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What to Do with Leftover Poke (5 Tasty Ideas)

Poke is one of the most popular dishes right now.

With its fresh, zesty flavors and abundant nutrients, this Hawaiian dish has become a favorite all over the world.

But what can you do with any leftovers?

How do you turn them into something as delicious as your original poke bowl?

What are the best recipe ideas for leftover poke? Leftover poke lends itself to all sorts of creative recipes. You can use it in burritos and wraps, stir fry it with vegetables, or add it to a noodle soup. It can also be turned into sushi rolls or tacos.

These suggestions will help you enjoy your leftover poke and have an even more flavorful meal than before!

Let’s explore five tasty recipe ideas for what to do with leftover poke.

What to Do with Leftover Poke

1 – Make a Poke Bowl

One of the easiest and most obvious solutions to leftover poke is to simply make a poke bowl. All you need to do is add some rice and vegetables, then top it off with your leftover poke.

You can customize your poke bowl with your favorite veggies, like cucumber, avocado, and edamame. Plus, you can drizzle some soy sauce or spicy mayo to enhance the flavor.

If you have multiple types of poke, you can mix and match to make a poke bowl with different flavors. It’s a quick and healthy lunch or dinner option that will leave you feeling satisfied.

2 – Put it in a Salad

Another way to use up leftover poke is to incorporate it into a salad. Poke is often made with fresh fish, making it an ideal protein source for salads.

You can make a simple poke salad by adding lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and other veggies, then top it off with your leftover poke. You might also try adding some nuts, such as cashews or almonds, and a citrus-based dressing.

To add some crunch and texture, you can also sprinkle some seaweed or crispy wonton chips on top. It’s a great lunch option that is both healthy and delicious.

3 – Make Poke Tacos

If you’re tired of eating poke bowls, consider making poke tacos. Simply take some corn tortillas, and fill them up with your leftover poke.

You can also add some shredded cabbage, Pico de Gallo, guacamole, and a squeeze of lime to your tacos. It’s an easy way to transform your leftover poke into a completely different meal.

4 – Use it as a Spread

If you have some leftover poke that’s been in the fridge for a couple of days, and you’re not sure you want to eat it as is, consider turning it into a spread.

To do this, simply use a food processor to blend your poke into a smooth spread. You can then use it as a dip for crackers, or as a spread on bread or bagels.

You might also try mixing your poke with some cream cheese or Greek yogurt to add some creaminess to the spread. It’s a unique way to elevate your breakfast or snack game.

5 – Freeze the Leftover Poke

If you have a lot of leftover poke that you’re not sure you can eat in the next few days, consider freezing it. Poke can freeze well, and it’s a good way to avoid wasting food.

To freeze your leftover poke, place it in an airtight container or zipper bag, and make sure to label it with the date. You can then thaw it out in the fridge when you’re ready to eat it.

Once thawed, you can use your poke to make any of the above recipes, or simply eat it as is. Just be sure to eat it within a few days of thawing.


In conclusion, there are many great ways to use up leftover poke. You can transform it into a poke bowl, salad, or tacos, or turn it into a unique spread. Don’t forget that poke can also be frozen and saved for later.

With a little creativity, leftover poke can be transformed into a delicious meal or snack. Experiment with different combinations of veggies and sauces to create a dish that is both healthy and satisfying.

And remember, just because you have leftover poke doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing over and over again. Give some of these ideas a try and see how you can turn your leftover poke into something amazing.

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