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Angel Food Cake Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

That first bite of homemade angel food cake is magical. It reminds me of summer with my family. Every gathering meant my grandmother would bake this special treat. It was fluffy, light, and it tasted like a dream. Making it brings back memories and joy. Each step, from cracking eggs to folding in flour, is done with love.

Angel Food Cake Recipe

The secret to angel food cake is in the details. Using superfine sugar and folding it gently matter a lot. It’s not just a recipe but a way to enjoy simplicity. The cake is perfect with berries or a bit of whipped cream. It’s a guilt-free treat that everyone loves.

Ingredients for the Perfect Angel Food Cake

The key to the best angel food cake is picking the right ingredients. Each one is important for the cake to be light and airy.

Let’s start with superfine sugar. We grind regular sugar to get superfine. This is important for the cake’s structure.

Next, there’s cake flour. It’s very smooth flour that gives the cake its tenderness. It’s hard to replace because of its qualities.

Fresh egg whites are a must. They make the cake rise. But be careful, even a little yolk or fat can ruin their fluffiness.

In our list, cream of tartar is a highlight. It makes the egg whites more stable. This keeps the cake from falling flat.

Don’t forget vanilla extract for flavor and a bit of salt to bring out the taste. All these ingredients, when used right, help make a perfect cake.

In short, picking the best from superfine sugar to egg whites is key. It guarantees every piece of our cake is flavorful and light.

Step-by-Step Angel Food Cake Recipe

Making an angel food cake is fun and following a recipe carefully makes it turn out well. Let’s learn step by step how to make it.

Start by making sugar very fine in a food processor. You need this for the cake to be light. Save some for later. Mix the rest with flour and a bit of salt.

Next, beat egg whites with cream of tartar. Cream of tartar keeps the whites stable. Add the fine sugar slowly until you get soft peaks.

Carefully fold in the flour mix to keep the egg whites light. Do this gently so they don’t lose air.

Put your mix in a tube pan without greasing it. This helps the cake rise right.

Bake at 325°F (163°C) and then cool it upside down. This keeps the cake fluffy and tall.

After it cools, slice with a serrated knife. Treat the cake gently from start to end to keep it light and airy.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Angel Food Cake

Making Angel Food Cake isn’t just about a good recipe. Key baking tips help get that perfect soft cake. Start by using just the egg whites. Be sure they’re clean of yolks or fats. Also, make superfine sugar by blending regular sugar. These steps are vital for the right cake texture.

Egg whites should be whipped to soft peaks. Mix in superfine sugar carefully. This way, the cake stays light and fluffy. Don’t over-mix the egg whites or the cake will fall flat.

Choose your baking pan wisely. A pan with a tube in the middle works best. It helps the cake cook evenly. Plus, it’s easier to take the cake out. If you don’t have this pan, a tube pan is still better than others. After baking, cool the cake upside down. This keeps it from shrinking.

When you cut the cake, use a serrated knife. It keeps the cake nice and soft. Follow these tips for a cake that’s always a hit. Enjoy every bite of this special treat!


What makes an angel food cake different from other cakes?

Angel food cake is special because it’s very low in fat. It uses egg whites mainly. This makes it light like a cloud inside and has a soft, brown outside.

What are the essential ingredients for a perfect angel food cake?

To make a great angel food cake, you need superfine sugar, cake flour, and more. These make the cake’s inside soft. They also help keep the egg whites strong.

How do I make superfine sugar at home?

To make superfine sugar, pulse regular sugar in a food processor. This makes it just right for angel food cake.

What is the proper way to mix the ingredients for angel food cake?

To mix the cake, start by beating the egg whites and cream of tartar. Add superfine sugar slowly. Then, gently mix in the dry ingredients. Do this a little at a time to keep the egg whites fluffy.

Why should I use an ungreased tube pan?

Using a tube pan without grease helps the cake cling to the sides. This helps the cake rise properly and get the right texture and size.

How should I cool the angel food cake after baking?

Cooling the cake upside down in the pan is key. It keeps the cake from falling and helps it stay light. You can use a bottle or the pan’s legs to hold it up.

What is the best way to slice angel food cake?

To slice the cake, use a serrated knife. This keeps the texture nice and airy.

Can I use all-purpose flour instead of cake flour?

It’s better to use cake flour for angel food cake. It makes the cake soft. If you don’t have cake flour, all-purpose flour might change the cake’s texture a bit.

What should I do if I don’t have a tube pan?

If you don’t have a tube pan, you can use another pan. Place a can wrapped in parchment paper in the middle. But remember, this might change the cake’s outcome.

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