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The 5 Best Onions for Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a classic comfort food that can warm you up on any day of the year. One of the essential ingredients in preparing tomato soup is onions.

But not all onions are created equal, and some varieties work better than others in this dish.

So, which onions are the best for tomato soup?

The best onions for tomato soup are yellow onions, sweet onions, shallots, red onions, and leeks. Each variety offers a unique flavor profile and texture to the soup, and selecting the right one can enhance the taste of the dish.

If you’re ready to elevate your tomato soup game, let’s dive in and explore the five best onions to include in your recipe.

Why Use Onion In Tomato Soups?

Tomato Soup with onion

Onions are a crucial ingredient in tomato soup and are commonly used in many soup recipes for several reasons:

  1. Flavor: The addition of onions can give the soup a rich, savory depth of flavor.
  2. Aromatics: Onions are considered an aromatic vegetable and help to add a natural fragrance to the soup.
  3. Natural Sweetness: Onions can provide a subtle, natural sweetness that balances the acidity of the tomatoes.
  4. Texture: When cooked correctly, onions can provide a soft, delicate crunch that adds a pleasant texture to the soup.
  5. Nutrients: Onions are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that provide many health benefits, including supporting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting heart health.

The 5 Best Onions for Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is an iconic dish that can be improved with the addition of onions.

The key to getting the best flavor is selecting the right type of onion, and here are five types that will provide you with a delicious tomato soup:

1. Yellow Onions

Yellow Onions

Yellow onions are an all-purpose onion suitable for various recipes, including tomato soup.

They have a pungent flavor with a slight sweetness that gets stronger as they cook.

The yellow onion’s texture is meaty and firm, providing a great foundation for soups.

Its robust flavor and ability to withstand long cooking times make it an excellent option for tomato soup recipes.

Try sautéing yellow onions in butter or oil until caramelized before adding to the soup base for a deeper flavor.

2. Sweet Onions

Sweet Onions

Sweet onions have a subtle sweetness that is perfect for balancing the acidity of canned tomatoes often used in tomato soup.

These onions are milder than yellow onions and release less sulfur, so they won’t overpower the soup’s other flavors.

Sweet onions also cook down faster, making them perfect for quick tomato soup recipes.

Sauté slices of sweet onions and garlic in olive oil and add to the soup base for a quick and easy tomato soup recipe with a hint of sweetness.

3. Shallots


Shallots are a type of onion with a milder taste than regular onions.

They have a delicate flavor with a slightly sweet and subtle onion-like taste.

They are perfect for adding a mild onion flavor and depth to tomato soup without overpowering the taste of the tomatoes.

Mince a few shallots and add them to the soup base to give your tomato soup recipe a rich and savory flavor.

4. Red Onions

Red Onions

Red onions have a slightly sweet and mild flavor, making them an excellent choice for tomato soup recipes.

They are also rich in antioxidants, adding a nutritional boost to your soup.

Red onions have a slightly purple hue, adding color to your soup.

Use finely chopped red onions instead of yellow onions to add a pop of color to your soup base.

5. Leeks


Leeks have a more subtle flavor than regular onions, with a mild sweetness and a slight herbal taste.

Leeks have a soft and buttery texture that makes them perfect for blending into a tomato soup base, adding a unique flavor and creaminess.

To use leeks in tomato soup, chop the white and pale green parts of the leek and sauté them in a pan with a little butter or oil until tender, then add them to your soup base.

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