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The 5 Best Substitutes for Yellow Chartreuse

Yellow Chartreuse is a popular herbal liqueur that has been used in cocktails and cooking for centuries.

It’s known for its distinct flavor profile and bright yellow color, but it can be hard to find in stores.

If you’re looking for a substitute for Yellow Chartreuse, there are a few options that can provide similar flavors and colors.

In this article, we’ll explore what Yellow Chartreuse is and how to use it in recipes before diving into the top five best substitutes for this unique liqueur.

What is Yellow Chartreuse?

Yellow Chartreuse

Yellow Chartreuse is a type of liqueur that originated in France and is made by Carthusian monks. It is a milder and sweeter version of the more potent Green Chartreuse.

Yellow Chartreuse has a golden-yellow color and is made from a blend of 130 herbs, plants, and flowers. Some of the key ingredients include honey, saffron, cinnamon, and angelica.

The liqueur has a complex flavor profile that is both sweet and herbal, with notes of honey, citrus, and spice. It has a smooth and velvety texture and is often served as a digestif or as a component in cocktails.

Yellow Chartreuse is typically served chilled and can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into a variety of cocktails. Some popular cocktails that feature Yellow Chartreuse include the Yellow Daisy, the Alaska, and the Bijou.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Yellow Chartreuse

Yellow Chartreuse is a popular liqueur that originates from France. It is made using a secret blend of herbs and spices, resulting in a unique flavor profile that includes notes of honey, saffron, and anise.

While Yellow Chartreuse can add depth to cocktails and other recipes, it may not be readily available or affordable for everyone.

Fortunately, there are several substitutes available that can provide similar flavors and aromas.

1. Genepy


Genepy is an herbal liqueur that hails from the French Alps. It shares many similarities with Yellow Chartreuse in terms of its production process and ingredients list. Both liquors feature green herbs such as wormwood, hyssop, and mint, which contribute to their distinctive taste profiles.

While Genepy has a more intense herbal flavor than Yellow Chartreuse due to the absence of some sweeter ingredients like honey, it makes for an excellent substitute when mixed into cocktails or used in cooking.

2. Absinthe

Absinthe is another French liqueur that contains wormwood as one of its primary ingredients. This fragrant liquor has a long history dating back to the late 18th century when it was originally used medicinally before becoming popular among artists and writers in the 19th century as part of the bohemian lifestyle.

Absinthe’s strong licorice flavor pairs well with citrus juices like lemon or grapefruit and can be used instead of Yellow Chartreuse in certain cocktail recipes like Corpse Reviver #2 or Sazerac.

3. Benedictine

Benedictine is another French herbal liqueur often used in place of Yellow Chartreuse because they have similar flavor profiles featuring sweet honey undertones along with complex spice blends including cinnamon and cloves.

However, Benedictine tends to have less bitterness than Yellow Chartreuse due to fewer bitter herbs being utilized during production which makes it slightly sweeter overall but still able to add complexity without being too overpowering.

4. Galliano

Galliano is an Italian liqueur that has been around since the early 20th century. It features a complex blend of herbs, spices, and vanilla that provides a sweet, floral flavor profile with hints of anise and licorice.

While it does not contain any wormwood like Yellow Chartreuse or some other substitutes listed above, its overall sweetness makes it a suitable replacement in cocktails where Yellow Chartreuse would be used as a sweetener rather than for its herbal notes.

5. Strega

Strega is another Italian herbal liqueur that features over 70 different herbs in its recipe including mint, fennel seed, saffron, and juniper berries among others. Its name translates to “witch” in Italian due to legend saying that witches created the original recipe centuries ago.

In terms of taste profile, Strega can be quite similar to Yellow Chartreuse with its herbaceous flavors paired with honeyed sweetness; however while both are yellow-hued liquors made using herb blends they do differ slightly when compared side by side due to their unique ingredient ratios.

When deciding on which substitute to use for Yellow Chartreuse consider the specific needs of your cocktail or dish. For example, if you need a sweeter alternative then Benedictine or Galliano could work well; if you want something more intense or bitter then Genepy might be better suited; Absinthe could also work well for those looking for something stronger without sacrificing complexity.

Ultimately there are many options available when it comes to substituting Yellow Chartreuse so don’t hesitate to experiment until you find what works best for your needs!


In conclusion, finding the right substitute for Yellow Chartreuse can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. The five substitutes we’ve discussed offer unique flavors and are readily available in most liquor stores, making them great options for those looking to experiment with new cocktail recipes.

Whether you opt for Licor 43, Grand Marnier, Strega, Green Chartreuse, or Maraschino Liqueur, each one brings its own distinct taste profile to cocktails that is sure to impress your guests.

It’s worth noting that while these substitutes may not be an exact replica of Yellow Chartreuse, they can add a new dimension to drinks and be a fun way to switch up classic recipes.

Ultimately, the best substitute for Yellow Chartreuse will depend on personal taste and the specific cocktail you’re making. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different substitutes until you find the one that works best for you.

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