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10 Ways to Thicken Strawberry Sauce Without Cornstarch

Are you craving a luscious, velvety strawberry sauce but don’t have any cornstarch on hand?

Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve got you covered with 10 ingenious ways to thicken that sweet, succulent sauce without a single grain of cornstarch.

From gelatin to chia seeds, these alternatives will transform your sauce into a tantalizing treat.

how to Thicken Strawberry Sauce Without Cornstarch

So, get ready to dive into a berrylicious adventure and discover the perfect thickening method that suits your taste buds.

Let’s get saucy, shall we?


You can use gelatin to thicken your strawberry sauce without cornstarch. Gelatin is a versatile ingredient that can be easily found in most grocery stores.

To use gelatin, you will need to dissolve it in a small amount of water before adding it to your sauce. Start by sprinkling the gelatin over cold water and let it sit for a few minutes until it becomes soft. Then, gently heat the mixture until the gelatin completely dissolves.

Finally, stir the gelatin mixture into your strawberry sauce and let it cool. As the sauce cools, the gelatin will set and thicken the sauce to your desired consistency.

Gelatin is a great alternative to cornstarch as it provides a smooth and glossy texture to your strawberry sauce.

Arrowroot Powder

One option for thickening strawberry sauce is to use arrowroot powder. Arrowroot powder is a natural thickening agent that can be a great alternative to cornstarch.

To thicken your strawberry sauce using arrowroot powder, start by mixing a small amount of the powder with a little water to create a slurry. Then, add the slurry to your sauce while it is still hot and stir continuously. The heat will activate the arrowroot powder, causing it to thicken the sauce. Keep stirring until you achieve the desired consistency.

Arrowroot powder is gluten-free and has a neutral taste, making it a perfect choice for those with dietary restrictions or who prefer a more subtle thickening agent.

Tapioca Starch

Using tapioca starch as a thickening agent for your strawberry sauce can be a great alternative to arrowroot powder. Tapioca starch is derived from the cassava root and is known for its ability to create a smooth and glossy texture.

To use tapioca starch, simply mix it with a small amount of water to create a slurry, and then add it to your strawberry sauce while it is simmering. The heat will activate the starch, causing it to thicken the sauce.

Tapioca starch is a versatile option that works well with both sweet and savory dishes. It is also gluten-free, making it a suitable choice for those with dietary restrictions.

Agar Agar

To achieve a gelatin-like consistency in your dishes, agar agar can be a suitable substitute for cornstarch. Agar agar is a natural thickening agent derived from seaweed and is often used in Asian cuisine. It comes in the form of a powder or flakes and can be easily dissolved in hot liquids.

When heated, agar agar forms a gel-like substance, making it an excellent choice for thickening strawberry sauce without using cornstarch. Simply mix the agar agar with water or fruit juice and bring it to a boil. Once the desired thickness is achieved, remove from heat and let it cool.

The agar agar will set and create a smooth and thick strawberry sauce that will be perfect for your desserts or breakfast treats. Enjoy the delicious texture and flavor that agar agar brings to your dishes!

Chia Seeds

You can enjoy the numerous health benefits of chia seeds by incorporating them into your daily meals. Chia seeds are packed with nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

These tiny seeds are known for their ability to absorb liquid and form a gel-like consistency, making them an excellent natural thickening agent. To thicken your strawberry sauce without cornstarch, simply mix a tablespoon of chia seeds into the sauce and let it sit for a few minutes.

As the chia seeds absorb the liquid, they will gradually thicken the sauce. This method not only adds thickness but also provides you with the nutritional benefits of chia seeds.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a common ingredient used in food products to improve texture and stability. It is a natural thickening agent that works by absorbing water and creating a gel-like consistency. To use xanthan gum, start by blending it with a small amount of sugar or another dry ingredient to prevent clumping. Then, slowly sprinkle the mixture into your strawberry sauce while stirring continuously. You’ll notice that the sauce starts to thicken almost instantly. Be careful not to add too much xanthan gum, as it can make your sauce too thick and gummy. With just a small amount, you can achieve the perfect consistency for your strawberry sauce.


Using pectin as a natural alternative can provide a thickening effect to your homemade strawberry sauce. Pectin is a natural substance found in fruits, particularly in the peels and cores. It acts as a thickening agent when heated with sugar and acid, such as lemon juice.

To use pectin in your strawberry sauce, simply mix it with sugar and lemon juice before adding it to the simmering strawberries. The pectin will help the sauce thicken and set properly, giving it a smooth and velvety texture. Unlike cornstarch, pectin does not alter the taste of the sauce and allows the vibrant flavors of the strawberries to shine through.

Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is a versatile ingredient that adds a nutty flavor and light texture to dishes. It is a gluten-free alternative for thickening sauces and baking.

To thicken sauces with coconut flour, start by making a roux. Melt butter in a saucepan and whisk in an equal amount of coconut flour until smooth. Cook the roux for a few minutes to remove the raw taste of the flour. Gradually add liquid, stirring constantly until the sauce reaches the desired consistency.

For baked goods, you can substitute a portion of regular flour with coconut flour. However, keep in mind that coconut flour absorbs more liquid. Adjust the recipe accordingly to avoid dryness.

Potato Starch

To achieve a smooth and creamy texture in your sauces and soups, try incorporating potato starch as a gluten-free alternative.

Potato starch is a versatile ingredient that can be used as a thickening agent in various recipes. It blends effortlessly into your sauces and soups, creating a velvety consistency that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

Not only is potato starch gluten-free, but it is also a great option for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. Simply whisk a tablespoon or two of potato starch into your sauce or soup towards the end of cooking, and watch as it magically thickens to perfection.

Say goodbye to lumpy and uneven textures, and say hello to a deliciously smooth and creamy dish.

Rice Flour

If you’re looking for a gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat flours, rice flour is a great option for baking and cooking. It is made from finely ground rice and has a light, powdery texture.

Rice flour is perfect for thickening strawberry sauce without the use of cornstarch. Simply mix a small amount of rice flour with water to create a slurry, and then add it to your simmering strawberry sauce. The rice flour will help to thicken the sauce and give it a smooth, velvety texture.

It’s important to note that rice flour may not thicken sauces as quickly as cornstarch, so you may need to cook it for a bit longer to achieve the desired consistency. However, the end result will be a delicious, gluten-free strawberry sauce that everyone can enjoy.

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