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13 Herbs that Go with Pork and Apples

Hey, pork and apple lovers!

So you want to make a pork and apple dish, but aren’t sure what herbs go with it?

We totally get it—the sweet and savory flavors of this dish can be a challenging combination to get right.

what herbs go with Pork and Apple

But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Below you’ll find 13 of the best herbs to add to a pork and apple dish, which will make your recipe sing.

13 Herbs that Go with Pork and Apples

When it comes to finding the right herbs for your pork and apple recipe, there are three main options: rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Rosemary goes well with pork because of its peppery taste. It also has a strong aroma that can help balance out the sweetness of the apple and cut through the taste of the meat. If you choose rosemary, be sure not to add too much—just a little bit will go a long way!

Pork and Apples

However, there are more herbs and spices to choose from!

Let’s get started!

1. Sage


A herb that’s been used in cooking since the Middle Ages, sage is fragrant, warm, and comforting: the ideal addition to your pork and apple recipe.

It pairs particularly well with apples, but its strong flavor means you should use it sparingly.

You can add it just before serving the final dish or as part of a marinade along with sliced apples.

2. Rosemary


This herb is one of the most versatile around: it can be added whole as part of a stuffing recipe or chopped up into small pieces for a flavorful sauce or marinade.

Use rosemary to complement an already sweet dish—its flavor is bold enough to stand up against sweeter ingredients like apple slices or sauce.

3. Thyme


Thyme is another classic herb to pair with pork and apple dishes.

Its lemony bite combines perfectly with the juicy sweetness of apples while cutting through the fattiness of pork.

It’s an especially great choice if you’re making a dish featuring a lot of apples and spices, like an apple pie or apple cobbler.

4. Tarragon


Tarragon is a French classic, and it’s easy to see why.

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This herb adds a touch of anise to your dish, which complements the sweet and savory flavors of pork and apple perfectly.

The flavor is bright and fresh, and really makes this pair of ingredients shine.

5. Cilantro


Cilantro is bright and zesty, with citrusy undertones that really balance out the sweetness of apples in a dish.

It goes well in sauces or salads—and of course it’s the perfect addition to any good salsa recipe!

Plus it has loads of health benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels.

6. Lavender


This herb has a sweet floral flavor that complements the sweetness in apples without being too overpowering.

The taste of lavender is also mild enough that it won’t interfere with the pork’s natural flavor.

7. Marjoram


This herb offers a slight peppery taste that adds depth without overpowering the sweetness of the pork or the tartness of the apples.

It also has a woodsy aroma that makes it great for slow-cooked dishes like stews and roasts, where it can really shine.

8. Dill


Dill is another herb that goes wonderfully with the flavor of pork and apple.

It’s often used as a garnish on salmon dishes, but it also works amazingly well on pork and will give your dish a fresh taste.

9. Parsley


Parsley is one of those herbs that goes with almost anything, but it really shines when paired with pork and apple dishes.

The parsley’s peppery flavor adds a kick of spice to balance out the sweetness of the apple while complementing the savory flavors perfectly. 

10. Oregano


Oregano is one of those herbs that’s so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget how good it really is!

Used in everything from pizza sauce to tomato soup, oregano has an earthy flavor that blends seamlessly with the flavors of pork and apples.

11. Cumin


Give your pork and apple recipe a hint of spice with cumin! Cumin adds heat without overpowering your other ingredients.

It’s also an easy herb to find in any grocery store—and it’s super affordable!

12. Bay leaves

Bay Leaves

These lovely leaves are often used in marinades just like the one you’ll use for making your pork and apple dish.

It’s the perfect herb for bringing out the sweet flavor of the apples without overwhelming their taste with earthy notes that can sometimes be less than desirable in this particular dish.

13. Fennel


A powerhouse of an herb, fennel is best used when combined with any other herbs that you’ll also add in order to strengthen their taste without overpowering them.

It’s especially good at drawing out the sweetness of the apples without making them taste too tart, which can happen if you’re using green apples or Granny Smiths instead of Red Delicious or Fuji varieties.

How to Pick the Right Herbs to Go with Your Pork and Apples


All herbs are not created equal.

When you’re cooking a meal with pork and apples, there’s a whole world of herbs to consider, but we’ve got you covered.

Here are three things to think about when picking the finishing touch for your recipe:


Herbs look their best in a pot on a windowsill, but they taste their best fresh out of the soil. If your herb garden has been neglected, skip it—it’s probably past its prime.

Try grabbing some from your local grocery store or farmer’s market instead.


You can tell a lot about an herb by its smell, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with that basil or rosemary before you take it home.

Does it have a strong scent? Your food will have that scent too! Is it lacking fragrance? You may want to choose something else.


Herbs aren’t just for cooking!

They can add some beautiful color to your plate as well. Bright green parsley will perk up your pork and apples and make them look as good as they taste!

In order to make your pork and apple recipe the best it can be, you’ll need a few fresh ingredients.

How to Choose the Right Apples and Pork

You want to choose apples that are sweet and juicy, with a crisp texture.

You want them to be the perfect complement for your pork and apple recipe, so you don’t need to pick out any special ones—just any kind of apple will do.

Next up is the pork: If you’re making this recipe at home, you don’t need to worry about getting the exact cut of meat, as long as it’s lean and tender enough to cook in a slow cooker.

But if you’re using store-bought sliced pork, then it’s important that you use lean cuts, like loin chops or tenderloins.

If your store doesn’t have those cuts, just make sure that they’re very lean (less than 10% fat), which will ensure that your dish will come out tender and juicy.

Pork and Apples

13 Herbs that Go with Pork and Apple

When you think of the perfect fall meal, what comes to mind? We're guessing that pork and apples are a couple of your key ingredients.
So why not turn them into an autumn masterpiece by serving them with any one of these 13 herbs that pair perfectly with pork and apple?
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 80 kcal


  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Tarragon
  • Cilantro
  • Lavender
  • Marjoram
  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Cumin
  • Bay leaves
  • Fennel


  • Pick a herb or more from this list to use in your meal.
  • Prepare the rest of your ingredients.
  • Be ready to munch in no time!
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