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How to Microwave Vienna Sausage: An Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for a quick and easy snack or meal, canned meat is an excellent option.

Canned meat can be microwaved within minutes, and you can enjoy them as a single serving snack or as part of your meal.

Precooked sausages are one such canned meat that is very popular among people of all ages.

One such variety is Vienna sausage, which is a type of convenience food consisting of finely chopped pork and beef meat.

In this article, we will explain how to microwave Vienna sausage from start to finish.

We will also discuss factors that affect cooking time and the advantages and disadvantages of using microwave cooking.

How to Microwave Vienna Sausage

Why You Should Consider Microwaving Vienna Sausage

There are several benefits to microwaving Vienna sausages that make it an excellent option for quick meals on the go.

Quick Preparation

Vienna sausages take only a few minutes in the microwave to prepare. They’re already cooked when they come in the can, so all you need to do is heat them up.

Perfect Single Serving Snack

The small size of each sausage makes them perfect for single serving snacks. Each can contains multiple sausages, so you don’t have to worry about opening up a large package that may go bad before finishing it.

Convenience Food

Vienna sausages fall under the category of convenience food as they are easy to store and require no refrigeration until opened. Moreover, they have an extended shelf life with various flavor options available, depending on your taste preference.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Microwave Vienna Sausage

Here’s how you can quickly microwave your favorite store-bought precooked sausages:

Step 1: Open the Can

Open the can by peeling back its lid entirely or partially with its incorporated opener. If partially opened only press on one side of the lid using your thumb and pull it back with caution so it doesn’t spill over.

Step 2: Place Sausages in Microwavable Bowl

Empty the sausages along with their liquid into a microwavable bowl.

Step 3: Microwave on High

Cover the bowl with a microwave-safe covering or plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 30 to 45 seconds until heated through.

If needed, stir or flip the sausage halfway through cooking to avoid cold spots and ensure even heating.

Precautions for Microwaving Vienna Sausage

When using a microwave, it’s essential to take precautions to ensure that you’re not creating any hazards. Here are some precautions you should take when microwaving Vienna sausages:

  • Always transfer canned meat into another container before microwaving as cans can release harmful chemicals and metal residue.
  • Always use microwave-safe containers.
  • Never reheat cooked meat in a plastic container that was not meant for high heat use.
  • Do not microwave the can of sausages as well as never puncture an unopened or partially opened can as it may explode.

Factors Affecting Cooking Time

Several factors may affect how long it takes Vienna sausages to cook in the microwave.


Most household microwaves have wattage between 800W – 1200W. The higher the wattage, the less cooking time is required.

Amount of Liquid Used

The amount of liquid used mainly determines how fast or slow hotspots will form when reheating canned meat. Although precooked sausage already has Juice within them, if you want more saucelike consistency rather than boiled down to your Vienna sausage consider adding more liquid like water broth cream etc., these ingredients will also help fall flavors amalgamate efficiently.

Quantity & Size of Sausage

The number of sausages being reheated matters as more sausages take longer to heat than a short number of sausages. Moreover, larger the sausages, the longer it will take them to reheat thoroughly.

Expert Tips for Perfectly Microwaving Vienna Sausage

Here are some expert tips that can help in perfectly microwaving Vienna sausage.

Use a Cover

Always use microwave-safe covering or plastic wrap when microwaving precooked sausages. It not only prevents creating a mess but also ensures even heating.

Timing the Microwave

Set timing according to the wattage of your microwave, always start with less cooking time than prescribed in a recipe and get familiar with your oven’s behavior.

Stir or Flip for Even Heating

Stirring or flipping the sliced sausage halfway through is an essential step when microwaving precooked sausage. Uneven heating may cause cold spots inside each piece, so ensure all sides evenly covered by flipping or stirring once in between each cooking session unevenness does not occur.

Advantages of Microwaving Vienna Sausage

Microwave cooking has several benefits that make it an excellent choice for preparing various foods, including Vienna sausage.

  • Quicker food prep
  • It is much faster than other conventional methods such as pan-frying or grilling.
  • Saves electricity and gas bills.
  • Microwave helps meat retain its maximum nutritional value while retaining all its flavors.

Disadvantages of Microwaving Vienna Sausage

Although there are many advantages to microwaved food, there are some disadvantages associated with microwave cooking that might turn you off from domestic cuisine prepared.

Some of them include:

  • Texture: Store-bought precooked meats like vienna sausages often feel rubbery after being heated in the microwave oven.
  • Loss of Flavor: Due to uneven reheating by most prepackaged seafood types taste varies on every bite.
  • Unevenly Cooked: As opposed to other cooking methods like grilling or pan-frying, food exposed to microwaves does not cook evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microwaving Vienna Sausage

Is it safe to microwave Vienna sausage?

Yes. If the canned meat is precooked, it is safe to heat in a microwave.

How long should I microwave my Vienna sausages?

We recommend microwaving for 30-45 seconds when using a 600-watt oven. Longer microwaving times may make the sausages harder or harder; hence proper attention and detailed instructions while reading preparation guidance.

Can I put an unopened can of Vienna sausage in the microwave?

Never put an unopened can of any canned item in the microwave. Even partially opened ones have a high risk of exploding.


Microwaving precooked foods like Vienna sausage is easy and efficient, making it a perfect snack option for all ages groups, ideal as single serving meals during busy periods or as part of your main dishes at home.

With our step-by-step guide along with expert tips and precautions listed in this article you can enjoy well-heated convenience foods without losing their flavor, nutrition even when pressed for mealtime prep time.

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