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Chicken Alfredo Wine Pairing – 10 Best Wines for Chicken Alfredo

What wine goes with chicken alfredo?

A question that has puzzled foodies and wine enthusiasts alike for years.

This classic Italian dish, with its creamy alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese, is a favorite among pasta lovers everywhere.

But finding the perfect wine pairing can be a challenge.

Fear not, dear reader!

I’m here to guide you through the labyrinth of wine options and help you find the perfect bottle to accompany your chicken alfredo.

Whether you’re a pinot noir aficionado or a sauvignon blanc enthusiast, we’ve got you covered.

So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the delicious world of chicken alfredo wine pairing!

chicken alfredo meal

5 Tips for Picking a Wine with Chicken Alfredo

Alright, folks! Before we jump into the best wines to pair with chicken alfredo, let’s talk about the top 5 tips for picking the perfect bottle to complement this classic Italian dish.

Here they are:

Consider the flavor profile of the dish and the wine

Chicken alfredo is a rich and creamy dish with notes of garlic, butter, and parmesan cheese.

Look for a wine that can balance and enhance these flavors, such as a white wine with citrus notes or a red wine with dark fruit flavors.

Choose a wine that complements the creamy alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese

The creamy texture of the alfredo sauce can be overwhelming to some wines.

Look for a wine that can cut through the richness, such as a white wine with high acidity or a red wine with tannins.

Think about the texture and weight of the wine in relation to the dish

Chicken alfredo is a heavy dish, and a heavy wine can overwhelm the palate.

Choose a wine with a lighter body to complement the dish, such as a pinot noir or a chardonnay.

Look for wines that have acidity to cut through the richness of the dish

The creamy alfredo sauce can coat the palate and make it difficult to taste the wine.

A wine with high acidity can help cut through the richness and refresh the palate, making each bite taste just as good as the first.

Consider the occasion and personal preferences of the diners

Are you hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet night in?

Consider the personal preferences of your guests and choose a wine that everyone will enjoy. If you’re unsure, a safe bet is to go with a classic pinot noir or chardonnay.

What Wine Goes With Chicken Alfredo? The 10 Best Wines


Ah, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the top 10 picks for the best wines to pair with chicken alfredo:

  1. Pinot Grigio – light and crisp, with notes of citrus and green apple. The perfect complement to the richness of chicken alfredo.
  2. Chardonnay – medium-bodied with buttery notes and a hint of oak. A classic pairing for creamy pasta dishes.
  3. Sauvignon Blanc – light and refreshing, with herbaceous and citrus notes. This wine’s acidity will cut through the richness of the alfredo sauce.
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon – full-bodied with dark fruit flavors and a hint of spice. This wine’s tannins will complement the bold flavors of the dish.
  5. Pinot Noir – light to medium-bodied with notes of red fruit and earthiness. This wine’s light body won’t overpower the creamy texture of the dish.
  6. Italian Chianti – medium-bodied with cherry and leather notes. The perfect pairing for any Italian dish, including chicken alfredo.
  7. Italian Vermentino – light and citrusy, with mineral notes. A lesser-known wine that pairs surprisingly well with creamy pasta dishes.
  8. Spanish Albariño – light-bodied with peach and apricot notes. This wine’s acidity will cut through the richness of the dish and provide a refreshing contrast.
  9. French Sancerre – light-bodied with herbaceous and mineral notes. This wine’s bright acidity will complement the dish’s flavors and refresh the palate.
  10. Russian River Valley Chardonnay – medium-bodied with apple and pear notes and a hint of oak. A California classic that pairs perfectly with chicken alfredo.

Other Beverage Pairings to Consider

Wine not your thing? Fear not! There are plenty of other beverage pairings to consider when enjoying your chicken alfredo.

Here are a few non-alcoholic and alcoholic options to choose from:

  • Beer – light beers like pilsners or lagers can complement the dish without overpowering it.
  • Spirits – vodka, gin, or light rum can be used to create a cocktail that pairs well with chicken alfredo. Consider adding citrus or herbal elements to the cocktail to complement the flavors of the dish.
  • Non-alcoholic options – sparkling water or lemonade can provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the dish. For a more complex non-alcoholic option, consider making a mocktail with citrus, herbs, or flavored syrups.

Remember, the key to a successful beverage pairing is finding a drink that complements the flavors of the dish without overpowering it. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new.

Serving Temperature and Glassware

Now that you’ve picked the perfect wine (or non-alcoholic beverage) to pair with your chicken alfredo, it’s time to think about serving temperature and glassware.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your wine is served at its best:

  • Serving temperature – Different types of wines have different ideal serving temperatures. As a general rule, white wines should be served chilled, while red wines should be served at room temperature. However, specific wines may have their own recommended serving temperatures, so be sure to check the bottle or do a quick Google search before serving.
  • Glassware – The right glassware can enhance the drinking experience and help to bring out the flavors and aromas of the wine. For white wines, use a smaller, narrower glass to help retain the wine’s aromas. For red wines, use a larger, wider glass to allow the wine to breathe and develop its full flavor.
  • Decanting – If you’re serving a red wine that is particularly tannic or young, consider decanting it before serving. This will help to soften the tannins and allow the wine to open up and develop its full flavor.

Remember, serving temperature and glassware can make a big difference in the way a wine tastes and smells. Take the time to ensure that your wine is served at its best and your guests will thank you for it.


And there you have it, folks! We’ve covered everything you need to know about pairing wine with chicken alfredo.

From the importance of choosing a wine that complements the dish’s flavors to the ideal serving temperature and glassware, we’ve got you covered.

To make things easy for you, here are the top 10 wines to pair with chicken alfredo:

  1. Pinot Grigio
  2. Chardonnay
  3. Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon
  5. Pinot Noir
  6. Italian Chianti
  7. Italian Vermentino
  8. Spanish Albariño
  9. French Sancerre
  10. Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Remember, these are just suggestions. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. With so many options available, the possibilities are endless.

So go ahead and pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, sit back, and enjoy a delicious bowl of chicken alfredo. Cheers to a perfect pairing!

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