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Homemade Pie Crust Recipe

Watch the video below for the recipe.

Making a pie crust from scratch is so rewarding. It makes your pies taste better. You remember good times with family while making it. These memories are what make it special.

Homemade Pie Crust Recipe

As you get better at making pie crust, you see pies in a new light. Each slice is full of flavors and memories. A flaky crust is key to a great pie. It’s worth the extra effort.

Making your own crust means you pick the ingredients. The crust can be used for lots of pies and meals. Use quality flour like King Arthur. Cold ingredients help make your crust perfect.

Using butter and shortening in your crust makes it tasty. It also holds up well. This way of making crust is similar to what bakers do. But, your homemade touch makes it special.

Why Make Your Own Pie Crust?

Making a pie crust from scratch is a great adventure. It offers a huge sense of pride. You add love and make it just how you like.

Making pastry by hand is not hard, it’s fun. I love that my pie crust tastes and feels better than any I could buy. I also know all the good stuff in my pie.

Making pies this way helps me get better at baking. I feel skilled and happy when I make a pie. It shows that hard work makes a wonderful and tasty pie. It’s a great way to share joy with others.

Ingredients and Their Roles

Let’s talk about making the perfect pie crust. First, we use flour. King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour is my top pick. It has more protein, so your crust rises better and stays fresh. The flour gives the crust its shape and helps with how it feels and lasts.

Now, let’s add some salt. It makes the crust and fillings taste even better. The big question is butter or shortening? Butter adds amazing taste and makes the crust flaky. But, shortening keeps the dough strong, so your pie keeps its shape when baking.

Don’t forget water. Ice water, or water mixed with a little vodka, is your best bet. Ice water makes the dough stick together without being too tough. Vodka makes the crust even flakier because it disappears when baking. With the right ingredients and knowing how to use them, anyone can make a great pie crust.


What makes a pie crust flaky?

A flaky pie crust comes from cold ingredients and a mix of butter and shortening. The cold butter makes steam pockets while baking. This helps the crust get flaky.

Why is using quality flour important?

Quality flour, such as King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, has more protein. This makes your pie crust rise better and stay fresh longer. It gives your pie crust a great structure.

What is the benefit of combining butter and shortening in a pie crust?

Butter makes the crust taste good and brings the flakiness. Shortening makes the dough easy to work with and keeps the shape during baking.

Why should pie crust ingredients be kept cold?

Keeping the ingredients cold stops the fats from melting early. This is key in getting a flaky crust.

How does ice water or vodka help in making the dough?

Ice water or a mix of water and vodka helps the dough stick together. Vodka makes the crust even flakier by lessening gluten.

What are the advantages of making a pie crust from scratch?

Making your crust lets you pick what goes in it and adds a personal touch. It’s rewarding to make something from scratch. This also makes your pies taste and feel better.

How does salt affect the pie crust?

Salt makes the other pie dough ingredients taste better. It brings out their flavors and makes the pie crust yummy.

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