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What Does Human Poop Taste Like? (Explained)

Human poop is a topic that may leave most people feeling uncomfortable.

However, there are still those who wonder what it might taste like, whether out of pure curiosity or a more serious reason such as developing a deeper understanding of their bodies.

In this article, we will explore what human poop is, what it tastes like, its flavor profile, texture, aroma, what happens if you consume it, and final thoughts on the topic.

What Is Poop?

Human poop is the solid or semi-solid waste product that the human body expels.

Human feces are made up of a mix of undigested food matter, intestinal bacteria, bile, electrolytes, and water.

However, the exact composition of the feces varies depending on what you have eaten and how well your body can digest it.

What Does Human Poop Taste Like?

While it may not be the most pleasant topic, it’s understandable why someone might be curious about the taste of human poop. The taste of human poop can be described as sweet, bitter, or neutral, depending on the person’s diet and health.

Flavor Profile

The wild swing in taste can be attributed to the various materials that make up human poop. The undigested food matter in it can make the texture range from fatty and greasy to solid and firm. Furthermore, the species and varieties of the bacteria that live in the gut and colon can result in different tastes.

These bacteria ferment the undigested food matter in the gut, breaking down the carbohydrates, proteins and calories into various chemical compounds that produce different flavors, odors, and textures in the poop.


The texture of human poop also plays a vital role in its taste.

Chunky or lumpy poop may have a different taste than soft or runny poop owing to the presence of undigested food. Diarrhea, which is characterized by runny poop with little to no solid matter present, may have a slightly bitter or sour taste since it is made up of primarily digestive fluids.

On the other hand, hard, compact stool may have a dry, grainy texture.


Human poop also has an aroma that can affect how it tastes. The different types of bacteria breaking down the food produce different smells.

Therefore, depending on the type and quantity of bacteria present in the gut, human poop may have various odors, including but not limited to earthy, musty, or slightly acidic smells.

What Happens If You Consume Human Poop?

There are several reasons why someone might contemplate consuming human poop, these include cultural or religious traditions, curious experimentation, or a medical reason. However, it’s unwise under normal circumstances to consume human poop since it poses several risks to your health.

For instance, poop may contain harmful bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardia, and other fecal bacteria that can lead to various health complications such as food poisoning. Consuming poop can also expose you to parasites that can cause severe diseases like amoebic dysentery and cholera.

Final Thoughts

While it’s normal to be curious about the taste of human poop, it’s not recommended to consume it under normal circumstances.

Though human poop can range from bitter to sweet and neutral, it’s crucial to note that the taste can differ from person to person, depending on various factors like one’s diet and gut bacteria. Instead, focus on having a healthy, balanced diet, staying hydrated, and taking care of your gut health. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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