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Prime Rib Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

My kitchen gets really cozy around the holidays. There’s a special smell of great food. I love seeing my family happy when I serve the perfect prime rib. It’s a tradition of joy and unity at our dinner table. If you want a special holiday meal, check out the video.

Prime Rib Recipe

This easy prime rib recipe will wow your guests at Christmas. It gives clear steps from trimming to cooking. New cooks can make a tasty meal. Pair it with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and horseradish sauce for a deluxe dinner.

The cooking video helps you make the recipe without stress. It gives smart advice like using a thermometer and not cooking too much. Choosing good meat, like USDA prime, is crucial. Having the bones cut for easy carving also helps.

This recipe adds a garlic crust for extra flavor. It tells you how long to cook the meat for your taste. Don’t forget to let it rest before serving. Even beginners can make a holiday roast that impresses everyone.

Preparing Your Prime Rib Roast

Choosing a top-quality roast is the first step toward the perfect Prime Rib Preparation. Go for a choice or prime-grade roast, with a bone-in. This makes it tastier. Trim off extra fat. Then, use a good Roast Tying Technique to keep the meat juicy. This also makes cutting it easier later.

Letting the meat rest at room temperature is very important. It should rest for at least three hours before cooking. This is called Room Temperature Resting. This step helps the meat cook evenly. It avoids cold spots. While it’s resting, make a special Garlic Herb Rub. This rub will give the meat a crunchy, tasty outside.

For the Garlic Herb Rub, mix minced garlic with olive oil. Add fresh rosemary and thyme. Use a sharp knife to cut the garlic finely. This keeps it from burning. Spread this mix all over the meat. Then, season the meat well with salt. Tie it up tightly with string.

Next, get your oven hot and ready for the meat. This preheating step is vital. It ensures the meat turns out juicy and full of flavor. If you follow these steps carefully, your Prime Rib Preparation will be a success.

Cooking Instructions

To cook Prime Rib, you need to control the heat and time carefully. First, heat your oven to a high 500°F. This makes a tasty crust and keeps the meat inside juicy.

Now, after the quick sear, manage the oven temperature well. Set the heat to 325°F and let the roast cook slowly. This makes the meat moist and not dried out. A meat thermometer helps a lot. Stick it in the meat to see how hot it is getting inside.

For the right doneness, look at a good cooking time chart. Change the cooking times to how you like the meat cooked:

  • Rare: 115°F
  • Medium-rare: 125°F
  • Medium: 135°F
  • Medium-well: 145°F

Keep in mind, the meat will keep cooking a little even after it leaves the oven. So, take the roast out when it is a bit lower than your target temperature.

“Always let your Prime Rib rest, tented with foil, for at least 20 minutes. This resting period allows the meat fibers to reabsorb the juices, ensuring a moist and tender final product.”

Follow these steps well, and your Prime Rib will turn out just right. It will be juicy, full of flavor, and the highlight of your celebration.

Serving and Carving Prime Rib

The best part of making prime rib is when you serve and carve it. It makes everyone happy. After it cooks, wait about 30 minutes to let the meat rest. This lets the yummy juices spread through the meat. So, every piece you cut will be juicy and tasty.

Start by cutting off any strings and the bone if your roast has one. Then, use a sharp knife to slice the meat across the grain. Aim for pieces that are half-inch to three-quarter-inch thick. This way of cutting makes the meat easy to eat and keeps it tender.

Use the tasty drippings and fat to make a yummy gravy. It gives the meal even more flavor. Serve the prime rib with holiday favorites like mashed potatoes, salads, and rolls. These dishes make the meal special and memorable. Your holiday dinner will be a hit!


What type of beef cut should I choose for a prime rib roast?

Choose a USDA prime or choice grade prime rib roast for best taste and tenderness. Bone-in is ideal for juicier results.

How do I prepare the prime rib before cooking?

Trim the roast and tie the ribs for easier carving later. Let it sit at room temperature for 3 hours. Make a garlic herb rub with garlic, olive oil, and herbs for seasoning.

What is the proper way to season a prime rib?

Season with garlic, herbs, and salt. Rub over the meat for a tasty garlic crust and better flavor.

At what temperature should I cook the prime rib?

Start at 500˚F to seal in juices, then lower the temperature. Use a thermometer to cook to your preferred doneness.

How do I ensure the prime rib is cooked to the perfect doneness?

Use a thermometer to check the temperature. For rare, cook to 115˚F; for medium-rare, 125˚F; for medium, 135˚F; and for medium-well, 150˚F. The temperature will rise a bit more after cooking.

Why is it important to let the prime rib rest before carving?

Resting the rib covered with foil for 30 minutes lets the juices spread. This keeps the meat juicy.

What is the best way to carve a prime rib roast?

After resting, remove the strings and bone rack if using. Slice against the grain for the best texture.

How can I make use of the pan drippings and rendered fat?

Use them to make a gravy. A homemade gravy makes the prime rib taste even better.

What are some good side dishes to serve with prime rib?

Pair it with mashed potatoes, asparagus, salads, and rolls. A horseradish sauce complements the dish well.

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