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8 Best Herbs and Spices for Grilled Chicken

Are you looking for the best herbs and spices to use when grilling chicken?

If so, you are in the right place!

I’ve rounded up 8 of my favorite herbs and spices to use when grilling chicken.

Whether you are looking for something simple or something with a little more flavor, there is sure to be something on this list that you’ll love.

So go ahead and give one (or all!) of these herbs and spices a try the next time you fire up the grill!

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Best Herbs and Spices for Grilled Chicken

8 Best Herbs and Spices for Grilled Chicken

I love grilled chicken – it’s healthy, flavorful, and easy to make.

But even the best grilled chicken can be improved with the right herbs and spices.

Whether you’re looking for a zesty flavor or something more savory, there are a number of great herbs and spices that can take your grilled chicken to the next level.

Here are 8 of the best herbs and spices for grilled chicken:

1. Parsley


Parsley has a clean and peppery taste that can help to brighten up any dish, making it the perfect addition to grilled chicken.

Here are a few tips on how to use parsley to flavor your chicken:

  • Add a handful of parsley to your marinade: This will help to infuse the flavors of the parsley into the chicken.
  • Use parsley as a rub: Combine parsley with other spices like paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. Rub this mix onto your chicken before grilling.
  • Garnish with parsley: Add a sprinkle of fresh parsley leaves on top of your grilled chicken as a garnish. Not only will it look pretty, but it will also add a touch of flavor.

Here are some ideas for using parsley with grilled chicken:

  • Chicken Caesar salad: Garnish your salad with freshly chopped parsley and enjoy the added flavor in every bite.
  • Grilled chicken sandwich: Add some chopped parsley to your sandwich for a flavorful twist.
  • Chicken pasta dish: Mix chopped parsley into your pasta dish for an extra bit of flavor.

2. Thyme


Thyme usually has a sharp, almost minty flavor (but don’t worry, it won’t taste like toothpaste).

It’s also a very strong herb, so a little goes a long way.

When using thyme with grilled chicken, I recommend adding it to the marinade or rub.

This will help the flavor of the thyme permeate the chicken and make it even tastier.

Here are a few ideas for using thyme with grilled chicken:

  • Try using thyme in a classic lemon and herb marinade. Just combine fresh lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and thyme. Let the chicken marinate for at least 30 minutes (up to 12 hours) before grilling.
  • For a quick and easy way to add thyme flavor to your grilled chicken, try sprinkling some dried thyme onto the chicken after it’s cooked. This works well as a finishing touch for roasted or grilled chicken.
  • Make a simple rub for grilled chicken by combining equal parts dried thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and salt. Rub this mix onto the chicken before cooking.

3. Rosemary


This lemony-pine-like herb is a classic for chicken.

It’s also great with lamb, pork, veal, and fish.

When used fresh, it has a more potent flavor than when it is dried.

I like to use rosemary sprigs to grill chicken.

This way you can avoid any bitter aftertaste that can come from using too much of the herb.

Here are a few tips for using rosemary with grilled chicken:

  • If you are using dried rosemary, soak it in water for about 5 minutes before adding it to your chicken so that it rehydrates and doesn’t taste as strong.
  • If you are using fresh rosemary, strip the leaves off the stem and give them a rough chop before adding them to your chicken.
  • Add rosemary during the last few minutes of grilling or towards the end of cooking so that it doesn’t have a chance to burn.

Here are some ideas for flavoring your grilled chicken with rosemary:

  • Sprinkle some dried or fresh rosemary on top of your chicken after it has been cooked.
  • Add some chopped rosemary to your favorite marinade or BBQ sauce recipe.
  • Make a compound butter with softened butter, chopped rosemary, garlic, salt, and pepper. Then spread it on your cooked chicken breasts.

4. Sage


Sage is earthy, slightly peppery taste with hints of mint (think: sage-flavored chicken).

When used in moderation, it can enhance the flavor of grilled chicken without being overpowering.

Here are a few tips on how to use sage with grilled chicken:

  • If using fresh sage, strip the leaves from the stem and chop them finely. You can also use dried sage, which is more potent than fresh. If using dried sage, crush it between your fingers before adding it to the chicken.
  • Rub the sage onto the chicken breasts or thighs before grilling. Or, if you want to keep things simple, just sprinkle it over the chicken after grilling.
  • Sage pairs well with other herbs and spices like thyme, oregano, basil, garlic, and onion powder. So feel free to mix and match!

