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Fish Curry Wine Pairing – Best Wines for Fish Curries

Spice up your dinner table with a delicious fish curry, but don’t forget the wine!

Fish curries are one of the most flavourful dishes you can make and they pair perfectly with a variety of wines.

From luscious white wines to full-bodied reds, it all depends on what kind of curry you’re making.

  • But how do you go about choosing the right wine for your fish curry?
  • Does it have to be an expensive bottle or something more affordable?
  • Should it be sweet or dry, light or robust?

These are just some questions that come to mind when pairing wine and food, so let us help guide you through this process.

We’ll introduce some tips for selecting great wines for fish curries as well as provide detailed information about different types of wines and how they pair specifically with various types of fish dishes.

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We will also provide our top picks from whites to reds so get ready to impress everyone at your next dinner party!

So, what wine goes with fish curry?

The best wine to pair with fish curry is a Gewurztraminer. This fruity, floral white wine will bring out the flavors of the curry without overpowering it. Other good options include Riesling and Chenin Blanc, both of which have a hint of sweetness that pairs nicely with the spices in a fish curry.

Fish Curry

Why Consider Serving Wine With Fish Curry?

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine with dinner, right? Especially when it comes to fish curry!

The right kind of wine can add extra depth and complexity to the flavors of the dish, as well as cut through any spiciness.

Wine is also a great accompaniment to food because it’s so versatile; there are so many different types and styles to choose from that you’re sure to find something everyone at the table enjoys.

From light whites for a fish curry with mild spices, or full-bodied reds for something fierier.

And let’s not forget about how nice it is just to have a glass (or two!) in hand while enjoying your meal.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with friends and family over some delicious food and drinks – especially if you’ve made the curry yourself!

The Best Red Wines For Fish Curry

Red Wine

Red wines are a great choice when it comes to pairing with fish curries. The key is to find a wine that won’t overpower the flavors of the curry, yet still has enough body and acidity to cut through the fat of the dish.

A good starting point would be lighter-bodied reds such as Pinot Noir or Sangiovese, which have bright fruit characteristics and plenty of acidity. These wines will add an element of complexity without masking the subtle nuances in both texture and flavor found in many fish curries.

For heartier dishes, look for bigger reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or Zinfandel, which bring bolder tannins into play that can handle richer sauces, but still maintain their balance against more intense spices.

The Best White Wines For Fish Curry

White wine

White wines are a great match for fish curries, as they can provide some nice acidity to balance out the creaminess of fish curry.

A dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice for fish curry. Its crisp acidity and tropical fruit aromas make it a versatile pairing partner for many types of seafood dishes.

Chardonnay is another good option, as its oak-aged versions can bring out the richness in the dish while its unoaked versions will add more refreshing lemon and apple notes that contrast nicely with creamy sauces.

Pinot Grigio is perfect if you’re looking for something light and refreshing to cut through the spicy flavors of your favorite fish curry recipe. It has delicate aromas of pear and green apple that go well with all kinds of seafood dishes.

The Best Rosé Wines For Fish Curry

Rosé wine

Rosé wines are the perfect accompaniment for fish curry because of their bright acidity and floral aromas. Rosé wines can be light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied depending on the grape variety and winemaking methods used.

Some of the best rosés to pair with fish curry include Pinot Noir rosés from Oregon, Gamay rosé from Beaujolais in France, Grenache rosés from Spain, and Merlot rosés from California. The lighter bodies of these wines make them a great match for dishes such as Tandoori Fish Curry which has a lot of flavor but not much heat.

If you’re looking for something with more body and structure that can stand up to spicier curries, try Cabernet Franc or Tempranillo-based rosé. These heavier styles have great tannins and acidity which will balance out the spices in your dish without overwhelming it.

Other Wines To Pair With Fish Curries

While there are some great classic options for pairing wine with fish curries, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different wines as well.

Sparkling wines such as Champagne or Prosecco can work wonderfully with the light flavors of a fish curry dish if you have enough acidity in the wine.

If you want to switch it up and stay away from a traditional red or white there are always sweeter options like Moscato d’Asti, Chenin Blanc, Gewürztraminer, or Riesling that pair nicely with spicier dishes.

You could also consider going bolder and adding a splash of flavor with Lambrusco, Barbera D’Alba DOCG (very lightly oaked), organic Pinot Noir, Sparkling Shiraz, or even an off-dry Rose such as Zinfandel Rosé.

Remember to have fun while experimenting until you find your perfect match!

Serving Temperature And Glassware

Serving temperature and glassware can be an important consideration when pairing wines with fish curries.

Generally, white wines are served chilled, while reds should be served at room temperature. The ideal serving temperature for rosé is somewhere in between the two.

It’s also essential to choose the right glassware for each type of wine.

White wines should typically be served in a smaller glass with a slightly wider opening to allow more aromas to reach your nose, whereas reds usually require larger glasses for their fuller body and richer flavors. For rosés, you may want to use either a white or red wine glass depending on how sweet or dry it is.


Fish curry is one of the most flavorful dishes you can make and it pairs best with a light, fruity wine. Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So, what wine pairs well with fish curry?

The best wine to pair with fish curry is a Gewürztraminer. The sweetness and spiciness of the dish go well with this aromatic white wine, which has flavors of lychee, rose petals, and citrus fruits. Other good options include off-dry Riesling and Pinot Gris.

Consider selecting a wine that has some body and spice so that it won’t be completely overwhelmed by the spices in the fish curry.

For something special pair your fish curry dish with an off-dry riesling or gewürztraminer for a unique flavor experience. Another great option is sparkling wines like Prosecco and Champagne which will bring out the sweetness of the dish. Make sure to serve your wines at the proper temperature and consider investing in good glassware for optimal taste and enjoyment!

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