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Chicken Butter Masala

Did you know that Chicken Butter Masala is one of the most popular Indian dishes around the world? Its rich, creamy sauce and aromatic spices have won the hearts of people everywhere. If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the authentic flavors of this beloved dish in your own kitchen, look no further. In this article, I will share with you an easy-to-follow recipe for Chicken Butter Masala that will transport your taste buds straight to India.

Ingredient List & Possible Substitutions

When preparing Chicken Butter Masala, it’s important to gather all the necessary ingredients. Here is a list of the key components and possible substitutions:

  • Boneless chicken: The recipe calls for 600 grams of boneless chicken, cut into ¾ inch pieces.
  • Yogurt: Greek yogurt or hung curd is used to marinate the chicken, making it tender and flavorful.
  • Spices: Turmeric, red chili powder, garam masala, ginger garlic paste, kasuri methi, and salt are added to the marinade for a burst of Indian flavors.
  • Lemon juice: This ingredient adds a tangy freshness to the chicken marinade.
  • Onions: Sliced onions are sautéed to provide a base for the sauce.
  • Ginger and garlic: These aromatic ingredients add depth of flavor to the sauce.
  • Tomatoes: Chopped tomatoes are cooked down to a mush before blending, creating a rich and smooth base for the sauce.
  • Cashews: Whole cashews are added to the sauce for creaminess and a subtle nutty flavor.
  • Spices: Garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, sugar, and cardamom powder are added to enhance the flavor of the sauce.
  • Cream: Chilled cream is stirred in at the end to give the sauce a creamy and velvety texture.
  • Oil: Used for marinating the chicken and sautéing the onions.
  • Butter: Used to melt into the sauce at the end for extra richness (optional).
  • Water: Added to both the marinade and the sauce to achieve the desired consistency.

With these ingredients, you’ll be able to create a flavorful and creamy Chicken Butter Masala. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, feel free to explore substitutions that suit your needs without compromising on taste.

How To Make It

Let me guide you through the process of making this delicious Chicken Butter Masala. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Mix the yogurt, spices, ginger garlic paste, kasuri methi, lemon juice, and oil in a bowl.
  2. Add the boneless chicken pieces and marinate for at least 60 minutes, overnight if possible.
  3. Sauté sliced onions in oil until transparent, then add ginger and garlic and sauté for a few minutes.
  4. Stir in red chili powder and add chopped tomatoes, cashews, and salt. Cook until the tomatoes break down.
  5. Add the remaining spices and cook until fragrant.
  6. Allow the mixture to cool, then blend it into a smooth puree.
  7. Heat butter in a pan and add the puree. Cook until it thickens.
  8. Grill the marinated chicken until golden and slightly charred.
  9. Add the grilled chicken to the sauce and simmer until cooked through.
  10. Stir in cream, garam masala, and kasuri methi. Let the dish rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be rewarded with a flavorful and creamy Chicken Butter Masala that will impress your family and friends.

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving Chicken Butter Masala, there are several delicious options to consider. One classic choice is to pair this rich and creamy dish with warm and buttery Butter Naan. The soft texture of the naan complements the flavors of the chicken perfectly.

If you prefer something slightly different, you can opt for Parathas, which are flaky and crispy flatbreads. These tasty breads provide a delightful texture and are ideal for soaking up the flavorful sauce of the Chicken Butter Masala.

For those who enjoy rice, Jeera Rice is an excellent choice. Fragrant basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds enhances the overall experience, adding a lovely aroma to each bite. It creates a perfect balance with the creamy chicken dish.

And if you prefer a simpler pairing, you can serve the Chicken Butter Masala with plain basmati rice. The light and fluffy rice serves as a wonderful canvas for the rich and flavorful sauce, allowing the chicken to take center stage.


Can I customize the spice level of the Chicken Butter Masala?

Yes, you can adjust the amount of red chili powder in both the marinade and the sauce to suit your spice preference.

How long should I marinate the chicken for?

It is recommended to marinate the boneless chicken pieces for at least 60 minutes, overnight if possible, to allow the flavors to develop.

What can I serve with Chicken Butter Masala?

Chicken Butter Masala pairs well with a variety of options such as butter naan, parathas, jeera rice, or plain basmati rice. You have plenty of choices for serving this delicious dish.

Does Chicken Butter Masala taste better the next day?

Yes, the flavors of Chicken Butter Masala tend to develop even more the next day, making it a great option for leftovers and allowing you to enjoy the dish for multiple meals.

Can I use any type of yogurt for marinating the chicken?

Yes, Greek yogurt or hung curd works well to marinate the chicken and adds tenderness and flavor to the dish.

Can I substitute any of the spices or ingredients?

While it is recommended to follow the recipe for the authentic Indian flavors, you can make some substitutions if necessary. For example, you can use regular yogurt instead of Greek yogurt, or you can use different types of chili powder depending on your preference.

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