Here are a few ideas for using sage with grilled chicken:

  • Mix chopped sage with softened butter and rub it under the skin of boneless, skinless chicken breasts before grilling.
  • Make a dry rub for grilled chicken by mixing Sage with paprika, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Rub it onto the chicken before grilling.
  • For an easy yet flavorful marinade, combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, chopped sage and a pinch of salt and pepper. Marinate your chicken in this mixture for at least 30 minutes (up to 24 hours) before grilling.

5. Oregano


Oregano has a slightly bitter, pungent taste (if that’s your thing) and a strong, pungent aroma.

When used in cooking, it’s often compared to thyme or basil.

Oregano is a very versatile herb that can be used in many different dishes, such as:

  • Italian dishes like pizza and pasta sauce
  • Mexican dishes like tacos and enchiladas
  • Grilled chicken
  • Fish
  • Soups and stews

When grilling chicken, I like to add oregano to my spice rub or marinade.

It pairs well with other herbs like thyme, basil, rosemary, and garlic.

You can also add a bit of oregano to your BBQ sauce for an extra zing!

Here are some ideas for using oregano with grilled chicken:

  • Make a spice rub by combining oregano with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. Rub this mix all over your chicken before grilling.
  • Add oregano to your favorite marinade or BBQ sauce recipe.
  • Sprinkle some oregano on top of your grilled chicken after it’s cooked.

6. Basil


Basil is a balance between sweet and savory (and a little bit spicy), which is why it’s one of my favorite herbs to use on grilled chicken.

A few tips for using basil:

  • If you’re using dried basil, make sure to rehydrate it in water for about 10 minutes before adding it to your chicken.
  • For best flavor, add the basil towards the end of the grilling process.
  • If you want a little extra sweetness, add a touch of honey or sugar.

Here are some ideas for using basil with grilled chicken:

  • Try a sweet and savory combo by pairing grilled chicken with a honey basil glaze.
  • Make a flavorful pesto to top your grilled chicken (and don’t forget the Parmesan cheese!).
  • For an easy summertime meal, top grilled chicken with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves.

7. Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder

If you’re out of fresh garlic or just want to try something different, garlic powder is a great way to add flavor to your grilled chicken.

Just be careful not to use too much, as it can easily overpower the other flavors in your dish.

When using garlic powder, I recommend starting with a small amount and then adding more to taste.

You can always add more, but you can’t take it away once it’s been added!

Another tip is to make a paste with the garlic powder and some olive oil.

This will help to distribute the flavor more evenly and prevent the garlic from burning on the grill.

Here are some ideas for using garlic powder with grilled chicken:

  • Add it to your marinade for extra flavor
  • Sprinkle it on after grilling, along with some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Mix it into a BBQ sauce or dipping sauce for an added zing
  • Make a dry rub by mixing garlic powder with paprika, smoked paprika, cumin, chili powder, and salt

8. Onion Powder

Onion powder

Onion powder adds something special (and savory) to grilled chicken.

When using onion powder on chicken, be sure to season both sides of the chicken breasts.

You can also rub the onion powder into the skin of the chicken for extra flavor.

One way to use onion powder when grilling chicken is to mix it with other herbs and spices, such as garlic powder, paprika, and black pepper.

This blend will give your chicken a nice flavor without being too overpowering.

Another way to use onion powder is to make a dry rub for your chicken.

To do this, simply mix together onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, and salt.

Then rub this mixture onto your chicken breasts before grilling.

If you want to add a little bit of sweetness to your grilled chicken, try mixing onion powder with brown sugar.

This combination will give your chicken a unique flavor that is perfect for summertime grilling.

Herbs and Spices for Grilled Chicken

8 Best Herbs and Spices for Grilled Chicken

I love grilling – the smell of the charcoal, the sound of the sizzle, the taste of the char.
But sometimes, grilling can be a bit mundane.
That's where herbs and spices come in!
They can take your grilled chicken from ho-hum to yum in no time.
Here are 8 of the best herbs and spices to use on grilled chicken.
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 2 minutes
Course Herbs, Spices
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 19 kcal


  • Parsley
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder


  • Choose any of these spices or herbs to use with your grilled chicken.
  • Prepare the rest of your meal.
  • Enjoy in no time!
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