. This keeps the brownies soft. Mix cream cheese and other things until smooth. Pour it over the half-baked brownies.

Make a pretty pattern by swirly the cheesecake mix into the brownies. You can also add nuts, candy, or chocolate chips on top. It makes your brownies taste better and look special.

Follow these steps to make your cheesecake brownies chewy and great. Enjoy making them!

Tips for Perfect Cheesecake Brownies

Start by making sure all ingredients are at room temperature. This makes a smooth mix.

Use high-quality chocolate for rich flavor. Ghirardelli or Lindt are great for this.

Don’t over-bake to keep a fudgy texture. Brownies should be set but a little soft in the middle. Cooling completely helps with cutting later.

Line your pan with parchment paper to prevent sticking. It also helps to lift the brownies out easily. You’ll get a clean slice once they’re cool.

Use a sharp chef’s knife to cut. Clean the knife blade between slices. Experiment with flavors like nuts or toffee for fun twists.

Be patient and pay attention to the details. These simple tips will help you make amazing cheesecake brownies.

Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

This recipe is for anyone who loves desserts. It’s a mix of rich brownie and creamy cheesecake. They come together to make a perfect treat.

Here are the ingredients you need. For the brownie, have chocolate, cocoa powder, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, and salt. Add chocolate chips or nuts if you like.

Then, gather for the cheesecake part, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. These ingredients will make your dessert delicious.

Now, let’s start cooking. First, heat your oven. Then, mix melted chocolate and butter. Add cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Mix in flour and salt. Put this in a pan.

Next is the cheesecake. Beat cream cheese until soft. Add the other ingredients. Make it smooth. Pour over the brownie. Swirl them together with a knife.

Bake for less than an hour. Look for a light jiggle. Let it cool and then chill. This will make slicing easy and neat.

By following these steps, you’ll make beautiful Cheesecake Brownies. They’re great for all events. Serve with cream or berries for a special treat.

Enjoy making and eating this dessert. It will bring joy and special memories.


What type of chocolate should I use for the fudgy brownie layer?

Use top-notch chocolate like Whittaker’s or Valrhona. It makes your brownies rich and tasty. Pick semi-sweet or dark, as you like.

Can I add instant coffee to the brownie layer?

Absolutely, a bit of instant coffee enhances the chocolate taste in the brownies. It gives them a more complex flavor.

What kind of cream cheese should I use for the cheesecake topping?

Go for full-fat cream cheese at room temperature. It makes the cheesecake topping smooth and creamy. You’ll get a rich taste.

How do I prepare the baking pan?

To prepare the pan, line it with parchment paper. This makes it easy to lift the brownies out. It also keeps them from sticking.

How should I store Cheesecake Brownies?

Since they have cheesecake, keep the brownies cold. Store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days. Or freeze them for longer.

What are some variations or additional toppings I can use?

You can top your cheesecake brownies with whipped cream or sauce. You could add nuts, candy, or toffee for more crunch and taste.

How do I achieve a fudgy texture in the brownies?

For a fudgy texture, don’t over bake them. Use a toothpick to check doneness. It should have a few moist crumbs but not batter.

What are some tips for cleanly cutting the cheesecake brownies?

First, make sure the brownies are cold. Then, use a sharp knife. Wipe the knife clean after each cut for smooth slices.

Can I use other types of chocolate in the recipe?

Feel free to try various chocolates or chips for the brownie layer. Remember, the chocolate quality impacts the taste.

How important are room temperature ingredients in this recipe?

Room temperature cream cheese and eggs are key for a smooth cheesecake. They mix better, making a nicer texture.

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